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Found 71 results

  1. Inspired by the Volvo EC750 Excavator with the new Powered Up motors All motors in the rotating platform Tracks with subtractor mechanism and two differentials Tensioner regulated tracks
  2. Well, so now we have seen some reviews of the new LEGO models, and modifications and improvements of the other ones, and i think its time for the 42055, so lets start: My first modifications would be improve the force of the bucket, because as far i could see, the bucket is driven by the chains of the conveyor belt, so even an small object is able to stop it (like Sariel showed in his review), i would put an axle going from the gearbox directly to the bucket, or even a motor behind it, so there would not be too much power loss. Another modification i would like to do is in the tracks, i would like to put an small gearbox in the lower frame (i think there is enough space there), to select between some driving types, maybe something like a subtractor gearbox. And for the last, i would improve the turning system of the lower conveyor belt, as we can see in the review of Sariel, there is an small backlash in the system when the excavator changes the turning direction. So post any more idea or suggestion you have for this huge and impressive set.
  3. ColletArrow

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    This excavator is one of many I've built over the years, but the first I've shared. It came about from looking at Google Image search results for "road rail excavator", with a good helping of inspiration from @Hod Carrier's excellent model. It's not based on any single prototype - the build was mostly dictated by what parts I had available! I decided to incorporate a series of strings to control the main boom, the dipper and the attachment, from gears on the side of the superstructure. Elastic is used to return the dipper and attachment when the string is slackened off - or it was, until the one I was using for the attachment split before I took these photos. It should be fixed between the black and DBG plates and at the top of the cylinder, to represent the hyrdaulic ram. The cab took several revisions before I was happy with it. It uses some frankly ridiculous offsets and SNoT, which I'm sure anyone with a wider parts selection could build much more efficiently! Hey, it works, and I managed to include an opening door so I'm happy. The rear side isn't particularly interesting; I incorporated the control gears into the grille areas so they don't stand out quite so much. Finally, thanks to an extra manual hinge point (just behind the spotlights), the boom can be folded up fairly compactly for transport... ... yet still has enough reach and stability to be able to lift and lay track panels. Thank you for looking! And if anyone's interested, more photos and the LDD file are available in my Bricksafe Folder:
  4. Hello! This is my latest model: Volvo EC750E in 1:22 scale. Starting point is the 8043 "ultimate" with 6 motors for 6 functions. The undercarriage is 90% the same, I only had to make it 4 studs longer, and added some details. It also has tracks tensioners. 2 of the motors are hidden in the panel-built arm. In this way, I removed the universals joints in the pivot of the main boom, so it works more fluently, and the arm can be thinner (3 studs at the beginning, then 5 studs). The LAs are a bit shorter for this excavator, but I'm quite satisfied by the range of movement. The battery box is on the back and acts as a counterweight. The stickers are home-made. Pneumatic tubes are fake of course... I will make a video in the next days (and better photos). Happy new year to everybody!
  5. Hello! Not so long ago, I became interested Lego technic and decided to assemble my own excavator based on 8043. I began to design a chassis on Lego Disigner. And now I present to your attention a new chassis. I made it completely independent on radio control with two M motors that can be changed to L motors, and a two-speed transmission, for better cross-country ability, which is switched manually. The gear ratio is 1 : 1 and 1.5 : 1. The chassis has become 3 cm longer - it is 20 studs and 20 cm, faster and more passable than 8043. I want to know your opinions, ideas and suggestions for improvement.
