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Found 13 results

  1. My entry for the crane contest will be a Kenworth K100 with X outriggers in 16studs width scale. I doesnt want make a scale model of an existing crane so you and me will be maybe surprised. 100_1584 by Michael Wirth, auf Flickr
  2. TC8 Folding Crane (not yet finished) I think it's about time to show what I have been secretly working on in the past weeks. It's not done yet, but it's getting there and I feel that this time, things might just work out. As you can see, it's not finished. The biggest question mark right now for me is, where to put the winch that will unfold the jib. There's no room anywhere! :D Of course, I'll be showing the unfolded state later (when everything works). So, what does it do? The carrier has two functions: 1. steering on all axles, driven from a gear on the back. Central axle has half the angle of the other two. 2. outriggers, all connected, driven from a gear on the back. Outriggers are the same system as those in 8460. There's no engine - no room. Slewing the superstructure is the same mechanism as 8421 - manual. The superstructure has two winches. 1. lifting the main boom 2. extending the main boom Both are worm-driven, to prevent backdriving. A third winch has to be fitted somewhere to unfold the jib. This will probably end up somewhere on the boom - there's no space on the supersturcutre to add a third worm-driven winch. Unless, maybe, I sacrifice the paneling. Last jib section has to be put on by hand. The actual crane winch and hook are also still to do. Might be that I make the last jib section a bit shorter to keep things in proportion a bit. Also, the controls for the crane winch might also be simple and close to the function itself. Controlling everything from the base is simply not possible. Sets do this too, so I don't see it as a problem. Building a decently-working folding crane is high on my wish-list for quite some time (think years), so I really hope I can get everything to work this time. I all goes well, I might do instructions (but without the strings). I keep a digital file, which tells me I'm at about 1400 parts right now. Any tips are welcome, especially as to where to put that winch :P
  3. Technic Crane Contest The crane contest proved to be very hard. Less contestants than usual, but still a lot of very nice entries. Well done to all of you. Here are the results: 1st Kenworth K100 Crane Truck by Efferman Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Efferman's first medal....and what a nice one! Congratulations with your Gold Medal. 2nd Jerfeds Hamnkran by DavSod Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Only 6 posts and already a Silver Medal! Congratulations. Can't wait to see more of your work! 3rd UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane by JamesJT Entry Topic - Discussion Topic Congratulations with yet another Bronze Medal. You seem to be collecting them CONTEST INFORMATION Name: Technic Crane Contest Start Date: 07-09-2015 Entries: 18 Valid voters: 108 Total points: 2808 Members participating (building and/or voting): 112 CONTEST RESULTS 1. Kenworth K100 Crane Truck - 471 Points (77 votes) efferman (entry 1) 2. Jerfeds Hamnkran - 358 Points (76 votes) DavSod (entry 6) 3. UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane - 277 Points (72 votes) JamesJT (entry 9) 4. Liebherr LTC 1045 - 268 Points (57 votes) Milan (entry 16) 5. Gantry Crane - 253 Points (54 votes) paave (entry 5) 6. Folding Crane - 226 Points (53 votes) Erik Leppen (entry 12) 7. Mammoth 8x8 All Terrain Mobile Crane - 220 Points (44 votes) Zblj (entry 3) 8. Dock Container Crane - 173 Points (48 votes) Doc_Brown (entry 10) 9. Ancient Greek Crane - 123 Points (38 votes) rhplus (entry 15) 10. Liebherr LR1100 D - 112 Points (37 votes) fabione (entry 17) 11. Terex Luffing Jib Tower Crane - 104 Points (31 votes) Doug72 (entry 2) 12. Grove Shuttlelift CD3339 - 92 Points (20 votes) lindr6 (entry 4) 13. Modular Crawler Crane - 40 Points (10 votes) Sir Wolf (entry 13) 14. Trailer Crane - 33 Points (10 votes) Ludo Visser (entry 14) 15. 6-Axle Mobile Crane - 30 Points (12 votes) kubic (entry 7) 16. Grove Trailer Crane - 14 Points (4 votes) aminnich (entry 18) 17. Big Ol' Red Pipelayer - 10 Points (3 votes) MacKaiwer (entry 11) 18. Crawler Crane with a Three Stage Boom - 4 Points (2 votes) Epic Technic (entry 8) Total Points: 2808 VOTERS 1. 