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  1. ecmo47

    [MOC] Burlington Northern EMD SW-1

    That's a great little engine. Gonna' have to break out the spray paint though!
  2. ecmo47

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Thanks for the tip! I tried to order more then 200 by calling customer service but they would not allowed to do that. We're stuck with ordering in batches of 200 which is going to cost unnecessary postage. Oh, well, A few extra bucks to able to get these in quantities is fantastic! Now just need to get part #2540 (Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Handle on Side) back in a new set.
  3. ecmo47

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Sounds like we need to riot in the streets of Billund! Who's with me?
  4. Pandazerg: I touched on this in the 6th post back on page one of this thread. Before the official instructions were out, it was reverse-engineered as chronicled here: I've got LDD copies of the reverse engineered version which has the spine tied into the engine block. Read though that thread and see if it helps. Since you have purchased a copy of the official instructions, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the LDD instructions that show how that was done. PM me with your email address when you have enough posts.
  5. Train builders rejoice! The reddish-brown 1x2 with handle on the side is back!
  6. ecmo47

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    The barrel issue was the very first discussion we had all the way back on page one! I drilled my pair of LBG #4424's. One Neb builder used part #6942 (Dish 5 x 5 Scala) but the are not cheaper then the 1/2 barrels.
  7. ecmo47

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

    Great job capturing the essence of the F7! Especially the "sad eyes" front windows. Hope to see some plans made available so that it can be "kit-bashed" into other road color schemes which are endless!
  8. ecmo47

    [MOC] Hammerhead Corvette - Rouge One

    Not trying to be a troll but your model is very similar to this version which has been for sale for over a year now. Is this what you used to make your version? I used the plans and built a squadron for my fleet: DSC02092 by Scott Roys, on Flickr
  9. ecmo47

    Y-Wing after-burner visual building guide

    It's the same stand as the UCS Y-Wing, set #10134.
  10. ecmo47

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Here is some good news for the crowd. Looks like then new Harry Potter set #75952 (Newts Case of Magical Creatures) will re-introduce a part that we have all been wanting: Part # 48336, reddish-brown plate with handle on the side! Yes, we can finally build the PS-1 box-cars in a very prototype color and not break the bank! Here is a shot of the set with the suspected parts circled in red. One could assume that the set has at least 4 in it. I wish I could say that I was the eagle-eye that spotted it, but Cale Leiphart noted it in a Facebook post and I thought that ya'll might like to know.
  11. ecmo47

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    Any plans to do the TIE Brute from the Solo movie? Or just include it as an option with the regular TIE?
  12. ecmo47

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    ......and 6 to 8 weeks delivery time! Good to know that though....
  13. ecmo47

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    I'm not the best one to ask that question as I had a bunch of parts, ordered a bunch of parts and built in multiples. Some where, Jerac posted info on the basic cost of parts. The regular TIE should only run about $100, I think. The bomber is the most expensive as it has the highest part count. I will give you one warning, though. Since these plans have hit the market, the price of Part number 88293 (Light Bluish Grey, Round Corner 3x3x2 Dome top) has become a little scare and expensive. You need eight per ship (expect the bomber).
  14. ecmo47

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    I have really enjoyed building these model. I should have taken better notes on the builds but overall, the plans have been very clear. I did assemble all the hinges before putting together various sub-assemblies. The bomber is the most difficult build with the way the ends of the tubes narrow down to match the 6x6 dishes on each end. I've got a couple of Interceptors to go to finish out what I want to build for display and am working on some stands. Anybody out there have a good design?
  15. All the info you need is in the first page of this post. Just send him an email.