  6. About two black ages ago I came up with a mechanism to add steering to very small models, and I worked on two models based on it. I have never been able to finish them to my satisfaction, and I'm realizing the current black age I'm in will probably last until retirement, or at least until I get a bigger living space, so I'm posting what I have now. I should probably have posted about the mechanisms years ago, but I wanted to have some neat models to show off with it too so I never did. Last time I searched around the web for anyone else who had shown the mechanism off I didn't find anything, so I don't think it's a well known thing. Here's an album with pictures it this post: Overview of the two mechanisms. Vertical and horizontal variants of the small mechanism on the left and bigger one on the right: Small mechanism with vertical axle: Same mechanism with horizontal axle: Here's the bigger mechanism with vertical axle: Here's a WIP wheeled excavator based on the smaller mechanism. The bottom right picture is another control scheme I was exploring. I'm mostly satisfied with the model, it's only the arm and bucket I don't like. Here's a bigger WIP model. This one uses very tightly packed pneumatics. It's missing the cab and arm, but I'm otherwise pretty happy with what I've got. I was never satisfied with the arms I managed to build. They were either too bulky or too fragile. This model feels very nice to roll around on the desk, it has some a weight and grounding that the smaller one lacks, and the turning is pretty satisfying too, even though it can't exactly turn on a dime. Lastly, here's a half scale model of the 8049. Lacking fenders, seat, lights and the trailer. I would like to get the two excavators finished one day so I can have them hanging out under my monitor, but my hobbies have shifted to electronics and plants, and I'm lacking in desk space anyway. Maybe one day though :-) Hopefully these mechanisms can help you in your builds! As a bonus, here's my collection of all technic excavators, except for the Liebherr, which I'm hoping to find used for cheap. Note the blue excavator from the 8888 idea book! If imgur decides to stop hosting the pictures, contact me on BL where I have the same username and I'll get them hosted somewhere else.
  7. Long time no see! Some of You maybe remember my love for excavators and alternate models - 5 years ago I participated in the TC5 challange for alternate builds with an excavator and thanks to Your support I won the competition. Recently decided to challange myself again with the same task of creating an alternate model of the excavator using a middle sized set. 42094 was a no brainer as the best choice - tracks, turntable, some gears, mini actuator - most of the major components necessary for a successful build. The biggest problem was the lack of the wormgear - it would increase control and strength of the extended arm. Nevertheless, I found a solution, and in the end I'm pleasntly surprised how the MOC turned out. Functions: Working tracks (duhh) no suspension, no boogeys, more stable that way Upper structure rotates, sadly didn't manage to attach a knob, so it's done by grabbing the upper part Working boom similar to my previous build Possible to change the height of the whole boom Bucket and the second section of the arm works together - If You reach further, bucket opens, and vice versa - if the arm is getting closer the bucket closes Arm and boom function is operated by a black knob made from small sprocket pieces, to gain easier access, the rear can be opened. Both of the functions can be switched using a LBG connector that switches the clutch piece. So guys, what do You think? Also, what other alternates You would like to see made from this set? And If You want to get the LDD file than check Rebrickable or link below: MODEL INSTRUCTIONS Cheers!
  8. Hi. Guys! :) The high pace in building agricultural models I imposed myself last year meant that I had to take a break. I need something completely different and new challenges. Then I decided that it would be interesting to build an alternative model for the official set. The limited amount of bricks always boosts creativity. The 42100 set doesn't have a B model at the moment. When I saw model of Bobcat loader build by my friend Makkes', I thought it might be a pretty interesting idea for an alternative model. However, I didn't want to build a typical skid steer loader. Looking through this type of machine, I found the Bobcat T870. It is interesting because it has additional links and support arms. For what? Well, to get the vertical lift path. The whole system eliminates the bucket moving back effect and this makes loading onto trucks much easier. I built a loader in just over two weeks. Scaled to the wheels gave a 1:9 result. From the first pin, I planned that the model would be built modularly. It caused me a bit of problems but I learned a lot and the whole construction contains 14 modules. I started by building caterpillars and I am very proud of them. Technic links are very well stretched much better than in model A. The model is not complicated but its construction gives a lot of fun for example connecting the caterpillars with the frame and then the drive. When I ran out of one cardan, I decided to assemble it from the available elements. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't take care of visual issues. I knew at the planning stage that I wanted to finish the cabin with pneumatic hoses as a cage. I added many details such as oil tank, distributor, radiator, muffler. When we talk about visual details, operator's seat is my favorite part. I am aware that the model does not use the full potential of the set. Only a Control HUB and three engines and some parts are left for use. I treat this model as a warm-up before the next one Marek, as usual, create building instructions for the model and of course he did a perfect job. The original application is not suitable for control this model, so I decided I would create another instruction for the BuWizz application so that everyone could easily configure it. Model dimensions: Length 42cm, Width 23cm, Height 26cm, Weight 2480 gram Drive 2x XL, arms lifting XL, tilting bucket L motor. The building instructions are available at: Photos and video below. This is my first alternative model so I am interested in your opinions.
