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  1. This is impressive, it's always fun to see minifigure scaled versions of such large ships. I love the shapes you've pulled off, especially the larger bends and curves
  2. it would appear as though the updated printing on pilot Luke's torso is very reminiscent of the design used for the sandspeeder pilots, but in orange.
  3. I've got to agree with you there
  4. if I were to guess, the new mold was too big and impractical and prevented cockpit canopies from closing in both the 4+ X-Wing as well as lego's beloved snowspeeder
  5. Makin Bacon

    75218 X-wing MOD

    do you have any instructions for that nose mod?
  6. there is a HUGE difference between every single one of these "mistakes" and changing the colour of a lightsaber on a figure that has had a different coloured lightsaber for what, 20 years? Everything you've listed is either an error made due to the set being designed based on concept art rather than the final product, a choice made to realistically sell the set at the right piece count/price they're asking for, or something so minor that it's not a mistake at all, but rather laziness
  7. I'm starting to have quite a distaste for the mob mentality every time lego has done one of these polls
  8. I suspect that's exactly the case since all of the recent towball parts have been DBG, with all the recent sockets being done in LBG
  9. From looking at it and the Biggs Darklighter on my desk, the differences appear to be as follows -The white vest appears smaller/squarer, with the white printing being better, though this may not be the case with the minifigure in person -The panel on the front appears bluer, slightly askew, and the tube running from it goes the opposite direction and goes back up to the torso rather than down the legs -some additional lines on the jumpsuit -4 "flares" on the right leg as opposed to 3 -flare strap appears to be brown, was previously dark bluish grey -more details on the harness around the legs Everything else appears to just be slight differences of the same details
  10. Damn did they really update the x-wing pilot torso but neglect to put snowspeeder pilots in the past what, three hoth sets? Aside from that though, this x-wing looks great! They don't seem to have sacrificed much in terms of size, and the detail is still for the most part on par with the last one. In a few areas, I'd say it's even better!
  11. regarding earlier conversations about the notable mandalorian set candidates all needing the mandalorian himself in them
  12. Makin Bacon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    is it just me or has lego used the newish 1 x 1 inverted bracket on the front of the speeder in light bluish grey? Aside from beskar Mando, that may be my new favourite part of the set!
  13. Death Star Final Duel as well as the Bespin Duel
  14. between mando and Vader, I'm really appreciating the arm printing Lego has been giving us as of late. I'm not going to start expecting it, but it is nice on figures where it feels necessary. The cynical side of me is now worried, however, about the people who will complain that lego won't release an army builder set full of arm printed clone troopers.
  15. Twitter, for um, strange reasons