2LegoOrNot2Lego... (Joined: 25-10-2010) 2. a_h_adl (Joined: 08-10-2014) 3. ADMartin (Joined: 22-08-2015) 4. agrof (Joined: 23-06-2012) 5. Alasdair Ryan (Joined: 22-11-2009) 6. Aleksa (Joined: 01-09-2015) 7. allanp (Joined: 15-09-2006) 8. aminnich (Joined: 13-06-2013) 9. AndroTech (Joined: 08-06-2010) 10. arik (Joined: 16-07-2013) 11. aTom336 (Joined: 28-06-2015) 12. AxelKang (Joined: 12-01-2014) 13. Baelyrn (Joined: 24-08-2013) 14. bj51 (Joined: 19-08-2014) 15. bord4kop (Joined: 06-10-2010) 16. braker23 (Joined: 22-10-2014) 17. brunojj1 (Joined: 17-10-2012) 18. BusterHaus (Joined: 19-07-2014) 19. captainmib (Joined: 06-08-2011) 20. cehtunger (Joined: 07-01-2015) 21. chi65 (Joined: 09-01-2011) 22. chubays (Joined: 15-01-2015) 23. Cristian (Joined: 23-04-2015) 24. Cumulonimbus (Joined: 06-06-2011) 25. 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  4. Hi all, I really wanted to participate in TC8 (actually, also TC7), but time is not on my side. As an attempt to make me work harder, I present here my work in progress. Hopefully I can get some constructive feedback that I can incorporate in the few hours I have left this week. I actually was working on a small-scale front axle with Ackerman geometry and thinking about what to build around it, when this contest was announced. I then got inspired by the Grove trailer crane that aminnich was also used as source for his entry. Anyway, I present here: A three-axle trailer X-shape outriggers 3-part extendable boom A tractor to pull it As you can see in the crappy photo's below, I still have a lot of work to do: Cabin for the truck Crane upper structure Figure something out to extend the wire when extending the boom (wish-list item) Finish the trailer front part Make better photo's (with so little time left I just grabbed my phone to shoot some quick shots) The photo's are cropped by Bricksafe and I don't know how to fix that. On the originals you might be able to see more details, like the full boom. Comments welcome.
  5. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I would like to present my possible TC8 entry and WIP of a Liebherr LR 1300. Link to reference image (Way too large for eurobricks); Functions so far; Motorized through a distribution gearbox, 5 winches Slewing Drive (hopefully through a subtractor) Manual, Cabin rotation from transport mode to operating mode. Pneumatic cabin elevation. On the to do list, Complete opposite side and counterweight area. Design main and rear booms, and luffing jib. Build base and crawlers, while hopefully maintaining the ability to separate crawlers from chassis. Build wheeled super-lift. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~John P.S. Please excuse any typos/incorrect words, I am completely exhausted from work today.
  6. Technic Crane Contest This topic will be used as a voting topic for the Technic Crane Contest. Voting will be open for at variable period of time. There's no fixed closing date. Closing date will most likely be somewhere between one and two weeks. VOTING RULES AND REGULATIONS Voting scheme uses the old Formula One style point distribution (10, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 POINT) You need to assign 10 points to the 1st place, 6 points to the second and so one. You need to vote for 6 ENTRIES (no more, no less) Clearly mention the ENTRY NUMBER and the NUMBER OF POINTS per entry that you vote on. If you joined Eurobricks after the start of the contest, you can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected) You may NOT vote for your own entry. In the event of a tie for any place the Technic Staff will decide which entry wins. Our decision is final. Questions about voting can be asked in the Technic Crane Contest - Information Topic. For example (entries randomly chosen): --- comments can be placed above the votes 5: 10 (no comments here please) 6: 6 1: 4 9: 3 7: 2 3: 1 Or comments can be placed below the votes ---- NOTES Please use this exact notation NUMBER: VOTES (with a colon). Please don't type #1:10, 1 = 10 or 1) 10 or other notations. Stick to the example format shown above. Please use this thread only for voting. You may explain why you made your choice, but any general discussion should take place in the Information Topic. Comments should be placed ABOVE or BELOW the votes. Please don't comment on the same line as the votes. ENTRIES All entries can be found in the entry thread: Please visit the entry topic to see all entries. 1. Kenworth K100 Crane Truck @ efferman 2. Terex Luffing Jib Tower Crane @ Doug72 3. Mammoth 8x8 All Terrain Mobile Crane @ Zblj 4. Grove Shuttlelift CD3339 @ lindr6 5. Gantry Crane @ paave 6. Jerfeds Hamnkran @ DavSod 7. 6-Axle Mobile Crane @ kubic 8. Crawler Crane with a Three Stage Boom @ Epic Technic 9. UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane @ JamesJT 10. Dock Container Crane @ Doc_Brown 11. Big Ol' Red Pipelayer @ MacKaiwer 12. Folding Crane @ Erik Leppen 13. Modular Crawler Crane @ Sir Wolf 14. Trailer Crane @ Ludo Visser 15. Ancient Greek Crane @ rhplus 16. Liebherr LTC 1045 @ Milan 17. Liebherr LR1100 D @ fabione 18. Grove Trailer Crane @ aminnich Good luck!
