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  1. That is easily one of the best LEGO buildings I have ever seen. I know I'm just repeating things that have already been said, but I love the domes, and the window details are great. The orange stripes are beautiful, and the facade, specifically between the balcony and the roof, is absolutely stunning. Just wow.
  2. That is an absolutely amazing build!!!! I might just convert. But something just bugs me about how it's not symmetrical...

    [MOC] Imperial base from the Escape II

    Wow! This looks amazing! I really love the rebel ship, and great terrain work. This sold me on the Escape II project. Great work.
  4. PART VI: Firefight at the Safehouse The Rebels prepare to use their new communications equipment to inform the public of the Empire's atrocities, and hopefully sway popular opinion of the Kastrian Revolution... "Are you sure about this?" Dail Nalyd asked former minister Undelan. Undelan looked at Dail in his old armor and cloak, and simply nodded. "Very well," Dail said. "You can do the honors, Kyr." He looked at his apprentice. She grinned and pressed the button on the comm system. Suddenly, all the electronic systems in the city, possibly even the planet, turned off. Every screen, communicator, and hologram generator turned on and began broadcasting Minister Undelan as a hologram, voice, or image. "Hello, people of Kastria. I am Minister Aris Undelan, the last Minister before the Empire abolished our democracy. I am here to share information that our oppressors do not want you hear. Exactly one year ago today, the Empire used a space station to destroy the planet Alderaan, killing billions of innocent people. Luckily, some brave soldiers were able to destroy the station before the empire could massacre another people. This is the true colors of the Empire. They preach order and peace, but all they bring is violence, murder, and evil. When in the course of Galactic history, it becomes necessary for people to break the bonds that have connected them, the people have the right to dissolve the broken system, and form their own that guarantees them life and liberty. That is what the Kastrian Rebellion and I seek to do. We will force the oppressors- the murderers, the Empire, off our planet, and we will restore the Parliament and restore the rights to free speech, property, equality and justice. Join us to ensure our children will not be destroyed by the Empire as those on Alderaan were. We will bring a brighter future to Kastria. Thank you." The message ended and all the communications systems on the planet went back to normal. "Nice speech, Minister," Dail said to Undelan. "Hopefully it's enough." "I served these people for years, I have faith it will be." Undelan replied. "Unfortunately, it seems the Empire has figured out where that signal came from," Commander Farr of the Rebel Alliance said, cutting in to the conversation. An Imperial Patrol stopped right in front of the safehouse, and approached the house. Before seeking information or an explanation, a stormtrooper saw the Comms equuipment on the roof, and threw a detonator, blowing up the roof and part of the top floor. As soon as the detonator went off, the rebels fired on the patrol, trying to defend their base. "Undelan, get the transports ready. If the Empire's found us, we need to leave immediately before they eliminate us. Especially if they have an inquisitor, like our scouts say. Kyr, come with me, it's time to display your lightsaber skills," Dail said, taking command. The former Jedi and his apprentice ran out of the building and ignited their blades. "Kyr, take the right. I'll take the left. We need to take out this patrol. Then we can get out of here before enemy reinforcements arrive." "Got it." The two both took out stormtroopers left and right, although they couldn't be more different. With every strike, Kyr apologized to troopers. "I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you, but I must." On the other hand, Dail swung his blade and deflected blaster bolts, occasionally quipping: "You picked the wrong side" or "you chose this fight." ^(Ignore the background of that image... Also, sorry about the bad lighting.) After several minutes of blaster fire, the shooting stopped. The coast was clear. The two U Wings and the Minister's ship hovered next to the rooftop as the rebels jumped in. Before Dail could get in a ship though, one of the Kastrians ran up to him. "Sir, we have 15 injured that need immediate care. We don't have enough room on the ships for them and all of us." Dail looked down, thinking about what he would say. "Send someone around with a blaster. Put all the mortally wounded out of their misery." "But sir," the Kastrian replied, "why-" before he finished his thought, Dail interrupted. "They knew the risks. If we leave them here, the Empire will capture, torture and interrogate them. They will find our secrets. The lives of everyone on the planet outweigh the lives of 15 soldiers. I'm sorry, but it's what we have to do." "Sir," the Kastrian replied, "I'll do it, and cover your escape. Good luck." Dail looked at him and put his hand on the soldier's shoulder. "May the force be with you," he whispered and got on the transport, thinking about that unnamed soldier. FIVE MINUTES LATER... Imperial reinforcements arrived at the scene. The Inquisitor led them. There was no activity on the scene. Only bodies and smoke. "Sir, we found a live one!" a stormtrooper yelled to the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor's guards went to the trooper and grabbed the rebel. It was the man who agreed to put the injured out of their misery. The Death Troopers brought him to the Inquisitor. "Where are they going?" The Inquisitor asked in his low, grumbling voice. "I don't know," the man replied. "You will tell me where they're going." The Inquisitor waved has hand and tried to use a mind trick on him. "I don't know where they're going... they didn't tell anyone, the Minister is just gonna lead them somewhere," the man said in pain, trying to answer to question but unable to. The Inquisitor breathed an aggressive sign, and ignited his lightsaber and beheaded the man after realizing he was useless. "Search the entire planet, and increase security at our bases and the Palace," the Inquisitor said... More images can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/MdEl0ZG https://imgur.com/a/4ejvPH7 Comments and Criticism welcome. Hope you enjoy! This series is all about the story for me, so I'm not really focused on the builds as much, but I'd still love any advice or ideas. Thanks!

