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Found 23 results

  1. Zaael

    [O-H06] Setting the Trap

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Ground Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) Pursuing guy: "Sir, the shipment is approaching the coordinates you gave me." "Sir": "Alright comrade. Victor, are you at the coordinates?" Victor: "Almost sir." "Sir": "Hurry up will you!?!" Victor: "We are goi...." "Sir": "HURRY UP!!! I said!" Victor: "B... Bu... Yes sir!" Note: the builds in the first picture and the mountain thingy have already been judged.
  2. Zaael

    [O-H06] The Chase Begins

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Land Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts Spying guy: "Sir, your intel was correct. Something is being moved." "Sir": "Very well, follow the shipment, comrade. The others will intercept you once you're close." Spying guy: "Yes sir! And sir may I ask where you got that intel?!? We never get intel like this." "Sir": "No." Spying guy: "... yes sir, sorry sir. Going into pursuit now." Garv: "Zaael, come in!!" Garv: "Hello, someone come in!!" Garv: "I am being chased by a speeder and request backup... Does anyone receive this message!?!" The speeder: Note: the truck has already been judged.
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] Firearms Training

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // The Major expanded our training this week to include firearms. We went to a gun range and there were a large variety of weapons to practice with. The Major was there and he had 2 other instructors this time. I liked this better because unlike with the hand weapons training no one was trying to attack me. Dr. Allison seemed to want to spend most of her time getting to know one of the instructors instead of firing for some reason. I, however, enjoyed my time shooting! I know that as a man of science my place is in the lab, but boy is there a thrill being able to fire those weapons! Even with the Major up above me yelling stuff I had a great time. He kept telling me that your weapon is your best friend out in the field. That with "one in the chamber I'm always a threat!" Once more he was yelling from a vehicle, a small personal land walker this time. I think he might be hard of hearing actually and that is why he is always yelling. The combat shotgun was easily my favorite. It was pretty heavy and had a big kick, but boy was it enjoyable sending fire downrange. I know I'll never be spec ops, but it is nice getting out of the lab sometimes and being able to just have some fun. The one guy even offered to help me better blend in. Though it seemed like he mostly just stood in the corner with his goggles on. Extra Pics: More pics:
  4. "Casts a dark shadow..." The Invasive Species: Part 4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Interlude Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (Finale) Tags: Civil Building Planet: Farmolis Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Jebediah O'Reilly: "It's all here." Dr. Long: "Excellent. How, might I ask, did you acquire this information?" Jebediah O'Reilly: "That's a story for another time. Maybe I'll tell you next week." Dr. Long: "And... the contents of this disk?" Jebediah: "Well, our one-eyed buddy Ba'al Ba'al Jinks has done some pretty serious stuff. Not the bumbling fool I initially took her for. She's been charged with organizing riots and fomenting rebellion. She even flew a stolen pirate speeder into the Queen's palace! She claimed it was an accident, but if you look at the evidence they've collected on her... Well... Let's just say she's a little bit zealous when it comes to instigating 'social and technological progress'." Dr. Long: "Interesting... And the status of social issues under the Queen's rule?" Jebediah: "I think it's more than enough to make the Board of Ethics place economic sanctions on Onix... Or at least it would be if they had imports." Dr. Long: "Sanctions weren't what I had in mind... Why don't you... walk me through this." Jebediah: "Alright." Later Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "Kevin." Meanwhile.... In Farmolis, Headquarters City.... The Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr .... In the Primary HR building, among the clouds... The Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Kevin: "Well good morning to you, Danny! How's business?" Dr. Long: "Just greeeat." Kevin: "Don't be such a Grumpy-Guss, Danny. As a Certified Human Resources Professional, I can tell when I hear dissatisfaction. I'm very empathetic, you know. Now, what seems to be the problem?" Dr. Long: "This task you asked me to do. It's getting a bit... messy." Kevin: "Oh my, Danny, I've never known you to be the messy type!" Dr. Long: "It doesn't suit me... but I need your advice... or... at least... your approval. For what I'm about to do." Kevin: "And what is it that you're about to do..." Dr. Long: "The Oni-Ren Queen will not listen to reason. We've offered her the galaxy on a silver plate. Technology. A cure to illness... And yet, she will not allow us to mine the richest Copper deposits in all Andromeda. Her people are dying, and she chooses to spite us rather than simply acquiescing." Kevin: "Well she sounds like a real Mean-Mandy!" Dr. Long: "You could certainly say that." Kevin: "We could?" Dr. Long: "Yes." Kevin: "Well in that case, I think you and I both know what has to be done." Dr. Long: "And that is?..." Kevin: "I think I said once, that running a business is a lot like running a dairy farm. Did I ever tell you that?" Dr. Long: "If you did, I don't recall. Sounds euphemistic." Kevin: "Oh Danny, don't be silly. You know I'd never use euphemism with you. That's just malarkey." Dr. Long: "Carry on." Kevin: "See, The point of a dairy farm is to get milk for our valued and beloved customers. When the milk cows produce milk, everyone is happy! The cows are happy! The farmers are happy! The cherished customers are happy! The world is perfect and everything is awesome. But what's slightly less awesome is when one of those poor milk cows doesn't make milk any more. That's not good. But fortunately there's more that can be done with a cow than simply milking! A good dairy farm never lets its customers down." Dr. Long. "..." Kevin: "So. Still down in the dumps? Did my little pep-talk help?" Dr. Long: "I think I know what needs to be done..." Kevin: "Oh that's wonderful. See. That's why I trusted you with this task, Danny. You're a smart cookie. A keen intellect. We both work for the same folks, you and I..." The Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "The customers, of course! And our benevolent corporate overseers, who are always trying their darndest to best-serve our cherished consumers. It's our duty to provide the paying people of the galaxies with the best service, and best products we can market them, and quality employees such as yourself are key to our grand purpose." Dr. Long: "The Oni-Ren need our vaccine, and we need copper. It doesn't have to be complicated." Kevin: "But if it does get complicated, remember. Octan has the best PR department in the galaxies!" Dr. Long: "Very well. I guess it's time to pull up my gloves and get back to work." Kevin: "That's the spirit! Go out there and spread some happiness, and peace, and light." Dr. Long: "Good bye, Kevin." Kevin: "See you soon, Danny." Dr. Long: "I hope not." The Bright Light of Civilization HR Edit by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Later.... Dialogue by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Log date 697, This is Dr. Danielle Long, recording from Cerebus Station, Onix. Mass-production of Black-Eye vaccine has begun. We will have to work very efficiently if we're to make enough to serve the entire population of Onix... I've gone over the logistics of the distribution plan with Special Forces operative Jebediah O'Reilly. He had quite a wealth of insight regarding the vaccine distribution plan. I have to go over the preparations with the Axle staff as well. We will need ships, and supplies, and many drones, so this will have to occur in person, I'm afraid. I've informed Dr. Martenz of my brief leave. He said he'd make sure that the vaccine production continues without a hitch. Alright. Dr. Long signing off." Later... Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Youssa was wanting to a-speak with me?" Dr. Long: "I do. My colleague informs me you've quite the reputation as a political extremist in the Gongen empire." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Umm.. Well, Messa and theresa Queen are no-gettin' along. Shessa be thinkin' that wessa people no be havin' to advance... no be havin' to interact with the offworlders. But wessa the laughing stock of the galaxy. Wessa dying down here." Dr. Long: "I see...." Bright Light of Civilization by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Could I ask you a question?" "Yessa!" Dr. Long: "How would you like to be... President Ba'al Ba'al Jinks?" ________________________ While I'm still proud of the build, it didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped. Two things I'm not so pleased out are first, the sun on the building... It looks like a cross, and that's not at all what I was aiming for. I wanted some spikes pointing out of it to really pull-off the sun-like appearance. Instead it looks like a gravestone or a cross, which leads to undesired implications. I throw a lot of symbolism into my builds, especially during this arc... and that was not intentional. Second thing is I was hoping to add more buildings in the background. That was just a time thing. Didn't want to lose the light! Hope you liked this week's installment. As always, comments, criticisms, and concerns are welcome! ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  5. Zaael

