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  1. Dat Lego

    Ideas for new City sets

    Well I really hope TLG will release a double decker bus for the Great Vehicles theme but as some has pointed out above, it's very unlikely. Here's some ideas: -Neighbourhood park (medium sized), price would be around $50-$70. Includes a playground, skateboard ramps, flower park filled with flowers and trees, and small snack bar/vendor. -Airport (now this is more about my personal desires ), price would be $100-$110. Includes the terminal with baggage claim, check-in area, arrivals pick-up area, lounge/cafe, boarding gate and seats, jetway/boarding stairs. Then a ground service vehicle like a baggage car and pushback tow car. An ATC tower. And of course, the plane. Plane's size around the size of the old one from 2010's plane but slightly bigger. As I told you, my personal desires .
  2. Dat Lego

    Football (Soccer)

    My idea is even if they pass the group, they probably lose in the R16 or quarters by a penalty shootout, that's like a tradition . Ah, the first time I had interest in world football was during the 2010 WC, I watched England lose 1-4 to Germany. Then I said to myself that I will support England no matter that. Stupid decision . But I'm a loyal person, I never change teams. Same thing as for me supporting Man. United, even after Fergie had retired and the fact that Moyes has broken a few records during his time at United if you know what I mean..
  3. Dat Lego

    Help with optimizing city layout?

    I would go and say that you're table is fit for a train. However this means you will not have much space for the monorail. My table is approximately half the size of your table and I can't fit a monorail.
  4. Dat Lego

    Football (Soccer)

    I thought England would have at least went to the R16. Very disappointed. At least we got a point though. I'm very impressed at Costa Rica, they've earned themselves a big "GG" from me For now I have no interest in watching the World Cup because England are out, but I'm fancying Belgium over Argentina to advance to the Semis.
  5. Dat Lego

    Road ramp for 2 level display cases

    Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I did but how would you make a lift? The first thing that comes to my mind is Technic but I know nothing about Technic. Hmm, seems reasonable. For the paper does the Decal and Customization forum take such requests? Just high enough so my GE and PC can fit on the first level. No, my city isn't based on any real life one. It's a normal, fictional city. I'm currently abroad now and I can't take any photographs until I return by the end of the week. But the second level just needs to be high enough to support the 2 modulars I had stated above. As I said, I'm not good with Technic. For reference can you post pictures of your city including the sloped road? Thanks
  6. So I have been planning to make a display case for my table town. It's been collecting dust and rather unorganized. I'm kind of frustrated because everytime I reorganize it, it's gets dirty again. The idea of cleaning them with a moist cloth or something similar is rather ineffective for me as my town is rather complex and narrow in some parts that some buildings and stuff need to be taken out to be cleaned. So I decided to make a 2 level display case with an openable "sunroof", upper level for my airport and lower level for everything else. And now this is where my question starts. I will need to make a road ramp so that the vehicles and minifigs can travel to and from both levels. There aren't many miniature road ramps for this kind of thing and making it out of bricks would be hard the required parts will be hard to get at where I live (Indonesia). I plan to make the road ramp from wood along with the display case or from a sturdy cardboard. Any ideas to make a road ramp that's firm and sturdy and have a good angle so that the vehicles can drive through easily. Remember that I have rather limited space. Any ideas and help would be appreciated.
  7. Dat Lego

    MOD: Modular Police Station (60047)

    I never liked 60047's original model but this looks really nice. Love all the details!
  8. Dat Lego

    What did you buy today?

    I bought 60020 Cargo Truck and 7498 Police Station.
  9. Dat Lego

    What did you buy today?

    2 packs of The LEGO Movie CMFs. Turns out both of them were Emmet, my lucky day!
  10. Dat Lego

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    In my opinion the Horizon Express front is great. For trains I prefer the noses to be brick-built, like the Horizon Express and the passenger train from 2010. I prefer those single large fabricated pieces used as aircraft noses instead...
  11. Dat Lego

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Decided to check out EB again after a long hiatus, naturally I went for the 2014 set rumours (especially the City sets). Nothing much to say on the Arctic sets because I probably wouldn't be buying them. But that high speed passenger train.. Must, resist.. While I'm dissapponted that it uses those big single fabricated pieces for the nose (unlike the Horizon Express), I love the details. The set includes a boarding platform and a level crossing, really useful for my table city. Like it that TLG decided to include the level crossing together with the set, unlike 2010 when the level crossing was a separate set.
  12. Dat Lego

    What Lego-related thing did you do today?

    Just finished building my Palace Cinema. Also finished building 31009 Small Cottage.
  13. Dat Lego

    The Future Of Power Functions

    Does any Apple product have IR? What do you all think TLG will do with Power Functions? Do they intend to modify the system or anything?
  14. Dat Lego

    REVIEW: 70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair

    Great review 'Clone O'Patra'! However it seems that I won't be buying much of these sets due it's price tag. I really want the minifigs!
  15. Dat Lego

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Eurobricks! Have a great time!