  9. Hi there! At the start of January picked up the 42108 set (Actually wasn't planning on spending money on more Lego at the start of the year but saw a surprisingly cheap deal for a new set and just couldn't resist it). Naturally, opened the box, went through the instructions and applied all the stickers to their belonging parts and started to work on new alternates without assembling the original set (Yes, I'm a mad lad :D ) And who would have guessed.. my first alternate was another excavator.. I hope that people don't get exausted of seeing another one but this set turned out to be a great part pack for creating a sleek and fully functional wheeled excavator! Functions: Working steering - blue gear on the back Adjustable front shovel - manually, can be locked in place Adjustable rear outriggers - mannualy, can be locked in place Rotating upperstructure - Black knob at the rear of the chassis Fully functional arm - controlled by 2 seperate knobs on the top of the upperstructure Chasis storn enough and with the outriggers and shovel extended it can support the whole weight of the excavator and lift it from the ground. At this moment this is the second set that uses the new Large linear actuator, and it just makes reach on this medium sized excavator crazy good If You want to build it Yourself - Instructions available here: (Or simply look for TGBDZ on rebrickable) For the next build I wanted to make something different that I haven't tried before.. After Some tinkering with the parts a bit I started to build a rather large structure using the larg 3x11 curved panel pieces and after creating a large bathub like structure I decided to make an articulated hauler. I had atleast 6 wheels, for the center joint I could use the turntable, large actuator should cover the lifting of the cargo bed - all the major issues were solved quickly and here is the result. Functions: Working steering - no HOG - the center of the cab is so close to the swiveling point that it's easy to steer by pushing on the cab sides Fully adjustable chasis/suspension - front axle is solid and together with cabin is rotating on the turntable located in the center of the chasis - rear axles use double wheel boogies that easily gets over small obstacles Functional and tipping cargo bed - uses large actuator and is operated by knobs on either side Cargo bed can be locked at the back to prevent unecessary spillage of goods And just like for the excavator - I think the original 42108 stickers add a lot of nice touches to the design. Instructions for the Hauler will be available soon. What should I build next? At the moment I'm thinking of making two models at the same time - 42108 has 8 aviable wheels.. Will see :) Cheers!
  10. Hello everyone! I posted a new video to explain how I built the tracks and the tensioner for my cutom Volvo excavator.
  11. LEGO Technic 42100 “Liebherr R9800 Excavator” Price 449,99€ 4108 parts new control system CONTROL+ 7 motors (CONTROL+) 2 CONTROL+ hubs new parts: Linear Actuator long (12 studs?) big gear wheels dbg (grey) (like in 42095) new liftarm frame 11x7x1 no B-model at the moment Go nuts
  12. Porsche96

    Liebherr HS 8040

    Liebherr HS 8040 Specification Length 40s / width 23-29s / height 21s (32/18-23/17 cm) – without boom Scale: 1:18 Maximum height depending on the lenght of the boom I 70 cm – equivalent 11m II 87 cm – equivalent 14m III 102 cm – equivalent 17m IV 121 cm – equivalent 20m Weight: 2945-4014g Power supply 2xBB 8878 Controlled by two sbricks 2x M 3x L 2x XL Functions Driving - 2 Ls Track sliding - M Rotation of the uppercarriage - M Lifting boom by a winch – L Two winches for moving the bucket – 2 XLs Today, I’d like to present you a dragline excavator Liebherr HS 8040. I came up with the idea of building such a machine after watching a movie from Brick Creek exhibition. The whole construction was made in about two months. For driving I used two L motors, which power both tracks with ratio 1,67:1. Because of that ratio the excavator is pretty fast (maybe too fast for such a machine). Because of variable track spacing there is no space to add other gear reduction, while maintaining the stability of the structure. The tracks are slided by four small linear actuators, driven by M motor. The mechanism of retracting tracks is based on guides of three studs height and one width. They come into the undercarrige, based on two cnostructions made of 5x7 frames, and connected by the system of sliding tracks. Details in photos below. The uppercarriage is mainly based on frames, connected by liftarms and housing made of technic panels. For rotation I used M motor with ratio 120:1. Three winches are made in similar way: the string is wound on a sleeve on an axle, between two 36 gears, driven by 12 gears. For lifting boom there is one L motor, and for moving the bucket there are two XL motors. I used modular counterweight, like in the real excavator. In the lightest configuartion it weighs 319 grams and consists of a battery box and back cover of the excavator. The heaviest configuartion of the counterweight it weighs 1140 grams. It consists of the lighter configuration