    [O-H06] New Parts

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Military Building, Land Vehicle, Engineering - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family Garv had to pick up some new batteries in the main city of Farmolis and is now on his way back to Zaael's homebase. Meanwhile somewhere in a heavily protected lab aboard a ship somewhere in Andromeda's Gates: Professor Rachel is reviewing the test results. Results that are disappointing. Zaael had promised something good, but this is bad, really bad, budget cutting bad. The CEO will not be amused, unless Zaael and Rachel can fix it before the next big test run of the "Project". She decides to call Zaael on a secure line to ask him how he is going to fix this. Rachel: "The "Project" is far from working as intended. The whole team is at a loss. I am sending you the results, can you fix this?" Zaael: "Hello Rachel, I am having a few days off, this can wait... Rachel: "No it can't, our CEO is supposed to be here next week for the big test run and if we produce the same results our budget will be cut, maybe the whole project will be cancelled!!" Zaael: "Right haha, you don't really know Pombe, do you?" Rachel: "..." Zaael: "Never mind. If it will ease your mind I can have a quick look. Fey and Maan are shopping anyway... It seems one of the key parts is malfunctioning. I will build a new one and ship it to you." Rachel: "Thank you Zaael!" A few hours later: Garv just returned getting some new batteries with the new Octan Corp truck while Zaael had just finished up building the new component. Perfect timing! Zaael: "Garv, be careful, this thing is dangerous and very important. Be quick and please don't bump into anything!" Garv: "Ok, no problem!" Garv: "I will deliver this before you are back in the house, no worries." Zaael: "I'm serious Garv, no games, no detours, deliver it quick and safe." Garv: "I will, promised." Garv: "Sorry darling, I have just one more delivery to make for Zaael and then we can go hike in the north." Gina: "I heard him say it is a dangerous cargo, be careful sweetheart." Garv: "No worries darling." More pics of the truck: Note: the following builds should not be judged: - the parking lot and the three vehicles in the back there
  6. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] The Major

