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  1. a_h_adl

    [MOC] Family House

    I was trying to clean my monitor!
  2. a_h_adl

    Modular buildings question, how many?

    And here is another proof:
  3. This is a nice example of comparing studded vs studless LEGO sets
  4. I was raised with 733, it was not a Technic set but as you said it kicks the imagination. I'm sure it was that set which made me a mechanical engineer and now I'm an exclusive LEGO Technic fan with about 200 sets.
  5. Thanks Paul for your nice and special travelog, your sense of humour rocks! By the way, I'm curios to know what was the typical production rate of the small and large parts?
  6. See? ideas are developing! if it's a coffee cup it needs to have a heater as well
  7. The top image of each year is taking way more than any individual set pictures to load. At the moment Technicopedia is not available to check it but surely that's because of it's huge file size and if you compress the top image (and still it will be high-quality because of its high resolution) you will save a lot of bandwidth each month for sure. Same goes to the animations. I'm not sure it you've tried to optimized them or not but if you haven't, it definitely worth a try.
  8. I just bought a 5571 set as new with broken seals. I want to check if what I will receive is complete and all of the sealed bags and possible non-bagged individual parts are exist in the box as the box is open. Generally in this occasions I use brickshelf folders, set reviews or even YouTube unboxing or general videos to find out what should I expect inside the box. But unfortunately these ways don’t work for 5571 Giant Truck as all of the reviews I found have been done based on the second hand sets. So I don’t know how many sealed bags are there in the box and what else should I expect other than sealed bags apart from the wheels and tires. As I don’t want to build the set in the near future and I want to keep the sealed bags unopened or a while, I want to ask you guys if you know any source to check the 5571 contents or if any of you currently owns a 5571 set with sealed bags, please tell me the number of the bags and any other individual parts included in the box. Cheers
  9. I used to get every sets plus 2 x flagship one. So this year I need to purchase 2 x (Porsche + Claas Xerion + Bucket Wheel Excavator)!!!
  10. 8458 MINT in sealed box for only 200€!!! :cry_happy: