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  1. Lego hair pieces

    I was just thinking what a good couple of years it's been for you on that front.
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    New Lloyd suit reminds me of the red guy from Exo-Force's armor.
  3. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Got it working. It takes a really, really long time to open, though.
  4. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Ha ha... Re-installed 4.3.10 and now it hangs too.
  5. LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    New LDD won't run for me. Shows the initial "Installing Bricks..." and freezes. I hope I didn't just lose all my stuff.
  6. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Gonna be honest, I think that's weird that Lloyd's rumored love interest uses palette-swaps of his mom's hair. EDIT: Wrong "palette".
  7. The picture I saw of that new neck bracket made it look like 4 clip attachments in a narrow X pattern with black skeleton arms attached. If that's the case, they could put any combination of things there to better simulate spider legs.
  8. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Does that work? My babies are all in storage right now (that was a weird sentence to type).
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I agree with this assessment.
  10. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I haven't seen the set descriptions, but are there really only 3 members of SOG? The guy with the red katanas, the purple lady, and the midget with the red mohawk? And I guess undercover Zane?
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Maybe they're gonna wear that baby everyone keeps mentioning.
  12. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I can't find it, but earlier, someone ITT said something about the Paintballer CMF helmet, and I was just wondering if that's what it was, or if it was that new motocross helmet in the 2018 Police set?
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Account's private, btw.
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Yeah, I'll just do that, since that black-printed head sucks. Thanks!
  15. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Hey, just curious, what does LID look like with a regular Koko head?