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building ** My 52nd weekly build in AG, so I've now done a year's worth of weekly's consecutively!** Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // We were recently sent a communication from Corporate HQ about a new program to try and make all AG staff better prepared for the harshness of our environment. I think that HQ was concerned for our safety and they tried to illustrate that by saying that losing humans came at "a significant cost." They instructed that we participate in classes led by one of their security staff, Major Richard Allcock. Being a member of the executive team I, of course, knew that I should provide a good example and therefore made sure I was one of the first trained and clearly demonstrated my enthusiasm for the effort to those around me. Dr. Allison and I reported to a training facility for our first class -- "Armed Self Defense: Use the Pointy End". Upon arriving we met the Major (he prefers to be called that), and he explained that he had brought with him some of the finest warriors to train us. They were skilled in fencing, polearms, and many other bladed weapon disciplines. One thing I noticed that was a big shift for me was that the Major always wanted us to yell our answers. If he asked if we understood something we weren't supposed to say "Yes", we should shout loudly: "YES, MAJOR!" Not something you generally do in a science lab. The Major asked Dr. Allison and myself about our military history (none), our previous armed/unarmed defense training (none), and our daily training regimen (apparently "walking to the lab" wasn't a good answer as he had me "drop and give him 20", which meant push ups I learned). Once we had established our lack of skills he went into a several minute profanity laced tirade about being barely more than targets. I attempted to point out that protection was never a concern as I had ED-208 (whom had been forbidden from attending) to keep me safe. I then learned that the Major was not a fan of robots. He asked what I would do when "that damned machine comes for my precious fluids", which I had no answer for as I had no idea what that meant. He asked if I had ever watched the classic "Terminator" series of holovids in which the inevitability of robot revolt was explored. I had not and he said that I should do my research before talking about things. I tried to explain that I had a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, a PhD in robotics and was working on a second PhD in Artificial Intelligence, but he simply said that "book learning ain't a replacement for the real thing." I was the first to face off against my instructors and they gave me a wooden practice sword so I wouldn't hurt anyone. The Major stood on his jeep (I'm not sure why he even had one in the facility or how it got in there, but he said it was necessary) and used his megaphone to yell instructions. Though mostly it was just "attack" or "defend yourself dummy!" I did my best to fend off my far more trained attackers, but it did not go well. I felt like even the training facility cats could have successfully attacked me -- especially the big smelly one. After an hour or so the Major said we were done for the day. I think all that armor must have made him really hot because he said he "needed a drink, like a gallon or so should do." I was very tired but felt like I was better prepared to face the trials of life in AG. After the class I told Dr. Allison I was going to head out to the garden outside the training facility for a bit of meditation on what I had just learned. She said she would catch up with me later and I was left alone with my thoughts. Extra Pics:
  7. Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After having a bit of a break I got back into work by helping Dr. Allison with a new speeder prototype. It was designed to be used as a long range exploration speeder for our explorer teams. It has a larger cargo capacity for more consumables and heavier lifting engines to handle the heavier load. While not designed as a high velocity speeder it can achieve very quick speeds and has a large energy output capability so it can be used to power a small encampment when needed. The underside has an armored skid and the seating area features armored plates to protect against foliage or more malicious threats. It isn't a full military vehicle, but with so many unknown alien threats this speeder should be very capable and help keep our people safe. Dr. Allison had been working on fixing the little issues she had been made aware of during testing and I was happy to help out. ED-208 kept insisting he could fix it, but all he wanted to do was use the giant sledgehammer. I doubted that even his robotic capabilities were enough to use that with precision. The prototype lab itself was a very impressive facility. Dr. Allison had modified it some to make it more in line with her personal decor tastes which isn't standard Octan practice, but I thought that Dr. Long would approve since it did seem to foster a stronger work ethic. I also like to allow people a bit of discretion when possible as it empowers them and gives them a sense of pride and ownership. I'm not saying to allow people to go crazy, I'm not pombe! But some minor personal touches do statistically prove out to be beneficial in helping an employee blur the lines a bit between work and personal time thus generally leading to more hours spent at work. Of course I'm sure many employees are like me and do plenty of work when away from the office also. The wonderful part of being so connected everywhere is that I can be out to dinner or at a park and still able to do work! Extra Pics: Side Note: I think this lab is my most "complete" facility build yet.
  8. Zaael

    [O-H06] Meeting the Family

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Civil Building (?) - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home After a long drive Zaael arrives at his home on Farmolis. His wife Fey is waiting for him with their daughter Maan. Garv, the mechanic and Zaael's long time friend is also there. Anxious to see his little one Zaael parks his OC.GF12 at its parking spot next to his two speeders and runs over to Fey. Garv meanwhile prepares to make the Roadster ready, just in case. "Hi honey, how's our little one doing?" Note: the vehicles in this build are all previously judged. Below the build to be judged: Extra pics:
  9. Zaael

    [O-H06] Driving Home

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Land Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs After his last mission Zaael was ordered to work on a super secret project. That project is finished and Z rushes home to finally be with his wife and his daughter again. Extra pics:
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] A Needed Break

