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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Nice work Octan ;)
  2. David FNJ

    [M - G03] The Final Mission

    Location: G03 New California Tags: Military Building Double D's log 50: How I escaped the alien, well, that's a story for another time. Having worked underground for months, it is time to perform one final mission followed by the completion of operation vanish. -------------------------- I wanted to make one last AG build before the game finished, and it seems quite fitting that this is (likely) my 50th build for the game. It's been awesome, go MANTIS!
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    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer all of my credits to SpacerSteve :)
  4. David FNJ

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Here's my entry! Thanks for doing this! Alone by David FNJ, on Flickr
  5. David FNJ

    Microscale Tree Mini-tutorial

    Brilliant technique. Thanks for sharing!
  6. David FNJ

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    Super cool categories!
  7. David FNJ

    [M-F03] Preoccupied

    Wow, monsters of andromeda HAS to be a thing! lol Cool build, the fp background looks great!
  8. David FNJ

    [M - A06] My Terms

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS Double D's log 49: If I was going to be chased around by this alien, I was going to do it my way - underground.
  9. David FNJ

    [M - A06] My Terms

    Thank you! Thanks! You're definitely right about the timing, this storyline all takes place within a few days, and Dave hasn't even been chased by the alien for an entire day. Thanks Lady K!
  10. David FNJ

    [O - G02] Operation Cold Feets

    Wow, these are incredible! Each of the vehicles is intricately detailed, and have incredible shaping! Awesome job!
  11. David FNJ

    [M - C04] Patient Record L8C04

    LOL wow that's so funny! The larvae and salad look great!
  12. David FNJ

    [M-F03] Setting the Trap

    Wow, what a story and what a build! That mech is fantastic, and I like the foliage around the base and the sloped landscape. Great work!
  13. David FNJ

    [O-HO6] Back in Business

    Fantastic design! great use of the boat!
  14. David FNJ

    [M-A06] Returning to the Fleet

    Super cool design! Looks great!
  15. David FNJ

    [M - A06] The Well

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS Double D's log 48: I ran through this alleyway and that alleyway, knocking over any and everything I could to stay ahead of the Alien. High-heat energy shock lasers exploded around me, though mostly ahead of me. It was almost as if the Alien was only trying to trap me... but all I knew was that I had to get to the lower levels of the GU-Labs and Weapons complex that were underground. Several "Wells" were located throughout the facility that open up into the underground levels, so I immediately headed for the nearest one and jumped down.... I can hear the Alien close behind me... but I have a plan. To be continued!
  16. David FNJ

