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Found 11 results

  1. Big Sal

    [M - C04] The Awakening

    Location: C04 Aeristus Tags: Civil building, spaceship Urgh… wha…? Sal? You’re awake? Wha…? Long? Where… what…? What happened? You caught Marphacian Swamp Fever and nearly died. We’re in a Kawashita hospital on Aeristus – they were the only ones with the expertise to save you. Ugh… I feel terrible. Last thing I remember was taking my experimental GATE-cloak ship for a test flight. Yes, you passed out during the flight. We tried to treat you, but the fever was too advanced. You’ve racked up a considerable medical bill over the time you’ve been here. How long has it been? A week or so? Almost exactly four months. WHAT?! Your executive health insurance covers you for the first three days, of course, but… FOUR MONTHS?! That’s not possible! Wait… I’ve been here for four months? And I’ve been here the whole time? I haven’t been seen anywhere else? What? Of course not, how could you- Four months would make it Oktobrinali… they must have already started… but if I haven’t been seen, then… they must have found him… but then… Long, quickly, who knows I’m here? What are you talking about? WHO KNOWS I’M HERE??? Just me and the Council. Maxximus believed it would be embarrassing if it became known that we had to rely on Kawashita to save you. Well, that’s something. I suppose if they knew where I was I’d already be dead. If who knew? …SPIDER? Ye-, I mean… who? Damn it Sal, don’t play dumb with me. I know you know about SPIDER. Tell me what it is. What do you know? Nothing. All I can come across is cryptic references to webs all over the place. Ever since SpacerSteve and Hawk went missing, the Council doesn’t trust anyone – they won’t tell me anything. If they’re missing then they’ve put the plans into motion… and if they found him then they have everything they need… Long, you’re sure I haven’t been seen anywhere since I fell ill? No. How could you possibly... wait... You can’t have… it's impossible, not to mention completely unethical... but it would explain the doubled productivity… What? Sal… did you… did you clone yourself?? What?! How did you know that?! Of course! Ever since your productivity suddenly doubled I’ve been wondering how you did it. It all makes sense now. But… how? And why? Project Lambda. The employee weaponisation project? No, that was just the part of it the Council knew about. The real aim of Project Lambda was to create an army of enhanced, obedient clones for SPIDER. What?! That’s what all my research has really been about. Awesomnium extract for growth acceleration, the persuadomatic for brainwashing, the employee weaponisation, the advanced weaponry. But when I finally almost perfected the process and created the first clone, I realised that I’d become expendable. After all, if SPIDER had an almost perfect and completely obedient clone of me, why would they need actual me? So I kept my success secret from them, and have been stalling them ever since. But when I got ill, my clone should have covered for me. If he didn’t, it means SPIDER must have found him. And if they found him, they’re finally ready. This is insane… we need to tell SpacerSteve about this when he gets here. WHAT?! I thought you said he was missing?! No, he reappeared a while back. I sent him a message as soon as you woke up and- We need to leave. Now! What? Come on! Do you have a ship here? No, but your stealth ship was brought here with you. But Sal- Even better! Let's go! Sal- Come on, there’s no time! Sal- What?! Maybe you should put some clothes on first. ---- Later: This ship is hideous. Hey, I never got to finish it! And it may not be much to look at, but with the GATE-cloak it's completely undetectable... in theory... Sal... What did you mean when you said your clone is almost perfect? Ah, yeah. The awesomnium serum worked perfectly for temporary growth acceleration, except for the hair. For some reason, his hair growth seems to be permanently accelerated... Damn it. ---- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Finally, all is revealed! As you may be able to tell, I've been working on this story for a loooong time (although SPIDER was not my idea, and was worked into it later). A pic of the whole build and the ship in the spoiler.
  2. Big Sal

    [M - C04] Mission M1C04

    Location: C04 Aeristus Tags: My important underwater mission for M-Tron continues. Today I’m looking for- You’re not in M-Tron. Yes I am! M-Tron doesn’t exist any more. AFFIRMATIVE. What?... I… Yet another thing you’ve screwed up. Leave me alone! I’ll hide in that patch of seaweed. I’ll be safe there. His condition is improving now. How long before he wakes up? Perhaps a few more weeks. You can talk to him if you’d like. On some level, he may be able to hear the people around him. What… Who’s there? Me. Johnson! I told you it wasn’t safe. We all told you it wasn’t safe. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! There’s no escape from the web, Sal. You’ve made a lot of enemies in this galaxy, and you have no friends to help you. Some friends are always with you. An epic sword fight ensued. This post is dedicated to Gnewal Gwevus.
  3. Big Sal

