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  1. A review is more of a discription of what the product is, what the good and bad parts of it are, and yes, your opinion of the product. this is more a unboxing/building/features video. quite well made, but not realy a review
  2. Good looking set and great looking video but... That's not realy a review, now, is it.
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    Mecha M84-z1

    Oh wow! That looks amazing! love the amount of detailing on that thing!
  4. REVIEW: 60015 - Coast Guard Plane In the summer wave of 2013 Lego has release a number of sets related to the coast guard. The last time Lego used this theme was in 2008, which was when I was still in the dark ages so for me, someone who loves the sea and boats, this was quite an exciting announcement. As soon as the sets hit the stores, I bought them, and build them, and boy did they deliver. It's been quite a while since my last review in this series, but I've finale gotten my hands on the LEGO store exclusive Coast Guard Plane. Now let's see if that exclusiveness made the set more awesome or not. Coast guard review index: 60011 - Surfer Rescue 60012 - 4x4 & Diving Boat 60013 - Coast Guard Helicopter 60014 - Coast Guard Patrol 60015 - Coast Guard Plane 60015 - Coast Guard Plane Set Nr: 60015 Theme: City Year released: 2013 Nr of parts: 279 Minifigs: 3 Price: US$44.99 / €44.99 / £34.99 The box On the front of the box we get a scene that reeks of danger, as the fishing boat is making a lot of water and the coast guard plane comes in way to low and will probably ram the boat. Yep, those fishermen are in a heap of trouble! In the bottom right corner we are reminded that the fishing boat really floats, which I, once again, don't recommend trying after applying the stickers to the sides of the craft. On the side of the box we see that the fishermen have made it to shore safely and continue their craft from a pier, while the pilot of the plane walk up to them, presumably to apologize for his reckless flying earlier on. On the back of the box we are reminded of the modular building method and the other sets in the coast guard series. on the right hand side we get some images to steer kids in the right direction, giving them a LEGO approved scenario to play out with the set. The instructions The set comes with two booklets. the first one detailing how to build the boat, and the second one for the plane. The building instructions are very clear, with a nice watery background that in no way interferes with the build. I think by now we all know what's on the back of these booklets (and are desperately trying to forget that same information), so I'll refrain from putting those here. If, for whatever reason, you are still curious about the backs, just look at any of my other coastguard reviews, since it's basically the same. The contents Appart from the booklets, you will be getting 4 bags with the stuff it's all about: LEGO's. You will also find a couple of stickers... ...and a ship's hull and "Orange Aircraft Fuselage Curved Aft Section 6 x 10 Bottom" which didn't fit into the bags. The build In the first bag we find the parts for the ship, which are predominantly blacks and grays, with some green thrown in for good measure. Also in the bag are two cartons with string. The first order of business is assembling the two fishermen. They both have nice looking front print, but no back printing. The guy on the left has a pair of scissors and a pencil in his front pocket, which I doubt have a great usability while fishing (okay, maybe the scissors can be useful). The fig on the right has a very basic look to him. To be honest, they don't really look at home on a fishing boat, I would've liked the figs to have some more appropriate clothing. Let the building start! To start off we assemble the back part of the boat. After which the powerful looking engine is added. We then build up the sides and front of the ship and put a base in the center for the cabin. The cabin is added, with a great use of the lances as antennas (antennae?). And then we add some more details and the boat is done!. I like the aesthetic of this small fishing boat. The only thing I'n not so sure about is the 2 water spouts signifying leakage, but I guess they can be removed easily enough. In the second bag we find the parts to build the base of the plane. We get a wide variety of colors, with the orange, blue and yellow parts, as well as the usual blacks, grays and whites. The console is a printed part. Here we have the pilot of the plane, wearing the same safety harness as most of his colleagues from the other sets, as well as some bitchin' sunglasses. We start by building the base of the plane. which, I must say, at this point looked quite unimpressive to me. The center of the plane is build up, and that's it for the second bag. Nice detail: In the cockpit are a wrench and fire extinguisher. In the third bad we find a lot of white and grays, with a bit of blue and yellow sprinkled in for good measure. The wings are added and we finally get a better feel for the size of this thing. It may not be so bad after all. The top is added, making it look like some weir cocoon with wings attached to it. Next up is the tail section. Now it's starting to look like a plane! A few details are added to the top of the plane, and the props are attached. Damn, those look like some powerful engines. In the fourth bag we get a lot of duplicate parts, which is to be expected when building two identical pontoons. The pontoons are build simple but effective. The have a nice sleek look to them. And when we add them to the plane we are... ...Done! Despite some doubts in the start this turned out to be a very nice looking plane. One complaint however is the internal space. There is enough space for the pilot in the cabin, but there is no way he can rescue those fishermen with that plane, unless they have to sit on the pontoons and hold on for dear life. The plane has a very good look about it, both from the front and from the back. Conclusions (Disclaimer: I don't believe in giving numerical scores. It is up to the reader to decide what they think of any given model, and I believe mandatory scores detract from this notion.) minifigs: The fishermen don't really look the part, but I guess they are sufficient. build/design: The plane would've been nicer with some more internal space, but the overall designs of both the plane and the boat are great. Playability: You get people to be rescued, and someone to rescue them. What more could you want? Overall I think this is a nice set, but maybe a little bit overpriced. Nevertheless I'm glad to add it to my collection. Now, since there isn't enough space for them to fit in the plane, the fishermen better start scooping the water out using their tiny bucket!
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    MOC: History of the World

