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  1. Lego Star Wars waves are of very limited interest for me since years. Very limited number of prequel sets and the prices of the sets bothers me. Sometimes, it feels just like too much. The sets are less interessting, smaller, too many new pieces, minifigures are less good with the time ( new hood, new clones.). I will probably buy the Anakin starfighter and one clone trooper AT-RT and BARC speeder set.
  2. It is a good thing that it looks like TCW, but the previous TCW phase 2 501st trooper looks better in my opinion.
  3. I do not like the look of the new phase 2 troopers. I prefer the previous one and why is there the black ring on the helmet when it is supposed to be based off the The Clone Wars version ? The helmet looks off, i am disapointed.
  4. I am not interessted in this but it looks good given it's size.
  5. Stonewars is a german website.
  6. It does not looks right. The visor does not look good, looks like custom, same for helmet mold but the print looks clean apart from the lower part of the visor( not the orange one.).
  7. The 501st trooper in Lego 75002 is from The Clone Wars not from Revenge Of The Sith.
  8. I looked at the weight of boxes on the website where there are the prices for 10 new Lego Star Wars sets and Lego 75012 is lighter than the lightest set of the 3 possible 29,99 euros sets. 75037 is lighter than 75012. 75280 would weight 310 gramms if it is Lego ip 18 ( if the weight on the website is in gramms.) making it heavier than 75012. Maybe it is heavier because of the box or things like that or because it is bigger. But i expect it to be at least on the same level as it if it is a BARC speeder.
  9. The list looks like a 2014 wave but less good and more expensive.
  10. If this si true, I prefer him to have the headset piece, it looks good. But he can have one face with it and another one without it.
  11. Yes, you are right, it was 37 studs long.
  12. Scale of lego minifigure depends of the average dimensions of an human, i choosed a scale of 1/33. It should be around 37 cm long to be at scale.
  13. " Bear in mind that promotional sets, gifts with purchase, poly bags, etc. are numbered differently from mainline sets. In the 75xxx line, there were something like 35 sets released in 2019 " You are right for the promotional sets, gifts etc but there was 60 sets in 2019. Almost 40 of them are regular sets. And we do not know all the sets coming for 2020. We maybe know some of them but maybe not all of them. Imperial landing craft, if i am not wrong, was announced by Lego and was not leaked before.
  14. Lego Mandalorian Brickheadz reference is 75317 when Lego X-wing is 75273. Does it means at least 44 sets will be released this year ? It would be a lot of set for this year. Do brickheadz references are included in the references lines of regular sets. On brickset for 2019, there was 60 sets including all kinds of sets, polybag, ucs.