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 5: The Market

    Thanks so much! I added another picture of the whole build... Probably smaller than you expected
  6. PART V: THE MARKET As the new Inquisitor takes control of Imperial forces on Kastria, the rebels realize they need public opinion on their side, so they travel to a place where they could find a long range comm system: the market... As the rebel group consisting of Commander Farr, Minister Undelan, and Dail Nalyd entered the market, Nalyd felt something. He turned around to see a cloaked figure approaching him. "Hello, Dail," the hooded figure said to the Jedi. Dail looked and immediately recognized the figure as his apprentice. "Kyr, I'm so glad you could make it. Have you been practicing like I told you? You're going to need it in the coming weeks." "Yes, master. What exactly are we doing here?" "Well, we came to buy some contraband communications equipment, but it turns out the Empire arrived before us. Hopefully they're too busy with other business. Anyways, I figured having you with us couldn't hurt. Besides, it's about time you put your practice to work." The group approached a vendor who looked to have the supplies they needed. Undelan started to barter with the shopkeeper, while Farr stood watch in case the Imperials recognized them. Kyr, having kept herself indoors for several days, looked around and saw injustices perpetrated by the Imperials. She saw Imperials placing detonators on an ancient statue in the center of the overgrown plaza. She turned to her right, and saw two stormtroopers harassing a pilot. She drew her lightsaber, but before she could ignite it, Dail looked at her and put his hand over the blade to stop her from igniting it. "What, master? We need to protect him," she pleaded. "No, we must let it happen. Tragedies occur, and we must live with them," Dail replied. "It's not the Jedi way, we must defend the weak!" "No. That was the flaw with the Jedi. They did what they thought was right, without considering the consequences. If we defend him now, we expose ourselves, and then we'll die as well. We let fate take him. We must put the lives of others above his," Dail said, as if forsaking his order. "But master, we are the Jedi! He deserves a chance to live!" "The Jedi are gone. I brought you here to teach you the force. Sometimes the force desires death. We must let it take its course. Trust me." After taking a long breath, she nodded disappointingly and turned to face Undelan and the shopkeeper to keep her mind off of it. She heard the sound of a blaster and looked down in anger and agony. Undelan shook hands with the shopkeeper and grabbed a crate full of equipment, and proceeded to walk back to the ship with his companions. All Kyr could think of was the pilot. "Where do we go now?" Dail asked Undelan. "The big city, where we can get our message out and hopefully blend in." From several feet away, Kyr and Farr were talking. "What's the matter?" Farr asked Kyr after seeing the look on her face. "Dail. He let an innocent pilot be killed." "Well, I'm sorry. It's the way of war. What exactly is your story with him? Are you two... together?" "No! Ew! He's twice my age! He's basically a father to me. When my mother died, he promised to take care of me and teach me the force. I didn't get to choose this life, or him, but I live with it." "Well, if you ever need someone on your side when he's not, I'll be here." "Thanks," she said softly turning to face him and then turning around to go back to business. "Let's get this done." They all loaded in the U-Wing, and proceeded to leave and regroup with the others, and find a safe house in the capital city. More pictures of the market scene: As always, comments and criticism are welcome. Also, I've gotten this a lot: I'm not going to make it a stop motion. I don't have the time, patience, or skills to do it. Sorry to those who cared.