    This looks amazing. I love all the little details!
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    LEGO online pick a brick gone?

    It's the same for me. Maybe it's down because of store maintenance? Just a wild guess though...
  7. Zeahl

    REVIEW: Friends Animals Series 3

    They're supposed to be out and about already, but I couldn't find them in any store either, so I had to order them from the online LEGO store.
  8. It's that time of the year again! A new series of the friends animals has arrived and I have acquired them all to bring you another review (and to complete my collection, of course). If you haven't read my reviews of the last 2 series, click on the links and start reading (but don't forget to come back here when you're done!) Series 1 review Series 2 review Let's get started and see if this series still holds up. The bags The design of the bags hasn't changed a bit from the last series. On the front is still a picture of the set that's included, with a cutesy picture of the animal in the top right corner and the Friends girls holding the animals of this series in the bottom left. On the back the new animals are also represented and it makes clear it's series 3 in a number of different languages. Inside the bags we find a smaller transparent bag with the parts in it, and a small booklet which contains the instructions for the main set, and a link to the website where you're supposed to find the instructions for the alternative set and the combined set you can make when you've got all 3 sets of the wave. I say supposed because, no matter how hard I looked, on the site I could only find the instructions for the normal and combined sets, the instructions for the alternative build where nowhere to be found. (no worries, I still got them build, I just had to use the small sample image in the manual as a reference, which provided a welcome challenge). The inside of the booklet is basically the same as it was for the previous sets. clear instructions, with no part callouts (not that you would need them for these sets). 41023 - Fawn's Forest Set Nr: 41023 Theme: Friends Year released: 2013 Nr of parts: 35 Price: £2.99 / US$4.99 / €4.99 The part collection for this set is quite nice. You get the expected collection of brown, green and pink pieces, but for me the best parts are the magenta cherries and the printed mushroom head. Oh deer... This animal takes some getting used to. When I first saw pictures of it I hated it. When I first got it out of the bag I disliked it. After looking at it for a while longer I.... Kind of started to like it. By the time you're reading this it will probably be impossible to get me to part with it. I am still convinced the snout is too short, but dammit, I can't stop myself from liking it all the same. All I can say is, reserve your judgement of this piece until you've got to hold it in your own hands. It really does look better in real life then on any of the pictures. It's got a hole in it's back for attaching accessories. When you've completed the model, it should look like this. It's a nice little tree, with colorful blossoms on the leaves, a small hole (probably made by a woodpecker), and a classic mushroom. On the ground is another leaf with a feeding bowl placed on top for the fawn to eat cherries out of. I like it, it's a nice little spring scene (which we get in the autumn, but who cares, right?). The alternative model is also quite nice, for a change. It created some nice undergrowth for the fawn to frolic around in. I just don't know how I feel about feeding it decorative bows... 41024 - Parrot's Perch Set Nr: 41024 Theme: Friends Year released: 2013 Nr of parts: 32 Price: £2.99 / US$4.99 / €4.99 Some nice white fences, a couple of bright light blue round bricks and a dark pink basket make up for the most recognizable parts in this collection, but for me the biggest surprise was the Technic pins (I know you can see them on the front of the bag, I just didn't really look at the picture all that well before opening the bag). And then we come onto my biggest disappointment for this series, the "parrot". It's just a normal friends bird, painted