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  1. I suspect the razor crest will be in higher demand than the AT-AT if that makes any difference to your decision.
  2. I'd love for it to be based on palpatine's arrival, it'd be a way to get the arm printed Vader without having to buy another final duel since I own the previous one. That said, the final duel would have more or less the same figures, save for maybe Jerjerrod or a shuttle pilot in place of Luke, so they might not do that combination of figures for the sake of the final duel.
  3. Makin Bacon

    [WIP] [MOC] Clone Wars Y wing

    I've been looking forward to someone making a republic y-wing in the style and scale of Jerac's, and this is looking very intricate and well done! The only thing I would change, and it really is a minor detail and matter of preference, is that I would find a way to add some sort of trans-pink parts onto the very back of the nacelles, as that is where the exhausts of the TCW model are.
  4. Aside from the movement restrictions, I think the new stormtrooper helmet is amazing and far more accurate to the films. It took some time to grow on me, admittedly, but after having some of my own and seeing them in person as opposed to lego's promo pics, they look fantastic! The movement doesn't bother me too much either, since the old mold wasn't really able to turn a significant amount either.
  5. another thing about the rebel pilot helmets is that, unlike resistance helmets, they have chinstraps. Because of this, I think the printed pilot faces are still the best solution we can get to uphold accuracy
  6. Makin Bacon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    obviously she's standing in the battle of naboo!
  7. I actually really like the new stormtrooper helmets. The only gripe I have is that the ability to turn them side to side is almost non-existent, but you didn't get an awful lot with the old mold either. I think the dual molded details for the mouth and eyes add a lot of depth, and the black rim that goes around the bottom not only covers up the exposed flesh head of a minifigure, but is also accurate to canon. I was quite hesitant when the first pictures came out of them, but I have to excuse that as a case of bad photography since irl and in many people's mocs they look amazing.
  8. Makin Bacon

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    The "turtle shell" piece only comes in trans neon orange
  9. Makin Bacon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    God I hope not
  10. Makin Bacon

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I bought the set mainly for Zuckuss and to use some parts to modify my UCS slave one, but I built it and I must have kept it in one piece for at least a month (which is very rare when buying sets just for figs/pieces) before slowly picking away when necessary. The build is great, it has a nice technic structure to help achieve some angles and it looks quite a lot like a smaller version of the UCS model.
  11. I'm almost (almost) upset that I bought RichBoyJhae's instructions a few weeks ago, because this new walker looks beautiful, and the updated Veers is definitely the star of the crowd in the minifig selection. An odd choice to me is that they seem to have "updated" the AT-AT drivers to have black imperial cogs on their helmets, even though in the movie they're clearly red.
  12. Makin Bacon

    X-Wing gearbox

    I've recently been modifying Lego's 2018 X-Wing model (though at this point, it'll be more of a moc than a mod) and I've been having issues with the gears. I want to eliminate the usage of rubber bands entirely, and I've been having trouble finding a mechanism that works without being wobbly. The wings will neither stay open nor closed and I was wondering if anyone who specializes in technic mechanisms or who has built an X-Wing of their own could offer some advice or designs of a gearbox that will keep the wings open/closed without wobbling.
  13. Makin Bacon

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Apologies for being out of the loop (I don't have the parts list nor the instructions for this model) but if part 4215b is required in reddish brown, it is several times less expensive to buy them in the old brown color. Additionally, part 60581 is available in reddish brown for significantly lower prices as well, and is almost exactly the same part.
  14. Makin Bacon

    [MOC] Separatist NR-N99 Tank Droid

    Oh, wow! Do you have any plans to build this in real bricks? I think it'd be most impressive
  15. Makin Bacon

    [MOC] Separatist NR-N99 Tank Droid

    Do the treads actually work or are they just aesthetic? From the pictures posted, I can't make out any technic gears or mechanisms, so I was curious as to if there were some in the "tail" of the tank. Regardless of function, you've built quite a remarkable vehicle, and I especially like the usage of the 1x1 clips on the flex tubing.