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  1. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Great to hear you chime in!
  2. [MOC/MOD] Frisco 1501 (4-8-2)

    Here's your prototype!
  3. Building BMR Freight cars

    Car 14 and 15 joined the lineup today. I've been working on these 2 tankers since before BMR came out with their plans. I first was inspired by this shot of a Lionel Gulf tanker: From that screen shot I made this LDD file: I ordered parts and made two of these but was never fully satisfied with the results. Mostly the frame didn't look complete. I'll add here a couple notes on parts. First, LDD will tell that 6x6 dishes exist in blue. Sadly, they do not. Rare parts in blue are the 4x4 dish (5.00+ each) and the plate rail seemed scarce in quantity 6 months ago bit seem to be fairly plentiful now. About the time BMR released their plans, I was working with Legoman 666 for some decals and came across a couple internet photos of prototypes to get a good idea of lettering. Since both these photo's match the BMR AC&F 10K tank, I dismantled my creations and rebuilt them per the BMR plans with some of my own mods. The biggest reason for the delay is what to do about the ends. Dark Blue didn't look too bad but I wanted to see if painting would look decent. I first tried hand-painting one and it was a disaster! I determined that spray painting would be the only way to possibly achieve a smooth finish. To do so, I dug out a 30 year old Badger brand hobbyist model spray gun powered by a can of compressed air. After several attempts to get the paint consistence right, I managed to get four LBG 6x6 dishes smoothly covered. A darker color (like the Dark Blue ones) may have been a better choice. Very pleased with the final results as shown here. I'm assuming that this is the same set of decals that Legoman 666 made for BMR and they are selling in their store.
  4. I've got both Lego versions and have built the Mortesv designed one. The Mort MOC is far superior to both. The old 10019 is quite fragile and the engines fall off/miss-align at the blink of an eye. The newer Tantive IV just does not look right to me but is at least swooshable, something the 10019 is not. Mort's MOC is swooshable with the Ekea modified backbone that ties the engine block to the fuselage. By far, the Mort MOC is the best looking. I'd sell the Lego version to finance the MOC.
  5. You did a great job of capturing the essence of the proto-type! I will say that old #185 looks like it's missing a set of drivers up front and it should have been a 4-6-0.
  6. Custom Train Stickers

    OKBrickWorks does all the transfers for Brick Model Railroad guys. They have made custom stickers for me. Prices are very reasonable.Here is a link to their Facebook page: Legoman666, the owner of OKBrickworks, is a poster here and I'm sure will chime in soon.
  7. Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    Not in the PennLug realm yet but was happy to get all 13 of my BMR cars moving at once this morning thanks to an Emerald Night Double header with a Maersk pusher at the end. It measured 19 feet total.
  8. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    That is really cool! Any pictures with the rest of your fleet? I just noticed that you used two LBG 1/2 barrels (Part #4424) which are super-duper rare and will cause grumbling for anybody that uses your LDD. Also I wonder how it would look if all the hull studs were plated.
  9. [MOC] Train Station (50s style)

    Cute little station but I'd extend the roof a stud or two past the gable walls to make eves.
  10. Building BMR Freight cars

    ^ Looking good! Has a nice weathered look.
  11. The Journey back to Echo Base

    The shape of the circled container shape would have been inspired by the containers on the underside of the rebel transport.
  12. My Cavegod UCS build via cjd223's instructions

    Our LUG had a show over the weekend and we were able to display two of Cavegods mighty AT-AT's. I built mine back in 2015 and it hasn't been out of the box in two years so was happy it got to see the light of day again. Mine is the one on the left. A fellow club member completed his (with CJD223's instructions) just the day prior and was able to bring it on the second day of the show for it's inaugural display. I've always wanted to see a couple of these guys together and the display was a real crowd pleaser. The AT-ST in the middle is the Anothergol's version 1 design.
  13. Building BMR Freight cars

    In the course of revamping all 32 pairs of trucks that I own, I decided to make a change to the tanker frame. If you have built it, you will know how fragile it is, especially the four 1x8 tiles that are not secured on one end. The change was to remove the center 1x6 struts are replace them with 2x6's, along with the 1x3 with 2x3's. Easy change. The results are hardly noticeable.
  14. Building BMR Freight cars

    This one wasn't supposed to happen and it's all Legoman666's fault. I was working with him on some custom decals. In the course of our conversation, he sent me some files that he had already made for the BMR boxcar. One was the N&W one above and one of the others was for the SCL Silver Meteor. The coloration of his sample was all red. I google Silver Meteor and came up with this beautiful LGB product. I wrote back to Andy and asked if he could change the color to match this one. He had a sample back with in an hour and mailed it to me in a couple days with the rest of my order. I wasn't going to build it build it so soon but I had a snow day yesterday and was able to rummage all the parts out of my stash. One of the experts on eastern roads isn't sure this is a true prototype. The all red lettering on reddish-brown is probably the right color but I've already got two RB cars and I am a sucker for flashy boxcars. Now I need to get back to expanding the layout by 4 feet and securing some motive power to pull all these guys......
  15. Building BMR Freight cars

    Yes, It is possible. Insulated 10 gauge wire fits the Lego clips quite well. I like use bare 10g wire inside 3mm rigid hose because the wire can slide inside the tube so when you bend it back around to the beginning, the bare wire can slip inside the start of the 3mm tube. If you use a black piece of insulated wire, you will have butt ends that will not look as finished.