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  1. andrewganschow

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Big 2015 sets will be here till 2018, and the small ones will probably disappear in 2017
  2. andrewganschow

    [TC10] Lil Excavator

    I'll look forward to building this one when it's done:) it looks amazing right now. And does the arm still have full flexibility with the hoses on it when powered by the pneumatics, the hoses don't bind the arm right?
  3. I get the feeling were looking at the beginning of a 6~7000 piece MOC. Wow I'd love to devote that many Legos to a build, the would definitely be the center piece of my Lego room/desk.
  4. andrewganschow

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Has anyone thought about a half track?? Tracked suv, that could be it.
  5. andrewganschow

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Where'd you find this information at? And the stunt vehicles must be pullbacks.
  6. What we need from Lego is a class cougar 1400, I think it would be a real marvel if Lego could effectively recreate all the articulation points, along with a drive line to each mower head.
  7. andrewganschow

    Technic 2016 Discussion and Speculation

    sometimes there is a difference, when I built 42043 in one direction the pump would run smoothly and wouldn't knock at all hardly, but in the other direction, dear lord it was lord, sounded like you were beating beams together.
  8. andrewganschow

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Maybe someone will get their dream of a bucket chain excavator, that could easily be 5k pieces.
  9. andrewganschow

    Photos of your Technic collection / setup

    Spanner your collection is pretty cool, and all of them on the shelf really puts into perspective their size and how they're related by size.
  10. Amazing review as always Jim, when you mention the battery box and motor you need to switch the two around, the motor is sealed and the battery box is not, but other then that the review looks flawless. Off to work now:)
  11. The brick built structure on your base gives it a weird feel for some reason, but good lord I do love that base design, I wonder how much sturdier it will be?
  12. andrewganschow

    42054 - Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC

    You know with some reconstruction you could make a decent 3PT mounted brush hog with the silage plow, it somewhat resembles one right now.
  13. andrewganschow

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Ya know. I think he got it correct with this model, the added motors don't look bad at all, this one still looks good. Now to change all the false LEDs to working LEDs.
  14. andrewganschow

    42054 - Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC

    you should, your heart says yes, your brain and wallet says no, but they always say to follow your heart.
  15. andrewganschow

    42042 Crawler Crane Modifications

    WOW!! Holy cow, and I thought just having 3 extra boom pieces was massive.