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // It had been a very busy time of late and I wanted to get out a bit and just relax and have some fun. It was exciting that we'd recently discovered Awesomnium Alloy, but I just wanted to turn off my brain for a little bit. Luckily one of the new prototype racecars was available (helps being an exec!). So I went out to one of our testing facilities outside Farmolis City and took it out for a spin. The robo-engineer gave me the quick overview and checked that all systems were nominal before I headed out. It was great getting to really let it loose and have some time alone. It wasn't that long ago that I wouldn't have been as comfortable in such a high powered vehicle, but I think I've grown a lot since joining Octan! Extra Pics: I even put some lights underneath! See all the photos I took!
  11. "...Walk all over their hosts" The Invasive Species: Part 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Interlude Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (Finale) Tags: Science, Civil Buildings, Planet: Farmolis (The Axle, in Orbit) First time Readers of my story, check the bellow Spoilers section for some relevant info/links. Aboard the Axle, in Orbit of Farmolis (not a new build) Dr. Long: "This is Dr. Danielle Long, please respond, Mr. Dillberg. Odus Dillberg: "Danielle!? Is that you!? How've you been!?" Dr. Long: "I'm on my way. I'll be on the Axle within 8 standard business hours. Please prepare for my arrival." Odus: "With pleasure!" An hour or so later... Secretaries by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Ding dong the Long is back! The Doctor Long is back! Odus: "Alright, Alexis, forward the return message to all Axle employees. Bubba-Jack, you coordinate with the discovery division so that we can get all those old reports on her desk. I will go tidy up my office. Many hours later.... Secretaries by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "Odus." Odus: "Danielle! Oh, you're back! thank gods! I've been so overburdened by work! I had to hire ten new secretaries to help me, and of course, I used your automated Dr. Holo-Long AI for morale and to lighten the load, but... wow... it's not easy, what you do." Dr. Long: "No. It's not easy, but someone has to make sure the spaceships run on time. Now... ten new secretaries did you say? You'll have to fire them... Well... Fire 9 of them. A transitional second secretary could be useful." Odus: "O-oh. Ok. I... I guess I could do that." Dr. Long: "Good. I take it relevant discovery files and status updates have been forwarded to my office?" Odus: "Your secondary office... The Primary office is still under... renovations." Dr. Long: "I see. Excellent. It's good to be back. I'll speak with you later, more, after I get caught up. Thank you for taking care of things while I was away." Odus: "You're... you're welcome." ............ Later, In a pathology lab on Onix: Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Krasnoyarsk: "The Date is Junalli 6, 3816. This is Dr. Perry Krasnoyarsk, conducting dissection of suspected disease Vector of the Oni-Ren plague, "Black Eye." "The Foveanus torpeonus, or Xerillian Ant-scorpion, has been cited as a non-native species on Onix, likely carried here by one of Octan's Biomass harvesting vessels transferred from Xerillian. The ant-scorpion is known to overpower and outcompete local omnivores and scavengers, as they lack native predators, are well protected with an array of natural defenses, such as a numbing sting a viscous bite, and tough, heat resistant hide. Their presence has been determined to correlate with outbreaks of the native Oni-Ren illness "Black Eye." The "Black Eye" illness is caused by a virus native to the southern regions of this planet, but which has lately spread to the largest organized group of Oni-Ren, who dwell on the North Pole's Rocky Plains region. The objective of my research today is to dissect the Foveanus torponus to observe on a macroscopic scale what, if any, physical indications of Black Eye may be present, or if the xenoarthropod is carrying a parasite that may instead be the disease vector." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Specimen sample acquired. I will start with the dorsal carapace of the Foveanus torponus. I have selected a sample of back tissue, and will now observe under the microscope." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Hmm.... There are several lumps present... bite-marks... it appears..." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Fascinating.... I may have just discovered our culprit." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "There is a parasite on the back of the Ant-scorpion. This appears to be a Yetornius lava-mite... known vectors of several diseases on their homeworlds, although, fortunately harmless to humans, as they refuse to colonize our soft skin, as they find it unsuitable. A hard skinned being such as an Oni-Ren may be a suitable host... Hmm... This requires further investigation. I'll need to show this to my superior, Dr. Martenz." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Dr. Martenz; I've found something." Dr. Martenz: "Excellent. What have you found?" Dr. Krasnoyarsk: "The Foveanus torponus specimen is infested by Acarus morbus, from Yetornius; a well-documented disease vector." Dr. Martenz: "Great work. Send me a selection of cells sample from the mite. I'll look it over downstairs." Much Later, after cell culturing, and a lot of leg work: Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Martenz: "Hmm... Yes... Mmmhmm. Ooh. Fascinating. Yes, I believe we've found the virus. Running report... and done. Turn off the electron microscope, Ba'al-Ba'al. Oni-Ren: "Yessa." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Matrenz: "I hear Dr. Long has returned to the Axle... Time to report our findings to her, I think." Later.... Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Martenz: "Yes, the office of Dr. Long, please." Meanwhile, aboard the Axle, in orbit Farmolis... Dr. Long: "Yes, Odus, put him on. I'll take the call here." Living on the backs of Others by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Martenz: "Dr. Long?" Dr. Long: "Speaking." Dr. Martenz: "I believe we've discovered the disease vector. Of Black-Eye. It's a mite that's infested the invasive species, Xerillian ant-scorpion." Dr. Long: "Good work. And how goes progress on the vaccine?" Dr. Martenz: "Vaccines don't happen overnight. This isn't some sci-fi space Opera, Dr. Long. It takes at least a month to develop a vaccine." Dr. Long: "I want it yesterday. This is a very important bargaining chip in our ongoing negotiations with the Oni-Ren. And what of the monarch? Is she still unwilling to hear our requests for cooperation regarding mining rights? I see you have an Oni-Ren in there with you. Has progress been made?" Dr. Martenz: "No. This is Ba'al-Ba'al Jinks; a political dissident, banished from the Oni-Ren Queen's domain who has since sworn loyalty to Octan. I literally ran into her in the fire swamps. She's been functioning as a lab assistant, cultural informant, and translator. " Ba'al-Ba'al Jinks: "Messa Ba'al Ba'al Jinks! Messa your humble servant!" Dr. Long: "Why do I sense we've picked up another pathetic lifeform?" Dr. Martenz: "What?" Dr. Long: "Nothing. Good work. Tell me when you have the vaccine, or if the Queen changes her mind about allowing us access to the copper fields... I mean... Their hunting grounds... Dr. Long out." Dr. Martenz: "Wait! I forgot to ask for more people to help me in my work!" ________________ Slow and full of exposition, but there we have it. Episode 1 of "The Invasive Species" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  12. Dannylonglegs

