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  1. Why Orna the woman have no breast? I understand she don't need a bra cos she lost something, but that should be 18+.
  2. Stelario

    Wurm Welcome

    Thanks all for the kind words. I was thinking how to use this "wheels" from few years, I have few other ideas and I hope sooner or later I will be able to present them. From years I'm planing to build a large display but now I decided it can't be empty and I will have to build some monsters anyway. So Im trying to focus on them. :) That's my second monster and I can say I'm quite happy about the look and I will definitely keep it. As Aanchir said we need go out of the box and create some "new" fantasy monsters, so it won't be boring.
  3. Stelario

    Wurm Welcome

    Have a Wurm day.
  4. Stelario

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Yes I know about this horses unfortunately i didn't need them that time. If someone is building not a historical army but fantasy one he can easily use some other animals. Shame that camels and elephants aren't available any more but still there are new cats this year. :)
  5. Stelario

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    To be honest I'm not so sure. I mean in Castle 2014 we had 6 new torsos? 3 black dragons and 3 other, 2 armors and 2 horse pijamas? Then 90% of people will use probably only 1 faction? We will end up with dozen of armies made from 3 minifigs. :D Don't undestand me wrong that's normal way of doing it, but I started building my army 2 years ago which was after they stop selling last castle. I have about XXX dark dragons but my total number of minifigs is still 10x bigger. If someone want to build an army he can find "castle" armies anywhere. There are figs in Star Wars, Super Heros. Nexo and my favorite Ninjago which even partially resemble medieval warriors. The main and only problem at the moment is lack of horses. Which is really annoying.
  6. Stelario

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I see that after forum update there is almost no post here. Anyone know on which forum/website moved this weiner measuring contest ?
  7. Stelario

    [Review] 10255 Assembly Square

    Few years old flowers are interested parts for You? Seriously.
  8. Stelario


    That's what the peasants did until 12-th century. They harnessed their wives and ploughed the land!
  9. Stelario

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    The details like tree, birdcage are making this build really exceptional. I would personally go with blue water as trans-clear look to similar to LBG street.
  10. Stelario

    CCC XIV - Archery Tournament

    Wall is nice but the the hanging bags are the best. I really like the look of it.
  11. Stelario

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    Awesome build. I really like the roofs, and the stands. The build is nicely balanced and it's not overcrowded by minifigs.
  12. Stelario

    Chronicles of dirt-poor farmer of- dirt.

    Thereare 2 travises, (brick 1x1 with 4 knobs) inside each sheep, rest is just shaping. :)
  13. And so on.... Full Gallery This is MOC was presented as a part of 25m2 diorama at two exhibitions in Warsaw and Radzionków and can be seen on 1 upcoming one. :) MOC consist of: 2x4 BP Farm - based on Farm :) 2x2 BP Tree - based on Ellcrys from The Shannara Chronicles. In near future I'm planing to add extra 2x4 BP of Farm, unfortunately I'm still waiting for some pieces that supposed to come "one day" :P. The tree will be moved to the forest section where it will overlook over other trees.