  7. Grove Shuttlelift CD3339: (This is the 3340 version, not the 3339, but they are very similar) My inspiration for this little crane is that I see it working on a bridge crossing the Mississippi river on my commute to work. It is constantly busy lifting this and that down to the crews working below the road deck. The first time I saw this little crane, I instantly knew I wanted to model it in lego technic, so I added it to my list of MOCs to create. This contest was just what I needed to convince me to start the project. Here is my version of this little crane, in 1:10 scale: Here are the functions: 1 Servo motor for 4 wheel steering (also turns the steering wheel in the cabin). 1 XL motor powering the wheels. This thing is 4 wheel drive implemented using 3 differentials 1 Large motor for lowering the four stabilizers (one on each corner). 1 Medium motor for rotating the boom structure. 1 Large motor for raising/lowering the boom. 1 Medium motor for extending the boom. 1 Medium motor powering the winch to raise/lower the hook. 1 PF Lights used for headlights. More pictures and a video to come. I also plan to share some retrospective on this build.
  8. Here is my WIP for TC8. I'm building a modular crawler crane in the style of Fuwa QUY400A. The crane can be assembled with or without the mast, the main boom can be either with a jib or without. For this purpose I'm building it in a modular way, so that I can change configuration. Here is some of my progress so far. Here is my modular boom, that I'm going to build several times. This is the placeholder for my base, while I work on the boom http://www.brickshel...0912_170045.jpg This is the "foot" of the boom. The pishpin is used to put the next section of the boom in place while the 3L axels are pushed in to loch the section in to place (I have a pic of that later). http://www.brickshel...0912_170154.jpg This is the main boom section. I'm going to make 4 or 5 of these to build my full crane. http://www.brickshel...0912_170226.jpg Here is the connection in a closeup http://www.brickshel...0912_170251.jpg I have gotten a bit further than that, but sadly, no pics, and I'm traveling for the week :( I'm struggling with the base, since my inspiration, has the cable spools in the boom, which is very hard to do. I might just deviate from the truth and put the cable spools into the main body. Stay tuned, I'll get more progress in a week. :) (sorry no images in this post, I'm not allowed to do that [yet, I suspect and hope])
  9. So as soon as I heard about the new contest, I knew I wanted a different crane as the normal mobile ones... A quick google search for off road crane inspired me as soon as I saw this picture: More info here: http://www.ww.mainpu...ifting/6196.htm Yes, its an 8x8 off road crane with massive tyres, suspension and what-not. After fiddling in LDD and real life I came up with front suspension: As you can see, its inspired by 42043's rear axle assemby, but upgraded: - with all wheel drive - portal axles, - improved steering system - longer, harder shock absorbers - can carry A LOT of weight The steering system is my own idea (as far as i know), by using different handle and steering arms length I get different steering angles: Another thing I built are the outriggers. Because this is an off road truck, the outriggers need to be high enough not to bump into terrain, yet they have to lower enough to do their job. This is why they extend at an angle: The outriggers may look rather thin and weak, but the fact is the 13L beam and 13L rack are in a sandwich which cannot be seperated, so they can carry lot of weight, as long as you dont bend them sideways too much. Here is how the front suspension and outriggers look like together: And I already started working on the rear axle... You can see its simpler than front axle, it has more support, and its very solid. There are a total of 10 points holding the rear axle assembly: - 4x Springs - 4x Longitudal links with rubber bricks with limited longitudal movement (you need a bit of movement in order for axles to flex sideways) - 2x Panhard links which keep the axles from loosely moving sideways Also notice the drive axle on the left, thats for the fake motor drive. More info soon...
