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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing @YodaSkate Can't wait to build it!
  2. Oh woah! Nice detailing on the mini bomber! Very nice!
  3. Thanks for sharing your build too! And it so happens to be around the 1:250 scale so I could be making more!
  4. Thanks @AfolFree! I guess people won't notice much whilst the Bomber is flying within my Rebel's Fleet! I had mine made in dark red to represent Crimson Squadron (the truth is that I don't have bright blue for Cobalt Squadron, maybe I should try dark blue instead!)
  5. This is lovely! I just re-engineered yours and it looks awesome! I wonder if the bomber is of 1:250 scale so that I can add to my Rebel Fleet! :P
  6. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I guess quite a few of us have been slowly expanding the fleet too! And we cannot wait to see your new additions @mortesv!!
  7. [MOD] The Twi'lek Bombshell

    This looks lovely!
  8. [MOC] YT-2400 light freighter 1:250 scale

    Yes it does hold up quite well. Love how you used those 4081b to clip both top and bottom halves together and both halves are a tight fit, okay for a small model like this. Only suggestion that I would give is to change the direction of the 4032 plate just behind the cockpit. In the file, the studs of the 4032 plate faces the wedge plate and due to the studs, there is a big gap. I changed it so that the 4032 plate fixes onto the cockpit piece instead and the gap between the cockpit+4032 and the wedge plate is smaller. Overall, it is a nice addition!
  9. [MOC] YT-2400 light freighter 1:250 scale

    Done! Did some colour changes because I ran out of those 4x4 LBG round corner plates and the DBG round corner 2x2 macaroni bricks. Overall, I think I managed to build it and add it to my Rebel Fleet! @AfolFree Thank you once again for sharing your file with me!
  10. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    BLUE SQUADRON PILOTS 1. Starbricks: 00 (BLUE LEADER) 2. Azrielsc: 259 3. Azrielsc: 267 4. Hold0511: 86 5. Bataleon: 131 6. Lahh001: 24 7. Sheharan: 42 8. pfr: 88 9. Wargrider: 72 10. vded: 6 11. Hunter003: 20 12. sfeery: 107 13. bricksmarlin: 28 14. Syrhilla: 188 15. Freezingvettes99: 210 16. TemjinStrife: 21 17. Catevari: 424 18. Mink66: 10 19. ic3cold: 284 20. Sandtrooper: 70 The Eurobricks Blue Squadron is getting bigger!
  11. [MOC] YT-2400 light freighter 1:250 scale

    Ah hell! Haha! I opened up 2 secs ago and it asked me to update and now I could see it! Now I got to find if there is any building instructions that can be generated... Thanks buddy. Will see if I can build it tonight!
  12. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Just 2 more posts and then you can :)
  13. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    PM @EKae he should have it.
  14. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Thanks! That photo still showed 2 yellow jumpers, which I subsequently changed to dark tan and tan jumpers instead. All these new 1:250 scaled ships are making the Rebel Fleet grow really huge!
  15. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Built the Tough Barge as well with some colour substitutions! Felt that the bright yellow was too conspicuous so went with tan instead. Thanks to eKae & Krisandkris12! Now got to do up a couple more variants!