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  1. I think lego have all the reason to speed up a release of the razorcrest. I have strong beliefs in that would be the best selling SW this year and the hype is on right now. This is also the second year they dont release four battlepacks. How unfortunate.
  2. I agree with NeutralNoodle to a large extent. Im here for leaks and discussion of what we have confirmed, or what we have for strong indications to believe is true. What Im not here for, but what I instead usually get is more or less constant wishlistning, groundless speculation and pie-throwing between people who either are super easiliy offended and cannot take criticism at all and others to refuse to lay down their swords even if its so obvious they are wrong. This is a good summarize of this forum. I sit, I see, I sigh
  3. Shit, you guys really argue over nothing… At least complaing on lego makes sense, but not each other, Im pretty sure minority or not, vocal or not, except of this UCS poll, TLG dont care that much what we AFOLs Think, if they did, they wouldnt repeat this speeders and rebel fighter Aircraft. But this summer wave sounds okey to me, better than the last few waves at least (even far from the SW glory days of 2012-2014). Personally I dont care too much if it's PT, OT, ST or from any series, as long as it's not constant remakes of figures and vehicles Im happy. So welcoming the Night Buzzard and hope they come of with something else new as well.
  4. So there will only be one final season?
  5. The sets are not expensive, so they go down eventuellt, but yes, Im also waiting for a 50 % cut in the BL process. Conserning that, is it only me or does it feel like the BL figure prices for latest waves are much higher then before?
  6. Maybe another Tantive IV ;)
  7. Can't remember who said here that Batray at Cloud City was retired, but I just checked now and it's still att legoshop.
  8. If there is nobody holding any information here, I would say, from looking at the past that lego has been pretty random with large playsets, locations or not as well as UCS that has alot of figures and those that dont. 2016 we got to playsets, otherwise most years since the Ewok village, there has been a larger playset with many figures, I see the exceptions being 2015 and last year where they were no large sets with close to ten figures and more. So I think an educated guess is tricky, however doesn't usually stop some people here...
  9. a remake of an AT-AT makes more sense the most remakes lego have done lately, it's 40th anniversary, its on the side of the star destroyer the most iconic vehicle in the movie and it sells pretty expensive second hand. But as a minifigure collector too, it's not that exciting, very hard to include something interesting. Only if they would throw in some characters that are totally unrelated to the scene.
  10. I think one need to have some sort of factbase to be speculating, otherwise I call it imagining
  11. You forget Luke's Landspeeder ;)
  12. Sneakguest

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Yes more likely, last minute created accounts just to vote. I dont usually apologize beforehand, but Im sorry to all fans in here if I say, is lego really that important so people would cheat an inquiry ;), im joking but still not, like in comparison with a democratic election
  13. Sneakguest

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Depends how large the sample population is of course. But have they said anything about when presenting the results?
  14. So not a single location this whole year? I doubt your analyzis.
  15. Dont think people should be suprised, lego has to plan sets, and its very much possible they were not satisfied with the concept art, if they even got any. I think its very likely Mandalorian sets come next year.
  16. Not suprised at all, if they release the same objects over and over again, sooner or later, even safe sellers will turn into no sellers.
  17. Didn't know this, just checked it out, suprised that lego have not given him a name, even much later. My spontanoues feeling is that it's supposed to be old Obi Wan, but they failed and put him in the wrong set for another movie.
  18. Smart move by TLG, instead on hating on them this time, fans attack each others. Maybe all sets should be developed this way ;)
  19. Okey, maybe favourite character is a bit of exaduration, but if I say coolest then are you happy?
  20. It makes more sense to call the people who have diggen deep inte the background obscurity of the SW universe for real fans than the opposite, since they likely have spent more time and aquired more knowledge. But if course, its up to every other person how to brand themselves in this matter. My favourite SW character is for example Dave Texas, far far away from being a central character
  21. I would say it also rules out fall release, this cannot be planned for earlier than fall 2021
  22. Didn't manage to vote from my iphone, try later from the comp, but Nebula B, without a doubt, I have to sound grumpy that I wouldn't buy it if it became any of the others, I only buy UCS when they resemle larger vessels like star destroyers and such.
  23. Dont know if I buy that argument, basically all Ninjago and Nexo Knight set in that aspect are obscure, n atleast Ninjago is a theme that is relaible money cow for lego. My experience is that most relatives and adults for that matter have no Idea what they buy, the just buy from a theme the kids want and then just try to verify that the kid doesnt already own that set
  24. Send this to TLG Customer service dude, its a nice plead, might have some slight slight slight effect, u never know