    [O-HO6] Back in Business

    Tags: Spaceship, Science (testing a new ship counts, right? Otherwise, not this tag.) Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Bob of Quatrian: "So, Back to work again, huh?" Dr. Long: "Oh, They sent you to pick me up?" Bob: "I sent myself! Any excuse to get out of the office! Dr. Long: "Well, that explains the unorthodox landing place." Bob: "You like it?" Dr. Long: "There are actual landing platforms closer to the city you know." Bob: "And risk showing this baby off to the public? Not yet! You're looking at Next years new Small Shuttle craft! I'm taking it on a test run to see if it even gets off the ground without bursting into flames!" Dr. Long: "Get's off the ground... That's not reassuring. What are the odds of me making it back to the Axle in one piece?" Bob: "With me as your pilot? I'd say the odds are pretty good." Dr. Long: "You've quelled my fears." Bob: "So what's it like to be a civilian for a change?" Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "Long. Dull. Monotonous. Normally I'd like that, but there are no fires to put out, or regulations to reinforce. It's... unfulfilling. I can't wait to reemerse myself in my work in the Axle. There's so much to be done. Bob: "All that talk about work, you must be the life of the party." Dr. Long: "I never was." Bob: "You never were. But hey! Who needs parties when you've got New Spaceships! SO, I present to you, "O.T. La Chauve-Souris Blanche!" Dr. Long: "About that... Why?" Bob: "Well that's French for the White Bat, so I guess the guys down at marketing thought it looked like a bat. I can see that, but I think it looks more like a space whale, personally." Dr. Long: "No, I meant... Why the experimental ship instead of the O.T. Cog 1?" Bob: "Well, I was hoping the new ship would help take your mind off some of the... changes that have occurred on the Axle in your absence." Dr. Long: "Oh no." Bob: "The Cog line was put to rest. " Dr. Long: "But why? The line had a decade yet to go before it reached its built-in obsolescence date!" Bob: "Well, You were pretty much the only one who like them. A bunch of the researchers and pilots on the Axle wrote a petition to get on a rotating cycle of new shuttles instead of the Cogs, and Pombe signed off on it." Dr. Long: "That's... Disappointing." Bob: "I know you had some sentimental feelings for the Cog line, so I think I found you a fitting substitute shuttle." Dr. Long: "Oh?" Bob: "This one. If you like it, and it gets back off the ground again, and passes the safety regulations, this prototype is yours." Dr. Long: "Mine?" Bob: "Well, the company's, but we'd put it in your hangar... the one where the Cog 1 was held." Dr. Long: "That can't be proper protocol." Bob: "There's more to life than adherence to protocol Danielle. Also, the Chauve-Souris Blanche flies like a dream." Dr. Long: "Well, as long as it gets me from point A to point B, I'm happy. Thank you." Bob: "Point A to Point B is your only criteria? Well, in that case--after you-- Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Bob: "I'm gunna do a few barrelrolls." Dr. Long: "Noo. Bats don't fly upsidedown! They only rest upside down!" Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Bob: "Next you'll be telling me they don't fly blind, either!" Dr. Long: "Turn the instruments back on! Echolocation! They use echolocation!" Bob: "Hahah! Great to have you back in the fold Danielle! Back In Business by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr ________________________________________ Coming Next Week! "The Invasive Species" Part 1; "The Fecund Fruit Tree" "Those who live on the backs of others" The wings have to be removed to change between flight and landing mode, but if I wanted to scrifice form a little, I could have made it a pull pin. I chose removal because ultimately it looked better. Also, there should be a scorpion in this build too, but it either fell, or was occluded by the ship. I don't remember. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  13. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] A Warm Farewell

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I wanted to show our guest Raylan a good time before he had to depart back for Mantis space. They needed him to return to work and though I was sad to see him go, I understood that work has to be a priority. I thought we could have a big sendoff though, so I booked the reception center at the Academy of Sciences and we invited lots of people from Farmolis and beyond. Our friends from the Farr-tes even managed to make their way to the party! Despite the Octan desire to largely have reliable robots perform mundane tasks, I wanted to make sure this party was extra special so I actually had real human waiters! It certainly seemed like everyone had a great time and Raylan especially was grateful for our warm farewell. Extra Pics: ** Happy 1 year of build weeks to AG!!! ** ** I wanted to make this for weeks and finally found the time. The style aesthetic is definitely me and it is very clean. Plus I wanted to have a party to celebrate. ** ** Oh and those SoNE players might recognize a cameo from my player in that game ** I took a lot of pics this week, for all of them you can hit my Flickr stream:
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H06] Atlas Shrugged