green. It doesn't even look like a parrot. In my oppinion they should've either used on of the existing parrot molds (which may not be cute and detailed enough for this series), or made a new mold. Or, as a third option, just call it anything but a bloody parrot! Anyway, it's got a small hole on the top of the head to attach an accessory. And the molding is of good quality and detail. With the build done you get a small perch for the "parrot" to sit on and feed, and a bird house which has some characteristics of a roman temple. I quite like both of them, the perch for it's simplicity, and the birdhouse for it's great architectural design. The alternative model I am less excited about. It just looks like some blocks jumbled together by a 5 year old. 41025 - Puppy's Playhouse Set Nr: 41025 Theme: Friends Year released: 2013 Nr of parts: 39 Price: £2.99 / US$4.99 / €4.99 This set has some nice medium lavender slopes and medium dark flesh masonry bricks, among a collection of white and tan parts. And we get another dog, are they running out of animal types to use? I wonder. Well, at least it's not another poodle. The dog actually looks kinda cute, with it's little cocked head (including hole for accessories). Everything considered it's a pretty nice mold. The dog gets a nice looking doghouse to sleep in, complete with a bowl containing a bone, which is the only sustenance LEGO dogs apparently need. Additionally there's a see-saw for the dog to play on (or a catapult to launch him with, depending on your mood). For the alternative build the dog get's a shittier doghouse, which offers much less protection, and the feeding bowl gets better protection from the rain. Wouldn't want that bone to get soggy! The combined build The combined build makes yet another protective alcove for the bone (still don't want it to get wet), a place for the deer to stand, with what I assume is supposed to be a faucet to fill the bowl with water. And a great looking house for the "parrot". The models all look well enough, but unlike the previous series, they don't really form a larger scene, which I found to be the best part about the combined models. Conclusions: (Disclaimer: I don't believe in giving numerical scores. It is up to the reader to decide what they think of any given model, and I believe mandatory scores detract from this notion.) minifigs: Like before, the animals are all made very well, but they may be a bit too cute for some. Though I still can't get over that damn "parrot". Parts: A nice collection of parts, for the small price you pay. build/design: No real complaints here. What you get is pretty nice, especially the main models. Playability: Still the same, some playability, but adding a minidoll of you own makes the possibilities endless. I am still very much in love with these sets, and hope this isn't the last we will see of them.
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    Mecha CAT

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    Iridescent Flight

    Incredible looking work of art, great job!
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    Ship of the Line, INVICTUS.

    That's an amazing looking ship! Wish I had the pieces and skill to build something like that.
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    LEGO Minecraft Rumours & Discussion

    Look great. Though if I have to venture a guess I don't believe those are inverted cheese slopes, but rather upside down builds with normal cheese slopes on the bottom and on of these: on top. Edit: oh, you edited the inverted cheese-slopes part out of your post, making me look like I'm mumbling in myself -_-;
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    REVIEW: 60012 - 4x4 & Diving Boat

    unfotunately, no, I don't have that set.
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    Steam Castle Falls

    Holy crap, that's impressive!
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    REVIEW: 60014 - Coast Guard Patrol

    Looking back through the review, all pics are in the exact spots I meant them to be. Se, which pics look to be in the wrong spot? Please tell me so I can keep that in mind for a next review.