and additional battery box, cover and lead weights (8x70g), which are protected against movement while driving the excavator. Boom is a simply, durable construction made with liftarms. Most angular connections are „legal”, but because of the narrowing of the first and the last section of boom, not all of them are. But they fits with no problem. Boom configuartions: I) I + IV: 30s + 44s, max height of the excavator 70 cm II) I + II + IV: 30s + 21s + 44s, max height of the excavator 87 cm III) I + II + IV: 30s + 42s + 44s, max height of the excavator 102 cm IV) I + II + III + IV: 30s + 21s + 42s + 44s, max height of the excavator 121 cm I built two buckets: a dragline bucket and a clamshell bucket. The excavator can be also used as a crane, but while lifting heavier element it would require bigger counterweight. Before I started the building, I wanted to make something fully modular. I think it worked out :) Operating the excavator is not easy, it requires a little of experience, which I am achieving. This type of machine is designed primarily to dig below the ground on which it stands (f.e. dredging water reservoirs), that’s why it’s hard to dig from a flat surface. I encourge you to like my new fanpage. Gallery
  13. Hello Everybody Im happy to introduce you my Liebherr R 980 excavator scalemodel 1:25. The whole excavator is fully motorized with power functions. The goal was to combine the motorized technic world with the usual lego bricks. Was not that easy because of the weight. This beauty will be for ever with me, thats why i also builded up a box as you can see on the pictures. Let me know what you think. :-) Best Regards from Zürich Switzerland. Dani 0 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0 2 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-1 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-3 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-2 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-5 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-6 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-4 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-12 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-13 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-14 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-7 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-8 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-9 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-10 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-11 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-15 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-16 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-17 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-18 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr 0-19 by Dani Brickzone, auf Flickr
  14. Hello there! I would like to show you a (slow and painful) progress on my take on mini mining excavator. Yeah, the Liebherr 9800 R kind. I kinda like the model, the 42100 and Markus is my favorite Technic creator but ... Well, the model is just to big and too simple and I can see some lazy short cuts (having three motors in an arm). And I haven't even mentioned the price, which is hilarious. Sorry about the rant. So you can imagine my joy when I saw cyberdyne systems' Mini Replica. He clearly showed what can be done in small form factor. However I was wondering if fully motorized version is also possible. Here starts my story. I've decided to build roughly 1/2 scale model. Yeah, I can be lazy to and dividing by 2 seems easy enough. At the moment I am not into esthetics, it's more about function, so please forgive me some crazy decision. Let me show you what have I done so far: I've started with the undercarriage. Simple, two tracks and turntable at the top. Well, the problem is motorization and even the smallest gearing needs 2-3 studs. The results is this: I am trying to use as little space for gearing as possible. It's not elegant by far: Motors are hidden in the back: At this stage, the battery (I am planing on using 2x BuWizz) will be located in the upper portion and cables are going through the center. Is not optimal solution, but solution through the turntable with mechanical connection needs even more space in the body. Next part was the bucket. I've also choosen 1/4 cylinder, however I've found interesting idea for bucket teeth. I think it works just fine: The bucket is fully operational. Next thing was building an arm. I was just trying to mimic the 42100 in 50% scale. However transfer of power at such scale is problematic: Here is the whole arm: And this is where I got stuck. I need to fix side M motors, which at the moment are just lying around. BuWizz units will be located at right corners. I am using studded technique just to approximate size. Another problems are universal joint's. They tend to work at angles 0-45°, however the arm swings for 90°. Maybe I should attach motors at an angle. Or do some gear magic. Regarding gear magic - I have to much of them already. I guess the biggest future problem is how to fit in motors and subcarriage. Feel free to comment.