    [M - C04] Patient Record L8C04

    Location: C04 Aeristus Tags: Patient Record: L8C04 Patient Number: 8224(M) Facility: The Narbilu Exotic Diseases Centre, Aeristus Leading Practitioner: Dr Ando 2318h 10 Junali 3816 Patient transferred from M.A.N.T.I.S. facility in critical condition with advanced case of Marphacian Swamp Fever. Emergency treatment begun immediately. 0430h 11 Junali 3816 Patient stabilised for now after hours on the verge of death. We’re all experienced with Marphacian Swamp Fever; indeed Kawashita built the Exotic Diseases Centre on Aeristus primarily to treat the personnel stationed on Marphacia. But none of us have seen a case this bad since those terrible first weeks before we developed the treatments. Hopefully the patient will survive until morning. There’s nothing more we can do for now. 1021h 11 Junali 3816 Condition stable. 1347h 23 Junali 3816 Patient beginning to show signs of recovery after almost two weeks with no improvement. Nurses report he began vocalising this morning, which indicates the hallucination stage of recovery is starting. 1819h 26 Junali 3816 Patient’s hallucinations appear to be fairly mild, which may be a good sign, or may just reflect how little energy he has after weeks of suffering. According to nurses, he mostly mumbles incoherently about webs and spiders. 0700h 30 Junali 3816 No change in condition. 1553h 05 Julali 3816 No change in condition. Fever shows no sign of breaking. Patient continues to ramble about spider webs. 0246h 10 Julali 3816 Patient’s condition has deteriorated during the night. Fever has worsened. Patient became extremely distressed and appeared to believe he was being eaten alive as part of a giant plate of ‘larvae salad’. Is alternately terrified about being eaten and furious about salad leaves ‘ruining perfectly good larvae’. Became so violent that he had to be heavily sedated. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!
  4. Location: C04 - Aeristus Tags: Building, Military, Science, Civil To establish a presence on Aeristus M.A.N.T.I.S explorers were dispatched to the surface. They discovered that the sub soil on is ideal for soycabbage crops. The crops need to be protected from the atmosphere in order to thrive. A small team of soldiers and engineers were sent to clear an area of grasses covering a rich plot and build a greenhouse. A military presence and defenses are required to ensure the horticulture teams' safety. Shot without the greenhouse dome with a view of the soycabbages. - D
  5. Umbra-Manis

    [M-C04] Drone v. Drone

    Tags: C04 Piloting (Remote) MANTIS Open Log: Captain Pangolinus of the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet recording. This will be a quick entry because i have to rush back to the shipyards to over see the construction of my new battle fleet. Kawashita seems to be deploying drones on Aeristus. Deploying jet propelled MANTIS Drone. Landed. Terminating enemy target. Success! // End Log. Sorry for the lack of renders. This wasn't my planned build for this week. I had another built, but my camera wouldn't upload. C&C appreciated!
  6. LittleJohn

    [M - C04] Exploring Aeristus

    Location: C04-Aeristus Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer After getting the lava samples from Mynderis, I was sent to explore the plains of Aeristus, using my new C-1 speeder. It was a relief to see there weren't any ferocious aliens for once... They wanted me to analyze the dirt and plants there, so I got out some gizmos and gadgets from the back of my speeder and went to work. A few more shots of the build: More pics here: Link C&C welcome
  7. aeralure