    Tags: Civil, Buildings Planet: Farmolis Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "Funny seeing you here, Amaira, I was just headed to see you actually. I have an appointment with you at your practice 30 minutes from now." Doctor Patel: "Ah, Hello Danielle. I'm on my lunch break. The gardens are beautiful on South Main Street, wouldn't you agree?" Dr. Long: "Yes, Amaira, they are indeed beautiful. Specimens from Earth, all of them. They grow so verdant on this world of ours." Dr. Patel: "Indeed." Dr. Long: "Of course, they grow so well because we modified them to do so... just as we've modified this planet." Dr. Patel: "Indeed." Dr. Long: "..." Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Patel: "So, how are you feeling, Danielle. Last we spoke you were furious at me, if I recall." Dr. Long: "That's an exaggeration. Frustrated, would be more accurate. Frustrated that you wouldn't allow me to return to my duties aboard the Axle." Dr. Patel: "Of course. You're so much like your mother, Danielle. So passionate for your work... Devoted. And stubborn. You must take better care of yourself, Danielle. The reason I didn't let you go back so soon was--" Dr. Long: "--I know--" Dr. Patel: "Your muscular atrophy has diminished, thanks to your regular exercise and consistent Gravity, but your bone density will never recover, Danielle." Dr. Long: "I take my supplements, my estrogen, my OctaOsteo. I spend the requisite amount of time on the G+ decks on the Axle... And I've looked over the paperwork, Amaira. My bone mass has not decreased at un-expected levels. It's completely standard for my job description." Dr. Patel: "Then perhaps it's your job description that needs to change." Dr. Long: "You know that's not going to happen." Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Patel: "I know... But you're damaging your body being in space so regularly. You must take care of your body, or it may break." Dr. Long: "Then I'll buy a new one." Dr. Patel: "I care about you. I loved your mother dearly, and I just don't want you to make the same mistakes she did." Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "..." Dr. Patel: "I won't change your mind." Dr. Long: "No." Dr. Patel: "When we meet again thirty minutes from now... I'm going to sign off on your request to return to work." Dr. Long: "Thank you. It's what I want." Dr. Patel: "I know. I won't delay you longer, then." Dr. Long: "... Thanks." Dr. Patel: "Oh, I read your books by the way. "The Modern Darwins" Is a bit too coldly worded for an informal piece, I think. You should lighten up. Good for your heart." Dr. Long: "I'll see you soon." Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr This statue depicts John Hannibal as Atlas. One of the many statues of him that adorn the streets of Farmolis Headquarters city, now. He was perhaps the most efficient CEO we've had on the Andromeda Branch, which I found quite admirable. I could fault the man for very few things. Perhaps he was a little soft-hearted on the Alien species with whom he made contact... but that line of thought brought the Merchant Confederation within our folds. Perhaps the only thing I could truly fault him for was his humility. At times he shouldered more of the logistical burdens of running Octan than the next three people put together... myself included. And for all his work he requested no thanks. Needed no other incentive than loyalty to our great company. A giant among men, was he... so perhaps he would have liked this statue. He once told me, "A Gentleman wears white." What could be more white than pure marble?" Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "If my memory serves, I think he believed in some higher power. A life after death. I do not. What is dead is dead. A sentience, once snuffed out returns to the void that bore it. The only form of life after death that I am aware of, from my studies, and introspection, is that which lives on in others. In those with whom you interacted, and those who have heard of you. So whether or not, John Hannibal lives on in some incomprehensible spiritual form, he most assuredly lives on in the scorch marks he left on this galaxy... and in the stones of his statues. These... more... abstract definitions of life... certainly not a life as a biologist such as myself would describe it... but, these forms of life outlive us all. Our legacy..." Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr ........................... Hours later, in a different part of the city.... Kevin: "Danny! Wonderful to see you again! I heard from your doctor that you'll be returning to work on the Axle! That's just great!" Dr. Long: "Mhhmm. I won't even ask how you found out so quickly." Kevin: "There's my Danny! Always not-asking the right not-questions!" Dr. Long: "So... To what do I owe the pleasure of an appointment with you." Kevin: "Well, I thought you and I might have a little chat!" Dr. Long: "A chat." Kevin: "Well yeah! About... your career goals." Dr. Long: "What about my career goals." Kevin: "well, I guess I'll just cut to the chase. Do you want to be back on the board of the executives?" Dr. Long: "Of course." Kevin: "That's just what I wanted to hear! So... Exactly how badly do you want it?...." __________________________ Better pictures in the morning. Critiques and comments welcome! For Rodiziorobs: Atlas Shrugged by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] Octansoft Store

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Civil Building Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Raylan was really enjoying his visit to Farmolis. He said that it was nice to be able to visit other planets and see the different sights. He seemed very excited when I mentioned that there were several Octansoft stores in downtown Farmolis and that they had all the latest items available. And luckily being an executive I get a special discount of 5%, unlike the usual 2.5% discount for other employees. And since I have an Octansoft credit card I get an extra .5% discount! Although the folks in accounting do say that taking a discount isn't quite stealing from the company, but it does take money away from the company that it would otherwise use to pay hard workers such as myself. So I usually don't use the full discount. I took him to the one nearest to us and he was very excited to see all the various Individual Personal Assistant Devices and other electronics. It was neat getting to see the various assistant robots too, Dr. Allison was most intrigued by the child sized model as it was brand new. I was surprised they had a chauffeur-bot in stock since there was a new version that everyone was going crazy for. I have to say it was a bit weird seeing some of the "fashion" that exists for the younger generation these days. Whatever neo-hip style they seem to be wearing just looks strange. I was a little embarassed to have Raylan see them as I felt it reflected poorly on Octan. But I think he was distracted by the various Octansoft offerings to not have noticed them too much! Extra Pics:
  16. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] Visiting Farmolis

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After having several productive days getting to know Raylan on Forring, I had decided that to further improve the relationship between our two corporations I should invite him to Farmolis. Initially he was a bit apprehensive as there was a certain amount of worry that there could be some nefarious reason for wanting to get him to our home planet. But after more discussion and assurances he finally agreed to pay a visit. Upon his arrival I picked him up from the spaceport in one of our luxury corporate transports and had ED-208 drive so I could concentrate on our guest. As we drove around the city I was able to point out various landmarks and talk about all the things Octan was doing. Raylan was excited to hear and he found numerous areas that our two corporations could successfully collaborate. I'm excited to show him around further! Extra Pics: Oops, just noticed I forgot to update the planet in the title. Should be H06, got so used to F03 I forgot it wasn't there...
  17. Dannylonglegs

