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  1. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Sup guys! Its been a long time o.o Not sure if this has been posted yet but... has any of you seen the new trailer thats been around youtube for couple hours now? Also, not sure if I am supposed to link it here, should I? Either case just search for "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Official Trailer # 3", to satisfy your eyes
  2. Help combining 2 brick bountys

    There's a little something I did some months ago, when I felt exactly the same way as you do, I needed a larger and more appropriate brick bounty, you can follow my steps here. It is not perfect, I still need to do a lot more of details and correct a thing or two, but its a start I suppose hehe, hope it helps!
  3. Cleaning: restore your Lego Sails

    Sure thing! I am glad these could be of some use (and getting them cleaned in the process )
  4. Combining 2 70413 Brick Bounty

    That'd be my design hehe, I still need to do several changes and upgrades, might be doing those next week and uploading results on the same thread :)
  5. Searching for very dirty Sail

    I can send you images of some I got here, that I have been collecting from ebay lots, and see what could qualify, is that ok?
  6. I am guessing this is the one you'r looking for Ebay might be a nice place to look for it, with a little patience tho.
  7. The Brick bounty

    Thanks a lot for all the comments! :) I know what you'r talking about, I also saw that the day after I finished it, luckily its somthing easily fixable, I'll update when I get the time to work again on it! Thanks!, and sorry for the misplacement, my bad :/ Might try that out as well yes! Thanks again for your comments and feedback :)
  8. The BrickBeards Bounty

    Fully rigged ship - Three masts 19A Hello there! After a long time, here I am again, with this one that I was really doubting to do... at first I did hated how the ship was originally designed, but mainly because I havent built it yet, not even once... so I hated the sail plan, and some other things from the finished images, but then when I got the 2015 BrickBounty, and built it,... I was wondering,.. how many notable differences are between both of them? so the mandatory thing was to first build the first one, so here it is: (Of course I redid the whole sail plan, I still hate the childish jolly roger) Now, I took it down and started the real project: And finally, the new BrickBeards Bounty.... I am feeling it deserves a better name, even if the pattern and colours are the same, it is a lot different than the original one, but for now it remains like it.. so anyway, here it is: Hope you enjoyed it! :) And now I realize I posted them in the wrong place .____________. sorry for that!
  9. The Brick bounty

    Fully rigged ship - Three masts 19B And yes! there's also the twin brother, the other bounty, because both deserves the same treatment hehe... At first I wanted to mix them both into one large ship, but I feel satisfied in how they turned out. Lastly, the two Bounty's one at the side of the other! As always, feedback is well appreacited!
  10. Favorite Pirate LEGO set?

    Skull Eye Schooner, by far my allstar favorite set from childhood and it still keeps its place!
  11. Imperial Dinghy

    Tiny feedback: I am pretty sure the soldier minifig would look better if you swap the order between the backpack and the eppaulettes
  12. Governor Broadside exo-suit

    Hahaha! this is just great, I loved it! Btw, does the left arm shoots...parrots?
  13. Do you buy extra Canons for your Ships?

    I normally use 24 - 32 cannons per ship :P so yeah... the base is the most expensive, curiously the cannon itself isnt that much
  14. Custom Hull Tutorial

    Here it is a little preview... I gotta make a thread.. something like a WIP thing or the like, but right now I am just awaiting for shipments to come to my home to keep building hehe It is still just a prototype... there's several pieces of different colors than the desired ones, and a lot of errors... just desingning and giving me a general idea while I have some fun building hehe.. until the right pieces arrive!
  15. Custom Hull Tutorial

    I am trying for some time now, something similiar, a kind of hybrid,using prefab hull below, and hinges from the midheight and above, the higher it gets, the less manageable it becomes I can assure that, for obvious reasons haha, it gets less and less space between bricks to still form a curve... And thats something I had always wanted to ask you, how do you manage that? have you tested this out in real bricks? I'll upload an image when I get to clean a little some mess I got here on my room :P