    [K - C04] Flying Crane

    Location: C04, Aeristus Tags: Kawashita, Spaceship, Airplane, Aeristus, C04 :: Start Transmission :: Commander Turtle: Aera? We're encountering tougher resistance than anticipated on Aeristus. Can the Murasame join us here? We could use the help! Aera Lure: I'll let Captain Voss know. Hopefully we can get there in time. :: End Transmission :: Murasame bridge Aera Lure: Captain. Commander Turtle has requested our assistance on Aeristus. Captain Voss: Hmm. Well we're in range and our current mission is not critical. Is your team ready for combat? Aera Lure: They are, sir. Captain Voss: Very well then. Aeristus it is! Get your pilots ready. Aera Lure: Yes sir! Murasame briefing room Aera Lure: You have all exceeded expectations in the training runs at The Fascini Cluster and have scored the highest among the other officers. You'll now be a member of my flight. Darek Tallus: Yes sir! Kari Sweet: Yes sir! Rei Kazama: [ yes sir! ] Aera Lure: ... Aera Lure: Ensign, why are you wearing your helmet to the briefing? Rei Kazama: [ The Shōkaku hit some pretty high Gs at Fascini so I thought I'd tighten my helmet strap, but now I can't get it off! Sir. ] Aera Lure: ... Aera Lure: What about your visor? Rei Kazama: [ Well, about that... ] Aera Lure: Ok, never mind, Ensign. Carry on! Rei Kazama: [ Yes sir! ] Kawashita KS-47 Shōkaku (翔鶴, “Flying Crane”) :: Aera's Diary :: 13 Julali 3815 1232 hours Having just completed a training mission in The Fascini Cluster, we were called in at the last minute to Aeristus to support the fighting there. The Murasame came into low orbit and I took my newly formed team on a flight patrol in the Shōkaku we used among the asteroids. M.A.N.T.I.S. is a tough opponent, so I hope they're ready. The Shōkaku's superior maneuverability may give them the edge they need. :: Technical Notes :: The Kawashita KS-47 Shōkaku (翔鶴, “Flying Crane”) is a long serving fighter in the Kawashita fleet. Originally meant as a replacement to the Flying Crane, the Kawashita KS-78 Reppū (烈風, "Strong Gale") developed instead into a heavier armed strike fighter. While the Strong Gale boasts more firepower and tougher armor, the Flying Crane still has the edge in maneuverability and is favored by some veteran pilots for one-on-one combat. The Flying Crane can still be seen on the front lines in most Kawashita air superiority missions. There is a rumor that a true successor to the Flying Crane is in development, but most consider it unlikely.
  8. Umbra-Manis

    [M-C04] No Tolerance

    Tags: M.A.N.T.I.S. Land Vehicle Aeristus Open Audio/Visual Log: This is Pangolinus. For the past several weeks the alliance between Kawshita and Octan has become obvious. Therefore I have been sent to deal with them at a diplomatic meeting. There's a few Kawshita Guards. Makes some sense because its there facility, but kind of pretentious for a planet they haven't dominated yet. One Octan Rep has been spotted enjoying his Chicken. The Kawashita Rep is enjoying his chicken.....As well as some of the more exotic pleasures of life. Time for me to make my entrance. I wonder why they didn't put a roof on this thing yet.... Anyway. TIME TO DEAL WITH THESE DIRTY @#$%*%& SCUMBAGS! *SMASH* *CRASH* *Machine Gun Fire* *Snapping Bones* Who's Next? Cone on out Octan and Kawshita! I've got your woman and your dead guards! Octan: You assured me this planet was safe! Now save your woman Honorably like your little code dictates and get me out of here! Kawshita: I....I Don't know how. Bug got your tongue? Too late. *RIIIIIIIIIIIP* Exotic Woman: AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!! NOW for the rest of you! Aw crap there goes my mic. Now I won't have audio for their deaths. Octan: We will be worth a ransom! Your corporation can pay a ransom for remains just as well. Mission Complete. C&C Welcome! The mech by itself.
  9. Big Sal