    [O - H06] Pipe Dreams

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Structure, Science Planet: H06, Farmolis "I feel a malaise has grown within myself. This static life does not suit me in the least. It's not enough. I need... more. I want... more...." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "I despise standing still in the fast lane. I've been on sabbatical since I was retrieved from my imprisonment on F03's Forring... obviously this was not optional. A slew of tests were conducted upon me... to determine the cause of my memory loss... to determine whether I'd been implanted with any spyware, biological or technologically based. All tests showed negative. I had been drugged nightly with an amnesia inducing compound, and my drone had been hacked. End of story. The remainder of the investigation must take place outside a lab, if my captors are to be brought to justice. And to those ends I have enlisted the assistance of one of my most trusted, and loyal colleagues. I hope he can find those responsible... and ... perhaps even... dare I mention... the object I've seen... only in dreams of that place... the enclosed place... the hexagonal walls... the map. The key... no... I refuse to deal in fantasies and illusions. There are concretes. I was detained. There is someone responsible for that. I await Dr. Edris's message." "Waiting. It sickens me. Like stagnant water, it breeds pestilence of the mind. I've written and published two books over the course of my stay (one, "a Guide to Andromeda's Xenobiology; When, Where, and How to Apply Xenobiological Principles," and an informal discussion on the implications of human science in the Andromeda Galaxy, "The Modern Darwins"). and, I've taken a course on Kawashita technological advances... but it's not enough. I yearn to be surrounded by activity and scientific discovery... but I have not been able to leave Farmolis, or attend to my duties upon the Axle--Doctors orders." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "And so every morning at exactly 7:00 am, I get my exercise in--Doctor's orders. I ride my bike on the maintenance access road of the South Grid Pipeline. It runs from Farmolis City (also known as Farmolis Headquarters City) to Texicana Station. In the early days, Farmolis Headquarters City performed all aspects of Awesomnium production: Extraction, Purification, and Shipping... but now Farmolis city has taken on a more Administrative role, and serves as the planet's port city, and center of Octan colonization in Andromeda. Texicana Station is the primary purification site, and so, this pipe channels a constant stream of pure, fuel-grade Awesomnium to Farmolis Headquarters' Shipping district. These access roads run the whole length, as does the canal of naturally occurring liquid Awesomnium... but I'm not riding nearly that far. Just as far as Kilometer Marker 17. At approximately 7:45 am, I arrive at this point and begin riding back... but not before I indulge my intellect a little." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Kilometer marker 17 is placed in the thick of Farmolis' s famous farming district. The densest packed, most nutritious, strongest, GM EthiCORN ™ is grown here. The fields stretch to the horizon, and are almost entirely regulated by machines, who conduct all the hydration, pesticide dispersal, harvesting, etc... it's deliciously efficient.... however, on my daily rides, I've noticed a local specimen of Xenobotanical nature that seems to have developed an immunity to Octan's pesticides... it is an interesting find; a novel xenobotanical specimen on the planet longest occupied by our force. Life finds a way, as they say." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "I've been recording it's growth patterns. It grows swiftly, and seems to seek increased hight, as it has begun to wrap around the power pole beside the canal. I lack a Logbook, so I've devoted this data to a simple recording device I purchased in the interim. When I escape this sisyphean sabbatical, I will add this specimen to the Axle's databank. Then, perhaps we can devise a pesticide capable of exterminating it." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Soon. Soon I will be aboard my beloved Axle, and all these planets to which we've gained access will yield their rewards. Within our grasp, these worlds will be investigated and examined. We will catalog the soil components. Capture and tag the wildlife. Extract and analyze the flora. All will be perfectly understood, and by understanding, we will control, and exert our will upon the natural world in perfect efficiency. For profit." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "There is science to be done. And I will be back to it... very soon now, I think." Pipe Dreams by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr (Sorry for the short novel. Hopefully it provides a little insight into Dr. Long's motivation. Also, I have more pictures. I just haven't edited them yet. They'll be up before the deadline. Pics up!) ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  18. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Xmas Xtravaganza

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After a very busy last few weeks doing work with Extensive Enterprises I returned back to Farmolis to Octan HQ for a bit of time off for the holidays. ED-208 said he needed to check in one pombe's assistant Sue, so I did a bit of shopping before the Xmas eve party. I wanted to be there early in case Dr. Long decided to take a break from all of her work and make an appearance. When I got there only a couple of other Octan employees were there and then Dr. Richard Johnson showed up. I'm not quite sure if he knows someone or what but he always gets drunk at our parties and does inappropriate things yet somehow never seems to get in trouble. Plus he wears the most obvious toupee ever. Even when you point out that his facial hair is brown and the hair on his head is black he claims that is just how it naturally grows. He was holding mistletoe up and walking around trying to get everyone to kiss him. On the plus side I was happy to see that our CEO pombe had sent me a gift! He said that it was something he had gotten himself and that he was sure it would prove useful to me. It was really amazing that he had thought of me and that he had personally acquired my gift. Extra Pics:
  19. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Driven to Distraction

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Tomax and Xamot had been impressed by the assistance I had been able to provide and they requested that I meet them in their office to discuss further help I could provide. I knew that pombe would want me to provide any aid possible to our corporate partners so I was eager to see how I could be of service. When I got to their office it was a bit intimidating. They had rather large and imposing desks that sat up high and it was hard to know where to look since they sat on opposite sides. But the most distracting part was the large enclosure at the back with two snakes in it. I couldn't see any glass keeping the snakes in and the snakes looked to be a variant of the cobra, which is very dangerous. It was hard not to concentrate on the snake tank and wonder what, if anything, was keeping them inside. Tomax and Xamot were very friendly and would ask me about subjects like our methods of Awesomnium detection and extraction or biomass retrieval, and I'm not even sure what I said. I don't think I gave away too much information, but I can't really remember specifically what I talked about since I kept looking at the snake tank and wondering about it. Fortunately, my distraction must not have hindered me too much as they both seemed very pleased with me at the end. I'm sure pombe will be most happy that I was able to be so helpful to our partners! Extra Pics:
  20. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Extensive Assistance

