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  1. wokajablocka

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    75097 Star Wars Advent Calendar picked up for $29 at Kmart in Minto NSW. I had to scan it twice to make sure it was true, very good price. I was on my motorcycle and I could only buy one copy as i didn't have enough room in my bag for two so I only picked up one. Might go back fo another one this week if they are still available at that price.
  2. wokajablocka

    A half ton of Lego

    What a collection, that makes mine look like a few bags of elemnts, I have collection evny. Without full set list and competion rates its very hard to price. What is the guy willing to take? if you can get it for $5 per lb its okay. on a bulk collection that big I would try to barging down another dollar or two per lb.
  3. wokajablocka

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    I went to Big w on the weekend and spent a bit. I wanted the Quick E Mart but both stores I vistited did not have them, sold out already. They both had the Simpsons house so I asked the manager if I could get the house for the same prices as the Quick E Mart and he said yes and got it for $268. Still not as good as 20% off but a saving is a saving. I also picked up the new falcon and Tie Fighter and I scanned my Woolworhts card and it offered me another $20 for a Star Wars promotion. Allup I paid for $521. One guy at the Big W store said 'If its worth it' to LAYBY sets to make sure you have them avaliable and when the 20% sale is on cancel the Layby for $12 and then buy all the sets for 20% off. Could be worh it for those rare expesive sets like the Simpsons and UCS. More than the discount it makes sure the set is avalble when you want to buy it. I also poped into Target to grab some of those Lego Movie sets at a 30% discount, Bennies Spaceship was a steal at $104. Also picked up Meatal Beards Duel, Bad cops persuit and Emmets Constuct-o-mech. At 30% off I should have got them all. They had 76023 The Tumbler and almost bought that but might do my layby trick.
  4. Apart from Lego I want a FX lightsaber. Here I am showing it off as a Christmas ornament. Thanks Cop Mike for the awesome raffle again.
  5. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    H Hey Rufus, Also noticed licences items on the following entries: 32 Star Wars Imperial Scout helmet 35 and 55 use the Toy Story army men helmet 37 Star Wars Imperial helmet 66 Toy Story Buzz wings 120 Star Wars astromech head 220 Sponge Bob bun 235 Star Wars Battle droid heads Probably too late but I thought I would note what I noticed.
  6. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    4. Devid (1 Vote) 22. Traples (1 Vote) 26. MSX80 (1 Vote) 34. Tobigo (1 Vote) 53. Brother Steven (1 Vote) 122. Mr Brickman (1 Vote) 124. Jarren (1 Vote) 174. 501 (1 Vote) 206. Cara (1 Vote)
  7. wokajablocka

    MOC Jango Fett minifig

    That is an awesome creation to be built when your only 10. As Brickdoctor said its old school with the blockyness (perfectionist try to go smooth and stud-less) but pretty accurate. Welcome back from your dark ages. I did notice he is missing the brown line down his butt
  8. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    I'm interested if the printed eye elements are OK or not? I just keep away from any printed or licensed part as this is how I interpreted the rules, and to make sure I was not disqualified at all. Plenty of people are using them and they are a great printed element but a lot of people are going to be disappointed if they are not allowed.
  9. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    Looking through the great entries so far I have noticed that a few people are using Printed and Licensed parts as well as making the turtles larger than the 8x8 footprint (height excepted), people need to read the rules carefully. Not to take anything away from the their builds as some are amazing, people need to be aware that they will be disqualified from the finial voting. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! If you unsure about your build read the rules again very carefully, double check your creation. If your still unclear read though this topic if you question has been answered and if all else fails ask the question in this thread.
  10. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    M.A.D Turtle (Mobile Air Defence) This mobile fully armered Anti-Aircraft turtle is equiped 360 degrese rotating turret with twin 50's, Anti aircraft cannon and SAM easily able to take down enemy space craft as high as 50km in the Stratosphere. The M.A.D Turtle may be slow to mobilze but once fully equiped they 'shell' can take a beating. More pics on Flickr.
  11. wokajablocka

    Contest Turtle Contest - Discussion Thread

    I have read through the posts and im still a little unsure if we can have wapons on our turtle? I asume we can as other members have posted weapons and there has been no commnets about them.
  12. wokajablocka

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Finally the Lego Movie has come to Australian shores. I watched it in 3D on Satuerday night and its the best movice I have seen in years. I tryed to keep away from all the reviews so it didnt spoil the movie for me and im glad I did. So many funny puns and lego refrences. Im glad to see Star Wars making the cut after they where not included in the master builders (the space worm eating them was awesome). For anyone reading this forum must have a love of Lego and is a must see for all, you wont be disapointed. Toy Story again but in Lego. Your so right Artanis I, I will see you there on tight megablocks Tuesday.
  13. wokajablocka

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    New Sandcrawler is a much better improvement over the last one. As a set I own the predecessor was a good set for its time. TLG have done a wonderful job of recreating this iconic vehicle. The colours are much better and has a vast improvement in playability. Not exactly a UCS but price and part count qualify for UCS. New figs are a great addition to any star wars set, I'm sick of repeats across multiple sets. I'm interested to see the new instructions format, and are they going to be bind, ring or plain booklet? The new Jawa's look good with 2 versions but no capes? Luke's head seem off with too many lines and what's that mole doing there above his lip??? And why does Luke come with a lightsaber? The new treadmill is an improvement from the last. If the price does not stop me buying this set I will adding this to my collection ASAP. looking at over $500 AUS for it its going to take a big chunk from my wallet.
  14. wokajablocka

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hey bjorn77, I would pick this up is you can get it at $150. I bought it when it came out and was very pleased with the build and final product. I was only disappointed with the lack of functions as when they announced that R2 is coming to AFOL's in UCS form I was expecting power functions or at least a sound brick. But alas we didn't get it . Once built I enjoyed the build process with interesting techniques and as Fuppylodders said its a nice display size and dose look great out on display. I own over 100 SW Lego sets and this is one of my favourite, only UCS R2 and the UCS Imperial Shuttle are on display and the rest are packed away in storage. Hope this helps make your decision.
  15. wokajablocka

    Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    Looks sweet Bob, how often do you actually build with physical bricks? From memory most of you builds are in LDD.