REVIEW: 60015 - Coast Guard Plane

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REVIEW: 60015 - Coast Guard Plane

In the summer wave of 2013 Lego has release a number of sets related to the coast guard. The last time Lego used this theme was in 2008, which was when I was still in the dark ages so for me, someone who loves the sea and boats, this was quite an exciting announcement.

As soon as the sets hit the stores, I bought them, and build them, and boy did they deliver.

It's been quite a while since my last review in this series, but I've finale gotten my hands on the LEGO store exclusive Coast Guard Plane. Now let's see if that exclusiveness made the set more awesome or not.

Coast guard review index:

60011 - Surfer Rescue

60012 - 4x4 & Diving Boat

60013 - Coast Guard Helicopter

60014 - Coast Guard Patrol

60015 - Coast Guard Plane

60015 - Coast Guard Plane

Set Nr: 60015

Theme: City

Year released: 2013

Nr of parts: 279

Minifigs: 3

Price: US$44.99 / €44.99 / £34.99

Launch a search and rescue mission with the Coast Guard Plane featuring floats, twin propellers and a fishing boat with accessories!

The box


On the front of the box we get a scene that reeks of danger, as the fishing boat is making a lot of water and the coast guard plane comes in way to low and will probably ram the boat. Yep, those fishermen are in a heap of trouble!

In the bottom right corner we are reminded that the fishing boat really floats, which I, once again, don't recommend trying after applying the stickers to the sides of the craft.


On the side of the box we see that the fishermen have made it to shore safely and continue their craft from a pier, while the pilot of the plane walk up to them, presumably to apologize for his reckless flying earlier on.


On the back of the box we are reminded of the modular building method and the other sets in the coast guard series. on the right hand side we get some images to steer kids in the right direction, giving them a LEGO approved scenario to play out with the set.

The instructions


The set comes with two booklets. the first one detailing how to build the boat, and the second one for the plane.


The building instructions are very clear, with a nice watery background that in no way interferes with the build.

I think by now we all know what's on the back of these booklets (and are desperately trying to forget that same information), so I'll refrain from putting those here. If, for whatever reason, you are still curious about the backs, just look at any of my other coastguard reviews, since it's basically the same.

The contents


Appart from the booklets, you will be getting 4 bags with the stuff it's all about: LEGO's.


You will also find a couple of stickers...


...and a ship's hull and "Orange Aircraft Fuselage Curved Aft Section 6 x 10 Bottom" which didn't fit into the bags.

The build



In the first bag we find the parts for the ship, which are predominantly blacks and grays, with some green thrown in for good measure.


Also in the bag are two cartons with string.


The first order of business is assembling the two fishermen. They both have nice looking front print, but no back printing.

The guy on the left has a pair of scissors and a pencil in his front pocket, which I doubt have a great usability while fishing (okay, maybe the scissors can be useful).

The fig on the right has a very basic look to him.

To be honest, they don't really look at home on a fishing boat, I would've liked the figs to have some more appropriate clothing.


Let the building start!

To start off we assemble the back part of the boat.


After which the powerful looking engine is added.


We then build up the sides and front of the ship and put a base in the center for the cabin.



The cabin is added, with a great use of the lances as antennas (antennae?).



And then we add some more details and the boat is done!. I like the aesthetic of this small fishing boat. The only thing I'n not so sure about is the 2 water spouts signifying leakage, but I guess they can be removed easily enough.



In the second bag we find the parts to build the base of the plane. We get a wide variety of colors, with the orange, blue and yellow parts, as well as the usual blacks, grays and whites. The console is a printed part.


Here we have the pilot of the plane, wearing the same safety harness as most of his colleagues from the other sets, as well as some bitchin' sunglasses.


We start by building the base of the plane. which, I must say, at this point looked quite unimpressive to me.


The center of the plane is build up, and that's it for the second bag.


Nice detail: In the cockpit are a wrench and fire extinguisher.



In the third bad we find a lot of white and grays, with a bit of blue and yellow sprinkled in for good measure.


The wings are added and we finally get a better feel for the size of this thing. It may not be so bad after all.


The top is added, making it look like some weir cocoon with wings attached to it.


Next up is the tail section. Now it's starting to look like a plane!


A few details are added to the top of the plane, and the props are attached. Damn, those look like some powerful engines.



In the fourth bag we get a lot of duplicate parts, which is to be expected when building two identical pontoons.


The pontoons are build simple but effective. The have a nice sleek look to them.

And when we add them to the plane we are...



Despite some doubts in the start this turned out to be a very nice looking plane. One complaint however is the internal space. There is enough space for the pilot in the cabin, but there is no way he can rescue those fishermen with that plane, unless they have to sit on the pontoons and hold on for dear life.


The plane has a very good look about it, both from the front and from the back.


(Disclaimer: I don't believe in giving numerical scores. It is up to the reader to decide what they think of any given model, and I believe mandatory scores detract from this notion.)

minifigs: The fishermen don't really look the part, but I guess they are sufficient.

build/design: The plane would've been nicer with some more internal space, but the overall designs of both the plane and the boat are great.

Playability: You get people to be rescued, and someone to rescue them. What more could you want?

Overall I think this is a nice set, but maybe a little bit overpriced. Nevertheless I'm glad to add it to my collection.

Now, since there isn't enough space for them to fit in the plane, the fishermen better start scooping the water out using their tiny bucket!


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Thank you for the review. The plane isn't bad but I think I liked the sleeker design without the pontoon; still it wouldn't fit the purpose without them !

Thanks again!

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Very nice review! I got this set a few weeks ago- I like it quite a bit. The plane is a great example of what the 2008 Police Pontoon Plane should have been. The boat looks nice and I'm glad it's not a leisure craft like the 2011 Fishing Boat.

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I kind of like the set.

The fishing boat is great. The coast guard plane i like, but honestly im not quite sure why. Maybe its just so simple that one cant dislike it.

But great review, thats what its all about. :)

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Good review. I really like this set especially the fishing boat but the price point is whats preventing me from picking this up. I also wish too that the sea plane had a compartment so that you can actually fit the fisherman and his son in.

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The sea plane looks really good, and the pontoons add a good amount of detail to what would be an otherwise plain-looking design. I agree about the lack on interior space as well - it really needs some more room.

Also, in the United States, this is a Target exclusive, or you can get it at a LEGO brand store.

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Ironic that the set about saving the fishermen comes with a boat that doesn't sink.

Hahaha .... Well spotted. Thats ironic for sure ! :D

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Great review 'Zeahl'! Unfortunately this set is not on my wishlist. The price tag sets me off and also I would have trouble integrating it into my city setup because it's devoid of a body of water. I also have the beach rescue/coast guard helicopter from the 1990s I bought from Bricklink. Anyway, great review and keep up the good work 'Zeahl'!

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