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  1. Zaktan of the Shadows

    [REVIEW]: 70787 Tahu: Master of Fire

    Again, thanks for another awesome review. Tahu has always been my favourite Toa and this is no exception. Awesome build, great colours and a look that just screams "TAHU!" I love it. This shall be my first Master. :) -ZotS
  2. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Favorite Bionicle Music! (Or least favorite)

    Either the Matoran theme or the Bionicle Heroes main theme! Lhikan's theme is amazing too. -NotS
  3. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Artakha Bull

    Woah! That's an awesome recreation of the Artakha Bull integrating CCBS. It works well and looks just like the original! Excellent job. :) -ZotS
  4. Zaktan of the Shadows

    [REVIEW]: 70789 Onua: Master of Earth

    Every 2015 BIONICLE set gets an outstanding in my book. LEGO really outdid themselves, such as they have on Onua. Great review, very informative and excellent pictures. While yes, stickers bug me, the build itself looks to be a blast and I cannot wait to add this Master of Earth to my collection. -NotS
  5. Zaktan of the Shadows

    The Toa Mata [photo series]

    Really nice photos. :) Nice composition and editing. I think it really highlights these characters and shows just how timeless the designs are. They still hold up even to this day. -NotS
  6. Zaktan of the Shadows

    [REVIEW]: 70788 Kopaka: Master of Ice

    Honestly, Kopaka may be my favourite Master. The design is amazing, the bulk is not bad and I absolutely love his mask and weapons. Thanks for the review and let 2015 come in! -ZotS
  7. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Summary of CCBS Hate

    Haha I didn't expect this when I clicked the topic. I laughed my megablocks off. xD -ZotS
  8. Zaktan of the Shadows

    [REVIEW] 70786 Gali: Master of Water

    You really know how to pose sets, VBBN. :) Great review, and my opinion on Gali has improved quite a bit upon reading it! -ZotS
  9. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Tahu looks great. All of them look great. These are, in my opinion, the most solidly-built group of Toa since the Metru. -ZotS
  10. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    DAMN I am so stoked for this. Great, high-res pics. Mmm. The Protectors all share the same mask but have some nice colours. Love the purple. Nice piece count despite them being smaller sets. New launcher looks interesting enough. The Masters though... so good! Gali and Pohatu have very blegh colour schemes, and Lewa's mask looks kind of off, but other than that... They look pretty cool. Onua might look a little too bulky too.... but Kopaka and Tahu are effin perfect. Just fantastic. I love this man, the masks are really great, cool weapons, and no launcher in sight! Spider though... eh. Not too excited. It looks rather small despite its piece count...? Cannot wait for 2015. -ZotS
  11. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Hey everyone. I haven't logged onto this site for 4 whole years. With this news of BIONICLE coming back, I feel I have to make my comeback. BIONICLE was a big part of my childhood and this news is extremely exciting, even though it's not the longest hiatus and Hero Factory was honestly pretty great. Having the main six back again is definitely a highlight of the leaks and set lists. Those are definitely my favorite characters. Also, I wouldn't mind a reboot but I would definitely prefer a continuation. Not a direct continuation obviously. But I mean, pretty much all the plot points minus the new unfinished serials were wrapped up back in 2010. Even the search for the Great Beings doesn't actually rely too much on past knowledge of the previous Bionicle universe and doesn't have to be complicated. It could take place in the near or far future. They can acknowledge the past without going into depth. I mean, there is a lot of ways they can make this a continuation without suddenly reintroducing all of the complicated concepts and plot points of 2006-2010. Heck, it could be a new generation of Heroes even. The six guardians training or preparing to become the new masters, the Toa Mata/Nuva acting as a kind of mentor role. I just don't buy the idea that connecting the plot will eventually cause the new Bionicle to become convoluted. If they really want to just retell 2001 again I'd still be pleased but I'm not one of those people who jump on nostalgia and will praise it for doing so. If they want to move forward they can, but if they want to recapture the magic of 2001 by doing it all over again it'll feel a little lazy. The other option is to use familiar assets and place them in a completely new story/setting but that... I don't know how I'd feel about that one.
  12. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Hero Factory 2010

    The Hero Factory online game is actually quite fun. Anyways, the series aired in Canada yesterday. They are actually good - I really like the action and the characterization. Except for Surge. HE KILLS THE SERIES! -ZotS
  13. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Hero Factory 2011

    Wow! These new Hero Factory heroes are slick. I don't know why they wanted to replace Bulk and Stringer, but orange and yellow as colours in one line is something thats never been done before. The helmets, in my opinion, are a mixed back, but the new peices look very intricate. Villains on the other hand, are garbage. They are just horrible. And I wish Mark Surge didn't return... I'm still cringing about Surge because of that TV series... His sniper is awesome though. I also see something about "TV" below. Does this mean we'll be getting more episodes? Yay! -ZotS
  14. Zaktan of the Shadows

    Hero Factory 2010

    I admit that I love Hero Factory. The Hero sets look abundant in new peices, look a lot more armoured than several previous impulse sets, and have a sense of epic-ness written all over them. The villains however, as cool as they look, are really bland. They all share similar designs and lack lots of posebility... the titans and vehicles are of course innovative and unique though. The site fantastic - showing the weather and time of day in Makuhero city makes it feel a lot more "alive" and the bio's and videos are in-depth and creative. Story sounds a little cliche, but definitely not something I can make a true fuss over. Can't wait for the "movie" (television show, whatever). I guess I'll just have to buy some... Damn it, LEGO. -ZotS
  15. Zaktan of the Shadows


    New serial is great. I liked the conclusion to Reign of Shadows, so I hope Greg doesn't neglect telling the story about the Toa Nuva and the Toa Mahri. The three new Toa are pretty interesting... -ZotS