  10. Hi! The initial idea at me appeared long ago after I saw Sariel Future Plan to build Libherr 1250. There was a wish to OVERTAKE Sariel. But then I only thought up the concept and considered couple of concrete knots, without having assembled this crane. Now I will try to finish it with some redesigning. And of course it is competition so someone has to lose! And all others are too good for loss! At first I was puzzled with steering opportunity both to turn, and to go sideways (crab). Moreover I was inspired in many respects by Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane by Blakbird, gerger and others. First I planned to make two cariar options: with and without suspension and both with instructions ! But I didn't calculate the forces Here some screenshots of LDD for todays project. O!!! And EVERY outriger works separate!!! AND there still only 8 PF chanels!
  11. With everyone doing cranes for TC8, I wanted to see what the smallest crane I could make was. This isn't an entry, just for fun, took me ~5 minutes to do The wire would run from the spool to the end of the arm and attach to a hook of course...
  12. Hey all, This is the crane I'm making for the TC8 competition, a Liebherr LTF 1045 truck mounted crane, mounted to an 8x4 Scania P380 chassis. The Liebherr LTF 1045 is a crane which is factory fitted to either an 8x4 MAN, Scania, Mercedes or Volvo chassis with the crane fitted on a Kenworth T800 in the USA. It has a lifting capability of 45 tonne and a 52m boom height when fully extended. My MOC is in scale 1/16.5 and will be fully RC. The crane's boom will be approximately 1.5 metres long when all two stages are fully extended. The RC functions are: Drive: one XL motor Steering: Servo motor Stabilizers folding/unfolding: M motor Stabilizers extending/retracting: M motor Superstructure rotation: M motor Boom elevation: L or XL motor depending on space Boom extension: L motor Hook raising/lowering: M motor ‚ÄčOther functions: Stabilizers lowering/raising: Independently controlled using pneumatics Opening cab doors Tilting cab (probably) Straight six engine Full suspension ‚Äč Enough chat, time for some progress photos: Chassis with the stabilizers retracted And stabilizers extended and lowered A closeup of the stabilizer setup The main boom at its full length of 71 studs, with two stages going inside of it \ What I have of the first stage so far, not the actual design but just an indication of the extension length from just one of the stages. That is my progress so far and I am currently working on improving the stabilizer design because at the moment they are too high and bulky. I will start making better progress once I get the parts I need this weekend. I'll update this thread regularly with my progress as it comes along. As always feedback is appreciated, Cheers
  13. I just wanted to show you the status of my project for the TC8 contest. So I opted for a Fast Erecting Crane after watching from Cranes Etc on YouTube, being fascinated with the unfolding action of it, and wanting to build something different from what I've done before. It is loosely based on the Liebherr 81K, at least in regards to functions, but the looks are a bit more difficult to get right. First and foremost, this is not very Technical in terms of gears and stuff, but rather a study in truss construction (fundamental in most engineering disciplines), and using pulleys and cables (ropes) to achieve the desired functions. The main jib is close to a meter long when unfolded, but due to the truss construction and guy lines, it is pretty much perfectly straight/level, even if it's hinged only in one point. :thumbup: Like I mentioned in aminich's topic, I've had some problems to take pictures of it as it is very large when erected, but I'll try to take some tomorrow. I have a couple of pics of it in folded configuration. First, here it is on its dollies (I'll probably throw together a quick truck to go with it), all folded and ready for transport. The key function I wanted in this MOC is to have the actual foldability modeled reasonably accurate, so it will be able to go from this state to fully erected and ready for action in a manner similar to the real life counterpart. And next it is sat on its independently adjustable outriggers in the grass, waiting to be extended/unfolded: The outriggers seem to do their job.. There are four of them, in an X-configuration. I haven't done the counterweight assebly yet, but I hope five AA battery boxes will do the trick if placed correctly, as I don't have any more The main tower (yellow) has room for the inner tower (black) that is 5x5 in cross section. It extends to roughly twice the height it is in the picture. The jib consists of three parts; the black one (innermost) and two yellow ones (middle and outermost). The LBG parts are part of the guying system. I know it looks a bit messy, but trust me, it looks a lot more impressive when fully erected/extended Unfortunately, due to not having done the counterweight system yet, it would topple over if I tried to get a picture of it now. Anyway, still some issues to figure out, mostly in regards to the counterweights, but also a good solution for the hoist rope, and the trolley. Hope to have some more progress done by tomorrow!