    Re-Creation Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for Number 2 and Number 3

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 4: The Inquisitor

    Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it so far. And way to predict the ending Also thanks for the Imgur advice...
  9. Part 4: The Inquisitor 6 Hours ago, Lord Vader ordered a landing pad prepared for his shuttle. Who arrived, however, was not who the Kastrian Command expected... A squadron of stormtroopers as well as various officers lined up near the landing pad and awaited Vader's arrival. A figure wearing heavy black armor stepped off the shuttle. "You're not Lord Vader..." Governor Adkins, in his crimson cape remarked. "Correct. I am the Third Brother. I was sent here by Vader to solve your Jedi problem, and ensure it will not happen again," said a large man clad in black armor. His bright green face could barely be seen in a helmet. "You, my friend, have failed the Emperor. You are hereby relieved of duty." The Inquisitor ignited his double- bladed lightsaber and thrusted it into the governor's chest. "Stop, traitor!" An imperial officer exclaimed as the Inquisitor removed his blade from the governor's now-lifeless body.The Inquisitor glanced at the officer and noticed he was pulling out a blaster, and slashed his chest with his blade. "Anyone else want to question my command?!?" the Inquisitor asked while the stormtroopers backed away. "Very well. Agent Horck, take command." An Imperial agent wearing grey body armor nodded and pointed at a young female officer. "You are now acting governor, effective immediately. Bring us to the palace so we may discuss our plans for dealing with the rebels." She nodded and proceeded to lead the new arrivals from the landing pad to the palace entrance. (Sorry for low quality on the last two pictures, as well as how big they are I don't know how to change it.) Two men hiding in a bush on a nearby hill observed this meeting. "Contact Undelan and Farr. Tell them they are needed in the capital as soon as possible," the man with the long laser rifle said. His companion nodded and called their commanders, who were still on the run after their previous campsite had been destroyed. I know my MOCs so far have been less than impressive but I am definetely going to try to make them more exciting later down the line. At this point in time, though, I am doing this for the story aspect. Thanks for your time and interest if you've read this far, and I would love Comments and Constructive Criticism. Thanks!

    The Havoc [MOC]

    Dude that's awesome!!! One of the best MOCs I've seen in a while.
  11. Battle of Kastria Part 3: The Commander A message relayed in the command center: "This is scout walker 3A115B. We have located possible rebels in sector 4. They've noticed me. Engaging now... wait... one of them has a lightsaber! It's a Jedi! I need backup now!" Governor Adkins, in his crimson cloak, angrily listened to the message and looked at the holomap of the perceived rebel base. "Send in air support! NOW!" An officer turned to him. "Sir, we can't. The jungle is too thick, and even if we could reach that base, the storm is too electrical to send in any TIEs." The Governor took a minute to think. "Very well... Contact Lord Vader to inform him that there is a Jedi on the planet, " the Governor said. "Sir, I've taken the liberty of already contacting him. He said to prepare a landing pad in 6 hours," the officer replied. "Excellent. Also, do not let any ships out of the system without inspection. We can't afford to let our rebels to join with the Alliance. Also, dispatch all available scouts. No doubt they've left their little compound after we found them." "Yes, sir." The Governor left the room to prepare for Vader's arrival. Characters: (Someone asked and frankly I confuse myself sometimes too.) Left to right: Dail Nalyd, Kyr Hanaran, Aris Undelan (I'll add the rest later I just wanted to post on May 4 before its too late. I figured a small display as well as the characters for the series would equal one decent sized post.) May the 4th be with you! As usual, Comments, Questions, or anything would be great!
  12. Part 2: The Jungle The Rebels and the hermit entered the camp and saw a man with long hair and fancy crimson clothing to meet them. ”Hello,” the man said “I am Aris Undelan. I am... er.... was the minister of Kastria, until the Empire abolished our Parliament. You must be the one Jarrus told us about. The lost Padawan.” ”You could put it that way. Dail Nalyd, nice to meet you,” the hermit responded. “What do you want with me? And where are we?” ”We are at the headquarters of the Kastrian Resistance. We have been fighting the Empire’s oppression since the Clone War. Recently, after the Empire used a super weapon to destroy Alderaan, we decided it was necessary to call the Alliance for help. They sent us those men who brought you here. Anyways, with Alderaan’s destruction, the people of Kastria are beginning to see us as freedom fighters rather than terrorists, but they still realize we cannot win. That is why we need you. You can serve as the hero with we need, and defeat the strongest men the Empire has to offer.” ”Why would I help you in your war?” ”Because, according to legend, there is an ancient temple beneath the Parliament building called the Library. Apparently it was built by the ancient Jedi. I thought you might find interest in this." ”Fine,” the armor clad Jedi said, looking down as if trying to remember something or someone. As soon as they agreed and shook hands, one of the Rebels spotted an AT-ST lurking in the jungle. It shot the HQ building and began targeting the ships. All of the sudden, Dail jumped atop a shed and ignited his Yellow Blade (Yes I know it’s the old green but there’s only one set with yellow and I didn’t want to have to buy it off of Bricklink). The AT-ST fires at him. He dodged one beam and then deflected the other with his lightsaber, hitting the walker’s leg and causing it to fall over. As it hit the ground, one if the men fired a rocket to finish the job. ”It’s not safe here.” Aris said to Dail as he still stood in the roof. “We have a safe house. But we must go before they send reinforcements,” ”How did they find us?” Rebel Captain Farr asked. ”Who knows, but now we are on the run.” Use this link to see more pictures. Thanks for all the C+C on the first part. I will be uploading a part with the characters later tonight to clarify. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this!

