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  1. I think that's what annoyed me so much about the original dragon heads. The Elves dragon bodies are pleasantly chunky and Lego-like. Then they plop those silly heads on top, and it's kind of jarring. The Ninjago dragons originally did the same thing, but at some point in that theme, they switched over to using brick-built heads, which look great, and open up a huge range of design possibilities. Every Ninjago dragon is distinct from the others because they all have different heads. It's weird that the Elves theme went back to the single-purpose head molds. I suspect the reason was because they wanted the cutesy print, with the big eyes and the swirly tattoos. Seems like they could have used some stickered slopes to accomplish that. Lego dragons have come a long ways over the years, when you look back at the Dragon Knights castle theme, or even the Vikings theme. The Vikings dragons used mostly Bionicle parts, which gave them an odd robotic, skeletal appearance that I always associate with Bionicle. The current batch of Elves and Ninjago dragons are really impressive.
  2. I really love the Elves theme except for two things: the same five mini-dolls in every set, and those big dumb dragon heads. So I decided to swap out the mini-dolls with mini-figs, which gave me a lot more options to diversify my Elves population. And, while I was at it, I replaced the dragon heads with brick-built heads. Here's the earth dragon. I like the blunt snout on this one. I think it looks like a chameleon. IMG_3320 by jkgross, on Flickr And then here are some earth elves: IMG_3325 by jkgross, on Flickr Next up is the fire dragon. This one is patterned off the Ninjago "Green NRG Dragon (70593)" set. IMG_3327 by jkgross, on Flickr And some fire elves to go with it. There just aren't nearly enough "dark medium flesh" mini-fig heads. IMG_3329 by jkgross, on Flickr And then here's the wind dragon. This one went through a lot of iterations before I was finally happy with it. IMG_3331 by jkgross, on Flickr And of course, some wind elves. The one on the right with the snarly face is on of my favorites. IMG_3333 by jkgross, on Flickr And lastly, the big white dragon. This one is based on the Ninjago "Titanium Dragon (70748)" set. IMG_3336 by jkgross, on Flickr And some more elves figures ... IMG_3339 by jkgross, on Flickr And then, just for fun, here are some bad guys. IMG_3340 by jkgross, on Flickr I hope to tackle the water dragon and the goblin dragon next, but I need to get some pieces first. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think!
  3. LEGO Elves 2018

    That's kind of where I'm at with them too. I've replaced all of the big, dopey dragon heads with brick-built heads like the Ninjago dragons, and I like them a lot better now. I would probably do something similar with these new animals. Nocturna's tower looks promising, and I'm very curious to see the final version of that. Likewise, the wind dragon set looks interesting. I don't know about that lion thing though. And the bat creature minions look too similar to the goblins in my opinion.
  4. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    43-year-old male here, and Elves is hands-down my favorite theme at the moment. I will say though, that I eventually got tired of the same five mini-dolls over and over. I've now embarked on a somewhat pricey project of replacing all the mini-dolls with custom mini-figures. I've been buying up all kinds of fun torsos from LOTR, Ninjago, and Star Wars, and turning them into Elves figures. Some more hair / pointy ear pieces would be welcome, but between Elves and LOTR, there are enough to make a diverse community of figures. I think they look great.
  5. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Very well said, monkles. The same is true for other themes too, notably Superheroes, Star Wars, and City. It's interesting to note that the themes aimed at girls (Friends, Elves) have large, interesting builds that give the themes some context and a sense of place. The Friends jungle theme from a few years back was terrific. Presumably Lego has some market research to back up their product design decisions, but I find it ridiculous to have an Arctic theme with almost no scenery.
  6. I assume the accessories for Zodiac are meant to represent the zodiacal signs of Pisces (fish) and Cancer (crab).
  7. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I'm not crazy about the dragon. I prefer last year's four-legged dragons, as opposed to the Ninjago-style two-legged dragons, which look like big chickens to me. BUT ... I love the airship. What a beautiful set. The buildings look great too. The little goblin guys are cute, but the lack of articulation kinda sucks. Overall, the Elves design team continues to crush it. Honestly, in an era of endless repeats of Batmobiles, police stations, and X-wing fighters, Elves is easily the most creative theme Lego has come out with in 15 years.
  8. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for the link! Honestly, my first reaction on following the link was: "Wait ... aren't these the police sets from 2016?" I had to double-check to make sure I was looking at 2017 sets.
  9. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think I'd argue that it's the IDEAS that are lazy, not the designs. The set designs seem interesting and modern and well-thought out, as we expect from TLG these days. It's just that the the City theme as a whole has become so repetitive and dull. Helicopters, vehicle transporters, and of course, more police. But hey, a bank! That's an honest-to-goodness BUILDING that's not a police station or a fire station. Of course, the context of the bank is a police set, but hey, I'm trying to be positive here. It's weird that TLC went something like 25 years without making a bank, and now they've made 3 or 4 in the past 5 years.
  10. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    An uninspiring list, to say the least. TLG's obsession with vehicle transporters is bordering on the absurd. I predict next year, we'll see the first "Vehicle Transporter Transporter." I'm picturing an enormous semi trailer that's hauling a smaller SUV that's pulling a trailer with motorcycles on it. Almost like a Russian nesting doll of vehicle transporters.
  11. Lego Elves 2016

    I just picked that set up this weekend. It's easily my favorite Lego set in years. It packs in a ton of fun features and clever details, not to mention a whole lot of charm and personality. And the color scheme is great. The black, purple, and lime green really pop. The Elves product team is crushing it.
  12. Congratulations! i was at the show on Sunday, and this was easily my favorite display (well ... that giant Orthanc was pretty cool too). Amidst all the spaceships and trains, this display really stood out. It was whimsical, unique, and very, very weird (I mean that in a good way!). I loved it. My kids and I stared at it for a good long time, checking out all the amazing details in each snail.
  13. Lego Elves 2016

    I picked up the Secret Market set over the weekend, and I'm VERY impressed with the dragon. The colors, design, and articulation are a lot of fun. I find myself constantly messing around with it, trying out new poses. I really like the way the dragon's light blue underbelly comes up it's chest and jaw, and is also reflected on the "bottom" of its legs. Some really nice attention to detail there. Probably my only complaint is the facial features. I said this early on when I first saw pictures of the dragons -- they're juuuuust a bit too cutesy. I wouldn't have minded a bit more "fierce" and a little less "cute." The rest of the set is fantastic. I love all the little details, like the working hammer and forge, the hidden book, etc. it's so weird, but Elves is probably my favorite theme at the moment. After 30+ years of building Town/City, I'm bored to death with the current City theme. And Star Wars and Superheroes are all about the mini-figures these days, with lackluster sets, and crazy prices. Elves feels new and unique, and the prices are reasonable.
  14. Lego Elves 2016

    Wasn't there a mermaid pictured on the map in last year's sets? I fully expected that to be a hint for the 2016 lineup, but I guess not. If the line does continue (and I assume and hope that it will), I'd like to see them grow the cast of characters beyond just the core five. This year gave us a couple of new ones, which was a nice start. I'm pretty well set on Azari figures though.
  15. 2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, those are both pretty bad. Best hospital ever remains 6380 - Emergency Treatment Center. And that's going on 30 years old!