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  1. Hollander

    [MOC] Mini Galaxy's Edge - in LEGO!

    I am not familiar with this particular part of the Star Wars universe but I like your creation a lot. Seeing something in this scale with the little details is just pleasant for the eye.
  2. This is the first Tiger Porsche variant I have seen in Lego. And it doesn't disappoint! Will we see more of this in the future? I definitely hope so. Possibly Japanese WW2 or modern tanks? Haven't seen much of those in lego yet. Keep up the good work.
  3. I am too tired at the moment to write a lengthy reply but let me just say this is looking really damn amazing. I took a glimpse at your previous Venator which was already excellent but your new design seems to be even better. Keep us updated!
  4. Hollander

    Hoth Echo Base Medical Bay with Corridor MOC

    Really, really nice. I can easily see you put a lot of effort into this. I can tell by the realism and detailing that went into this build. I like the combination of having the rough, frozen corridor and the cleanness of the medical room. Any chance you will do similar builds in the future?
  5. Hollander

    [MOC] Y-wing (Original Trilogy) Midi Scale

    This is actually really nice. I personally like spacecraft in midi scale a lot because it offers enough room to add details while still being an overall compact design. Just like your Y-wing. Please show us more vehicles of this size in the future!
  6. Hollander

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    This is some next level stuff. I would personally never even begin building something with those angles like the Falcon has, but you nailed it. I could use a lot more words to describe how good this is but let me just say this is one of those creations that has the ''wow-factor''. Absolutely amazing.
  7. Hollander

    [MOC] Air Battlecruiser

    This is a work of art. Now I do admit I am biased towards warships and sci fi themed capital ships, but that doesn't change the fact this is an extremely nice build. The flight deck (if that's what it is) at the rear reminds me a bit of those hybrid Japanese battleship/carriers. And the main guns make me think of the ones on the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau battlecruisers. Did you get inspiration from those ships by any chance? Also, the line rigging of the ship and the smaller gun positions really finish this build when it comes to the details. Would love to see more of this in the future!
  8. Hollander

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    Haven't seen such a funny and well built MOC in a long time! 10/10!
  9. Hollander

    [MOC] "We have never been on the Earth"

    Very original and funny creation! I like the landing ship (not sure what vehicles of this type are called) in particular. One question; what is the little thing left of the camera guy? Is it a control pad of some sort?
  10. Hollander

    UCS Jedi Interceptor

    I hadn't seen this before. Let me just say you did an more than amazing job. You absolutely nailed the cockpit section, which seems the hardest part of the ship to recreate in this scale. This is better than official UCS sets. Also, the green version is my favorite.
  11. Hollander


    I like this a lot; the robots are both futuristic and realistic looking, and those platforms they are standing on makes me think of some weird sci fi future.
  12. Hollander

    [MOC] Coriolis Starport - Elite: Dangerous

    Its unfortunate the sci fi section isn't as popular as the Star Wars one, because this definitely deserves more attention! Your creation seems to resemble the real thing well; a massive block with a large amount of greebling and details. Great work.
  13. Very realistic and interesting creation! Since you asked for feedback I will give you my opinion for what its worth. I do think a square plate would be better indeed, since it would be much smoother, just like the waffles.
  14. Hollander

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior Ryoken (Stormcrow) Mech

    Well that is up to you of course! I personally like a mixture of smoothness and studs, but if you want to make it entirely studless you should do as you like. Its your creation after all.
  15. Hollander

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior Ryoken (Stormcrow) Mech

    This is really a great MOC! I am mostly into spacecraft, but I have a lot of admiration for people who can build mech's like these! You clearly wanted to make this thing as smooth as possible, since I can't find a stud anywhere except from the one on the 3x3 disc bricks on its shoulders. Besides that I like the color scheme; I think dark and light gray, in combination with the dark sand yellow work wonderfully together.