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    91 to Big Sal!
  17. Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS, spying, military building Desert Diversion Double D's log 47: The Kawashitan commander told us of 'safe zones' where they could have temporary rest from being on the run from the Alien. We immediately hurried to one of these 'safe zone' where we were to discuss the situation.... Commander: "Hurry, get in!" Others: "MANTIS is here?! This could be our way out!" Commander: "Keep your voices down!" Dave Daring: "So what what exactly is this alien you've been talking about, and what does it do, and why are you all here?" Commander: "We don't really know. The Alien seems to be immune to blasters, yet has its own weapon, powers, I don't know, that wreaks havoc all over the place. Somehow the Alien has made a communications dome around this MANTIS facility that sends out signals of normal operation, when in reality it hasn't been operational for months. Actually, there hasn't been any activity on the planet other than normal operations for more than 5 months! According to the global records that is. Anyway, the communications dome also intercepts all outgoing messages (like the one you tried to send back up to the orbiting MANTIS Spaceship a while ago." Dave Daring: "How'd you know I sent something to MANTIS?!" Commander: "Easy, one of the Alien canisters started sending out vibrations, alerting the Alien to your general location. Thankfully, I was in the area and was able to bring you here before the Alien found you...." Dave Daring: "What does the Alien want, and why would it attack?" Commander: "That one is not so easy. Though it probably has to do with whatever the Alien is doing on the West Wing of this GU-Labs and Weapons plant. Probably making sure no one knows whatever it's up to..." Dave Daring: "The West Wing huh? Great....that's the weapons section." Commander: "You got the hologram to work! Is that for all MANTIS facilities? Having the West side the Weapons side?" Dave Daring: "Hey now, that's classified, and so is how to open these holograms." Commander: "Whatever. Anyway, we need to figure out how to get out of this communications dome to get backup." Dave Daring: "You still didn't answer my question of why you all are here." Commander: "That's classified....." Dave Daring: "Fine....why don't we just walk out?" Others: "The Alien has the perimeter armed so that anything that enters or exits the dome notifies the Alien of the enter/exit location. Dave Daring: "So why weren't we attacked then? Are you just messing with us?!" Others: "......." Commander: "Look, you were smart when you came in, you ran to different buildings expecting something to jump out at you. You didn't stay put, so you managed to escape his notice...at least, managed to escape his physical eyes." Dave Daring: "....." Commander: "Well, what about the Alien flags and canisters! If you still want proof, then.... Scout: "Sir, we're picking up a moving Alien signal about 3 warehouses away." Dave Daring: "I thought you said the canisters stop any signals?" Scout: "No, just inbound and outbound signals. They also have a relatively small radius that also detects movement. Signals that stay within the dome aren't caught by the Alien, else we would have been found already and safe zones such as this one. If only we could get word to the outside, or find a bay full of speeders! Dave Daring: "I think I might know of a way....The West Wing you talked about earlier. There is a large antenna there, probably strong enough to get through this dome." Scout: "There's no way! The Alien kind of lives at the West Wing! He'd need to be out of there for a long time for someone not to get caught." Dave Daring: "You've got two MANTIS operatives here now chief. All we need is a diversion. I'll head towards the Alien signal, and when you hear me running around here, then you know it's your time to head for the West Wing. My friend Chad here can get you there. DD out! Several minutes later....... ~ DD out To be continued! ---------------------------------------------------------------- More photos in the spoiler --------------------------------------------------------------- It was great to do a larger build again for AG and make a MOC that is viewable from all angles and include an interior. My favorite part of the build is the design on either side of the entrance with the 2x2 tan tiles and the 1x2 lime green tiles and being able to hide the inner workings of that in the interior. Thanks for looking!
  18. David FNJ

    [M-B05] The Raven’s Nest

    Cool interior! Looking forward to how well the listening device works!
  19. David FNJ

    [M-B05] Scouting on Marphacia

    Great jungle feel! The space Vespa and the beetle scout droid are fantastic!
  20. David FNJ

    [M-B06] Beginning of the End

    Nice build! And great action shots!
  21. David FNJ

    [O-H06] Atlas Shrugged

    Such a cool build! I really like that elevator, and the trimmed trees are a nice touch! Great work.
  22. David FNJ

    [M - B05] Uplink

    Very cool looking building! So modern. Great work!
  23. David FNJ

    [M - A06] An Unexpected Friend?

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: MANTIS, spying Double D's log 46: Before I could report about my findings and get a group of MANTIS operatives to explore the mysterious building on Illustria, I was sent to Guinevere of all places. I was to find out why MANTIS operations have been slow to the West of the volcanoes because Kawashita now has the competitive advantage of gold mining, and we aren't sure why MANTIS equipment isn't as effective as it should be. It's not like we're in conflict in Kawashita, even the CEO noted the planet's apparent peacefulness. So far the outposts we inspected were running at full capacity, and the employees had high morale, so we moved further West towards the GU-Labs and Weapons Center. From a distance it was immediately apparent is that there had been an attack of some sort on the facility! What's more, sand was beginning to dust the surfaces of....well, everything! That means it had been like this for quite a while now. There were flags of black, white, and azure blue, and canisters of matching color in various places, but MANTIS equipment seemed to be scattered around almost as if for survival. Then I noticed helmets used by Kawashitan forces. Before my rage could surface, I heard the distinct voice of the Kawashitan general whom I retrieved planned fleet paths from back on Crentium. "Be very quiet and cautious with your steps, or you will be found by the Alien." "Aliens?" "No, the Alien. This destruction you see, it is the Alien's doing. The azure canisters you see, it's the Alien. Now that you've entered the GU-Labs complex, you're trapped with us." "Us?!" To be continued! ------------------------------------------------- Woot! I finally have a story arc going!
  24. David FNJ

    [HELP] Picturing the galaxy

    If you do a 2-brick wide wall you'd need to make sure that the seams from the first wall are all covered, else you'll still have the light showing through. I've used paper or something similar in the past though. I think the easiest would be to take pictures at an angle so that the light gaps don't show.