    [MOC] Battle of Kastria 1: The Hermit

    Thanks so much! Sorry, I haven't been on EB for a few weeks... I'll message you a pic since you're curious. I'm expecting an order from Brick Link in the next few days so hopefully I can get more useful pieces (most of my pieces are Technic so it's hard to build buildings). I'm hoping I will be able to post the next part by the first week in March if you want to follow.
  14. Background on this MOC: This is going to end up being a series of 5-10 mocs telling the story of the fictional planet of Kastria. I know the MOCs in this series aren't going to be amazing, but I dont have all that many pieces at my disposal at the time being. Also, sorry for the bad pic quality, I took them with an old iPad... I would love to hear any constructive criticism about how I can better use the resources I have. Thanks! Part 1: The Hermit Two rotations ago, rumors began to spread that the Empire had destroyed an entire planet, and a small group of rebels was able to destroy a "planet-killer." Because of this news, rebel sympathizers have started protesting Imperial rule on Kastria, with little success. Because of the Empire's refusal to listen, some of the rebels have contacted the Rebel Alliance to ask for backup to resist Imperial rule. Due to the recent devastation at Scariff and Yavin IV, the Alliance was only able to send a small squadron to help the Kastrians. Once the Alliance's squad was told they were going to Kastria, one of their commanders mentioned an Great Warrior who fought during the Clone Wars, with the potential to sway the fight in their direction. After being given vague coordinates, the squad eventually happened on an old hut by the Eralan Sea... "Doesn't look like much," Corporal Juran remarked to the young Commander Farr. "I know. But we have no idea what we're doing on this planet, so we need all the help we can get," the commander replied. The rebels looked around at the ruins of what seemed like used to be a great homestead, now just broken walls and empty bottles. Suddenly, a middle aged man and younger-looking woman stepped out through the doorway. The man whispered to the girl, "we will finish that lesson later." He turned to the rebels. "Who are you and why are you here?" "We're with the Rebel Alliance," Farr answered. "We were told you could help us." "No." "Please come with us. The Empire destroyed Alderaan, and who knows, Kastria could be next," Corporal Juran said, attempting to persuade the man. "What do you mean they destroyed Alderaan?" The man asked, his face looking like he had a realization. "They blew it up with a superweapon," Commander Farr replied. "I knew I felt a disturbance..." the hermit muttered. "Alright, I'll come with you, but give me a second to get my things." He took a step back and turned to the woman. "Protect the house. I'll be back soon and I'll show you how to use your blade." She nodded as the hermit turned around and walked down to the level of the rebels. "Let's go."