  15. cyberdyne systems

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    Good (random time) everyone! I was fascinated by the 42100. So, as I still haven't got one, I've decided to make my own version, but a bit smaller... I came up with an idea of an extra small excavator with all possible functions on board. No RC this time, of course. Only manual controlling. The bucket was a hard thing to do. But this quarter-cylindrical piece and a rope served me really well. I tried to make it as close to the real set, as possible. All the pipes, railings and barrels were recreated in my replica. The mechanisms inside the haul are both simple to understand and hard to invent: First boom section is raised via small linear actuator placed inside superstructure The same LA lifts the second section Worm gear to turn the levers system which tilts the bucket The bucket can be opened by pulling the rope Big turntable supports the superstructure. I don't really know what else to say/write. So the video is at your service. This video is a bit humorous. I hope, you would like it. Thanks for watching!
  16. Porsche96

    Volvo H9X

    Volvo H9X Specification of the excavator Length 60s / width 31s / height 20s (47/24,5/16 cm) - without excavator arm Max dimensions of excavator arm: 60x35 cm(length x width) Weight: 3637 g Front suspension: none Rear suspension: none AWD Steered both axles Power - 2x 8878 BB 3x M 4xL 2x XL 3x Servo Specification of the trailer Length 55s / width 25s / height 17s (44/20/13,5 cm) Weight: 1398 g Power: 1x 8881 BB 1x XL Functions Driving - 2x XL Steering - M Gearbox - M Lifting the blade - M Excavator rotation - L Movement of the arm - 3L + 3 Servos Lifting the trailer's tipping bed - XL Today, I want to present wheeled excavator Volvo H9X with trailer. Model was built for Lego contest „Build the construction machines of the future”. Later it received many improvements… In short: it is wheeled excavator without operator’s cabin. I didn’t pattern the model on any real machine. As a scale I took Claas’s wheels. For driving there are two XL motors, which drive the 4 wheels, through two-speed gearbox. First gear ratio is 5:1, and second 1,8:1. The gears are changed by M motor and two 1x7 racks. Both axles are steered by M motor with gear ratio 3:1. In the front there are blade, driven by another M motor. In the upper part of the excavator there are three comperssors for three pnematic functions. First, which drives the four big pnematic cylinders, consists of L motor and two pnematic pumps. Next two compressors are the same (L motor + one pump) and they drive the pneumatic cylinders for moving second section of the arm and the bucket. The valves are steered by three Servos. For excavator rotation I used L motor with gear ratio 155:1. In the front there are double Led lights, powered by a switch. The trailer is a simple liftarm construction. The bed is tipped by one linear actuator driven by XL motor. It is powered by switch, because of lack of free channels on the IR receivers. Gallery
  17. Hello together, here is my newest Moc. It is an excavator of the company Liebherr. It's controlled by two Sbricks. Now some Pictures, i hope they work: I also build it in real, here is a short movie:
  18. Hello Everybody My Name is Dani, im a 36 years old LEGO fanatic from Zürich Switzerland and im a brandnew eurobricks member. ;-) Im proud to introduce you my Liebherr R 9150 excavator in the scale 1:13. Yeah i know, the mining machines from Liebherr are white in real, but i like the yellow Liebherr color design much more. It is „only“ a scale model and has no functions, motors etc, cause the construction is just too heavy. I dont know the wheight exactly, but i think its about 40 pounds, this thing is HUGE. As you can see, i used alot parts, only for the black track-chains about 1200 pieces. I worked on this Monster since 3 years, of course with a lot breaks between. Effort in hours: i guess about 300. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, just ask. ;-)
  19. I was preparing this for over a week and more is coming soon (outdoor reviews will be available on saturday 5.10.2019 and next wednesday 9.10.2019 ). The more i'm playing with LEGO, the more i'm getting addicted. I would appreciate if you could give me a subscribe! Build time of 42100: 9 hours ( 4108 parts ) Build time of 42110: 6 hours ( 2573 parts ) LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator | Test Drive with Cat Food LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator | Outdoor test - do not this at home! It hurts. LEGO 42110 Land Rover Defender Speed-Build & Functionality Showcase LEGO 42110 Land Rover Defender Outdoor Test LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Speed-Build LEGO Technic Control+ App Review | Easy tutorial how to use it First unboxing of 42100 & 42110 ( I was first on youtube :D )