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After meeting the twins Tomax and Xamot at the party I was happy to find that I'd apparently made quite an impression on them. They contacted our fantastic CEO pombe and had apparently inquired after a robotics specialist to aid them as they wrap up their latest prototype for an autonomous exploration unit. They were having some minor issues and thought that perhaps Octan would be able to help. I knew that as a corporate partner of Extensive Enterprises we would benefit from their success also so it made perfect sense for me to aid them. And ED-208 was back after receiving some upgrades. Sue informed me that she had personally verified his improvements and that he was fully functional. It was great having him back! We got to the facility and I was impressed by their High Intellect Semi-autonomous Sentry (HISS). While still an early pre-production model it was very well made. Some of the ground mapping intelligence was having problems when combined with the satellite and GPS info so they were keen to hear my thoughts. After some investigation the AI couldn't seem to decide what to trust when there was a conflict and so it made no choice. I adjusted some of the logic and it improved the response in simulations. Once they run more field tests they will be better able to determine how well it was solved. ED-208 was very disappointed that the HISS was unarmed, but Tomax or Xamot (I can't tell them apart) said that it had excellent armor. And he commented that the design allowed for future arming in upgrades and that this was simply a demonstrator vehicle. Plus he remarked that in a worst case scenario the HISS can overload its energy storage and cause an explosion that will wipe out a 1 kilometer square. ED-208 seemed to think that was a fantastic feature and said if they ever need help on armament to let him know. It was good to see him getting into things and trying to help out our partner corporation! I'm glad that pombe is so confident in my abilities that he would choose to send me. With such wonderful leaders like him and Dr. Long we can't help but be successful! Though as much as I like pombe and am glad that our CEO thinks so highly of me, I do miss Dr. Long and being able to work with her. Hopefully in the near future I can once again find myself in her company! ED-208 seems very happy with our interactions with pombe though, he said that Sue has "greatly expanded his knowledge of so many things." So I'm very glad to see him interacting so well with her. Extra Pics:
  21. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Socializing

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I was working on some new hardware for our drones while ED-208 was getting a hip actuator replaced. It was a bit weird with him not being around but it turned out I wouldn't have to worry about being alone for too long. Our delightfully different CEO pombe called me to say that he needed me to attend a social gathering in his place. Apparently there was some urgent situation that had come up that he and Eshey needed to handle and he needed someone to attend this function. The hosts were twins named Tomax and Xamot. They were throwing a party at their place and they said to come dressed how you would like. So I decided to go casual and swap out my usual helmet for a hat. I was a bit intimidated by all the fancy people at the party though. I also wasn't aware that showing up on time for a party isn't what you are supposed to do. When I arrived only a few other people were there and some entertainer was singing some songs I had never heard of. Once the party really got going I felt a bit nervous with all of the people and called it a night early. But I think despite not having talked to anyone all evening and mostly just people watching from the corners the party was a great success. I sent pombe a thank you card for giving me the chance to socialize on his behalf. Note: This was my first try at brick build furniture, so any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! Extra Pics:
  22. Location: H06 - Farmolis Tags: vehicle, land vehicle, exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --28 Septembrinali 3815-- Mr. LaRose called me back home to Farmolis to test a new toy speeder. The new model of the high speed Super Swiftsure! Zipping through the forests and plains of the Farmolis wilderness, I put the Mk. 2 through its paces. It’s not all that maneuverable really, but in a straight line on a chilly, low humidity day this speeder will approach 500 kph with a tail wind. While none of the Swiftsures—much less the “Super” models—have much in the way of cargo space for actual exploration gear and sensors, due to their range and speed, I told Jacques that the Super Swiftsure Mk. 2 ought to be standard issue for scouting missions on suitable planets to map potential points of interest for follow-up with more scientifically equipped explorers. --End-- C&C is always welcome!
  23. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Looking for Answers

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Science // PERSONAL DIARY // With all of the unknown activities going on lately and the news of alien fleets suddenly appearing I knew that I needed to get to the bottom of my mystery. Who was putting out all these listening devices and why? Dr. Long trusts me and I have been letting her down. I had a bunch of data but needed some serious computing power to try and make sense of it all. So I headed back to the Axle above Farmolis and took over one of the computing centers. Some of the other scientists were unhappy that I was utilizing the whole room for myself, but I told them I was doing vital research for Dr. Long. Whatever beer recipe or research on rocks or whatever they were doing would have to wait. I was attempting to solve an issue that could keep our corporation or possibly entire species safe! I didn't need any of our oPads (Octan Personal Assistant Device) or oMacs (Octan Miniature Assistant Computer System), but ED-208 still insisted that he would guard them and keep anyone else from using them. I know he was trying to be helpful so I let him. I'm glad they installed the new reclining chairs with the multimonitor setup. We used to have to sit in regular chairs like some sort of primitive ape! These new seats are much more comfortable. ED-208 again suggested that we should be researching weapons so that whoever is trying to spy on us will get what they deserve. I pointed out to him that we first needed to know what we were up against before we worried about a solution. But he is right that once we figure out the who, I'll need to have a suggested course of action for Dr. Long. I know the safety of all her employees weighs heavily on her mind. If we could even figure out a main planet that these devices originated from I could send some drones to scout it out. And if ED-208 and I could eliminate the threat I'm sure Dr. Long would be very grateful. I bet she would hold a special dinner in my honor and I'd get to sit right next to her!