    [M - C04] Experiment L2C04

    Unfortunately I didn't have any time to build last week, so this week's build is a special double length episode. Hope it's not too much! Location: C04 Tags: Civil, Science, Building. Interrogation Room 1, M.A.N.T.I.S. Supply Ship, Sorn orbit, 6 Julali 3815. …and then I swam all the way back to M.A.N.T.I.S. territory! Very impressive! Chief Accountant Long! Come to hear about my heroic escape from Kawashita captivity? I’m afraid I just finished my debriefing… I’ll read the report of your little vacation later Sal. I’m here to give you your next assignment. Vacation?! I was brutally tortured! M.A.N.T.I.S. Employee Handbook Chapter 3 Section 12 Subsection 14 Line 6 clearly states that time spent in enemy captivity comes out of your holiday entitlement. WHAT?? It encourages a speedy escape. Anyway, enough chitchat. I’ve noticed that we’re currently spending over 0.0000001% of the budget on daily anti-histamines for employee hay fever. This is an unacceptable inefficiency and I want it fixed by next week. You want me to cure hay fever? In a week?? Yes. Though by the time you get to Aeristus you’ll have five days. Your ship is waiting. But… Excerpt from the lab book of Big Sal: Experiment Code: L2C04. Laboratory: Laboratory Outpost 2, Aeristus. Lead Scientist: Big Sal. Aim: Find a permanent cure for hay fever. Date: 8 Julali 3815. Subject number: 001. Subject hay fever symptoms: Excessive sweating. Attempted treatment: Laser nose surgery. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Just hold still and stop being such a baby! Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 9 Julali 3815. Subject number: 002. Subject hay fever symptoms: Rapid drowsiness. Attempted treatment: Ingestion of awesomnium enhanced larvae. Wow, all these larvae for me? And it’s not even Friday! Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 10 Julali 3815. Subject number: 003. Subject hay fever symptoms: Swelling of eyes and face. Attempted treatment: Direct awesomnium serum injection. This will really cure my hay fever? You’ve tested it before? Oh sure, we’ve had spectacular results with it in the past… Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 11 Julali 3815. Subject number: 004. Subject hay fever symptoms: Bloodshot eyes. Attempted treatment: Massive exposure to alien flora. I really don't see how this will work… Chief Accountant Long will be here tomorrow expecting a cure! You got any better ideas? Treatment outcome: Failure. --- Date: 12 Julali 3815. Subject number: 005. Subject hay fever symptoms: Extreme paleness. Attempted treatment: Psychosomatic therapy via the Persuadomatic. You do not suffer from hay fever. You have never suffered from hay fever. You especially don’t suffer from hay fever today. I completely agree! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What’s happening to me! I don’t suffer from hay fever! I've never suffered from hay fever! I especially don't suffer from hay fever today! Shhhhh! That’s Long’s ship landing! I’ll have to go up and meet her… but maybe if I leave the Persuadomatic on I can convince her I’ve found a cure… Treatment outcome: Failure. Excerpt ends. Chief Accountant Long! How lovely to see you! Right this way! Is that the Persuadomatic? Why yes it is! A wonderful invention of mine, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, it’s actually very impressive... Praise! I think it’s working! ...of course, as soon as I heard that it actually worked I took the antidote. Damn it! Now, I believe you were going to demonstrate the hay fever cure? Um… yes. The subjects are outside in the grass and you’ll see that they’re completely cured. Voila! They’re all wearing helmets. Helmets are even more expensive than anti histamines Sal, this better not be your idea of a cure. Hahaha… uh, no, of course not! It’s just, uh, the berries from that tree are quite heavy and if they fall, well… as you know, employee health and safety is my number one priority! Yes. Helmets off please. You see? Cured! Hmmm, good work Sal. Achoo! Damn it! Goodbye Sal. You’re to stay here on Aeristus until you’ve found a cure. But… Phew! Comments and criticism welcome! A couple more pics in the spoiler.
  10. Gnewal Gwevus

    [M - C04] Mano a mano

    Private Gnarl Graves had been deployed on the grassy world of Aeristus. He was tasked with some of the typical grunt work that befell him, such as standing guard, shooting Big Sal's rampant toxic lab rats, cleaning out the blasters, etc. While occupied by such a task, Gnarl Graves heard a rustling in the grasses. An unexpected noise could only mean one thing... an imminent attack! Gnarl swiftly leapt into action, drawing his sword at the surprised Kawashita agent! He likely suspected he could sneak up on the heavily armored Private... but he was wrong! The two armed combatants stared intensely at eachother, each waiting cobra-like for the perfect chance to strike. Needless to say... an epic sword fight ensued! Made this while messing around with some pick a brick parts. Hopefully I'll do something cool with them later on, haha.
  11. Commander Turtle

    [K - C04] Mystery of the Ancestors part 1

    Tags: Exploration Planet: C04 Aeristus On the grasslands of Aeristus... Why exactly am I exploring with this and not the Hummingbird? Because that's what our orders were. You always say I shouldn't question authority, Commander! You shouldn't question my authority, Sonja! Because I'm always right. Question other people. ~~~~ I have found something bizarre. It appears to be ruins, of some kind. They're very old, must be at least 50 years old. Or a hundred. I have no idea, I'm not an archaeologist! Sonja? There are little relics of people. This makes no sense, there were no people here before. Send a report through to HQ, this needs more investigation. Commander, you're not going to like this. HQ say to abandon mission immediately. You are not to collect any samples. You're right I don't like that! What are they thinking? They also say you must attend a formal debrief at Orinshi. I don't like this, not one bit. I'm going to bring a sample for Fabian. Commander- I know what they said. To be continued... Trying my hand at making something decaying. Definitely an area I want to get better at, I envy the builders who make decay look easy and natural. C&C welcome.