  20. Wheeled excavator built just from 1 model parts (42043 Mercedes Benz), with many functions FUNCTIONS: unique: 2 functions transfered from base to superstructure through big turntable - steering and engine drive manual functions: HOG steering via beacon light stabilizing legs (2 side on front, 1 working as shovel at back) operated with the same beacon light (not enough power to lift excavator :( ) gear for rotating superstructure working 6piston inline engine driven by rear wheels + openable hood handle to operate function of the attachment (*1 , *2) motorized functions: motorized pneumatic piston battery box working as counterweight pneumatic function: 4 pneumatic pistons raising boom, dipper and attachments attachments: *1 grabber shovel *2 pneumatic hammer *3 big excavator bucket *4 smaller excavator bucket (all of them use smaller pneumatic piston, so it can't be built at the same time) Superstructure bodywork inspired by official lego 42006 except 42043 model, you would need: * 2 loom bands (front stabilizing legs operation) * 4697b pneumatic T-Piece from 42043 spare parts 183 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) for base, superstructure with boom, 4 attachments and tubing schema - sample on bricksafe Suited for experienced builder! 3 downsides: * not enough gears for front stabilizing legs operation so not enough power to lift excavator :( * superstructure is heavy due to motor and battery box and is leaning towards left side * boom is heavy, even though it is raised via 2 pneumatic pistons it takes time function color mapping schema orange x motorized pneumatic piston dark blue x supersturcture rotation azure blue x rear wheel engine drive green x operation function of attachment red x base functions operator --------> gray steering --------> pink stabilizing legs
  21. One BuWizz, it's good. But two, it's better, because you can make MOCs having 8 functions! I have already done a full RC compact excavator, but with LEGO IR receivers. I wanted do make another excavator without the gearbox allowing to choose between the rotation of the arm and the pneumatic pump. Furthermore, the M motors were just enough powerful to move the arm. On this new excavator, it's different. I tried to make the mecanic as compact as possible. And the arm is controlled with more powerful motors: 1 L and 1 XL. So now you can... dig on gravel with a GoPro attached on the arm, and the motors bear that easily! There is a good speed and so much power to do anything you want! For the design, I tried to cover the maximum and I kept a color scheme close to the one of my previous excavator. To switch on the BuWizz of the turret, you need to open the part behind the cab. The hood is also openable, but there is nothing interesting to see. ^^ So the functions are: -> Controlled by the bottom BuWizz: Left track (M motor) Right track (M motor) Blade (M motor) LEDs (of the cab and the arm) -> Controlled by the BuWizz of the turret: Turn table (L motor) 1st part of the arm (XL motor) 2nd part of the arm (L motor) Bucket (M motor) You have certainly noticed that there are shock absorbers. It's for the tension of the tracks. The LEDs: And the video! The BuWizz are in Fast mode and I used the app BrickController, done by @imurvai. It's perfect for this MOC!
  22. My Truck sucks.....not. This is a function which i can not replicate Picture Source I am building these things since 6 years in real and the new double length pneumatic actuators now make it possible to build a lego one.
  23. Hi Eurobricks ! Building instructions of my pneumatic quick coupler (See on my Volvo excavator) are available on Rebrickable. Hope you like my design :)
  24. Now 99% happy with this, my interpretation of a backhoe excavator, based originally on the red farm tractor by TLG and evolved from there, enjoy, hope you like it like me, comments feedback welcome.
  25. Hello! I show here my entry to the latest Lego Ideas contest: the Volvo Excavadrone. This project born in my mind in the middle of the contest: at the beginning I was thinking about a modular construction machine, but it was not something “special”. Then I started thinking out of the box, and a flying machine was born! All functions are manual: Arm and bucket movement, with 3 Las Turret rotation Solar panel movement Flipping wheels/propellers Detachable operator cab Independent suspensions The model was a runner up winner of the contest, so I’m really proud of it. I hope you like it too.