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  1. LEGO Family

    Elves 2015

    I love these sets so far for parts. Offcourse its directed towards girls. That kinda hurts me. As someone mentioned earlier, it comes closely to the colour scheme for world of warcraft. I wont hav a problem walking into my local LEGO store buying these sets though. Then again they know me .. Personnaly im looking forward to learn more about this theme. On the other hand, ive teached my stepson that to achieve colours to make ones MOC´s special / outstanding, mostly one will have to buy friends sets. I just cant se the problem you guys have with buying these sets. Fantasy / historical / adventure LEGO could use a lot of colours and more ambient chilled approach than just the usual LOTR approach. Dont get me wrong, im not ditching LOTR, but wont most of you agree that its becoming to much of the same builds style wise the last couple of years ?
  2. LEGO Family

    What is my LEGO hobby?

    Be carefull ... As Mikuri also mentioned, sorting will become a bane extreme .... I myself made a sorting system that made sense at the time but took away all creativity .... I still have my LEGO sorted to an extreme but im working on it .... Im goingt to rehab soon :P The serious part of it: I found that sorting my pieces to the extreme took away the part where you grab a piece just to see what you can do with it. Though i thought i had made an amasing sorted up system. Fun of it is, that im now in the process of "backengineering" my sorting system to return it to previous state. At some point i will make new MOCS !!
  3. I hoped for Dr. Who, well knowing that would not be it. I wished it would be some TLM sideshow due to the 2-4 previews. Im definately dissapointed. Then again i had my dark age when bionicle was introduced and have only touched/ approached it for pieces i could use in my mocs. It probably have a large fan group out there so im not gonna whine about it. It might be that an old dog like me can learn some new tricks, since ive never understood bionicle at all. If TLG introduce it well, we might all be amased.. :) EDIT: Looking at that tweet again, im not to sure thats all there is to it. Are you all certain thats it "Bionicle" only ?
  4. LEGO Family

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Last week i talked to one of the guys from my local LEGO shop. He usually shares news with me sinse im such a regular customer. He told me that LEGO from next month would be having some kind of theme based part of the PAB wall. What exactly that meen is still uncertain, but we decided that if would be something like town for a month, then star wars for a month. He said that they hold back on ordering new bricks for the wall because of exactly that. Anyhow, their wall were as your describe yours, really a dull mix of bricks. That was new to me in that store. It might be the same thing going on there ! ?
  5. LEGO Family

    Would you like the Vikings theme to return?

    I do believe that its even possible to do a mixed fantasy world mixing Chima ninjago and Vikings. If LEGO evolves on the LEGO movie concept, everything is possible. In Danish news today their marketing manager said that The LEGO movie wasnt much about marketing LEGO but more about celebrating creativeness, and that Warner Bross had the biggest advantage on the whole of the actuall income. Warner bross should have been working on the movie for some 5 years and LEGO had used a lot of manhours putting them on the right course, but the actuall outcome and intake in profitt was never what really made LEGO start making the movie anyways. And i actually belive him. This was all a part of what TLG´s yearly profit came out with which was 6.7 Billion dkr i think .... Which is about 1.3 billion us dollars. 0.8 Billion euros. The next LEGO movie will arrive in 2017 and the can definately do whatever they want with their univers. Building on The LEGO movie nothnig is impossible and i can defiantely see a viking theme as a possibility. A great imagenary univers can make everything happen and indeed make everything Awesome ! If LEGO plays their cards rigt they have a bright future for sure.
  6. LEGO Family


    I have been trying to work on the Cthooran worms for so long but havent really gotten to the point where i was satisfied to start a bigger diorama. If you love to read SciFi you should definately read War against the Cthoor ( They are named from the noise they make when they attack ). First book is called: A matter for men. Second: A day for damnation. Third: A rage for revenge. Fourth: A season for slaughter. BLUF is to me a pretty good LEGO version of a Cthooran baby. Sorry that i post offtopic Lindon. :)
  7. LEGO Family

    Would you like the Vikings theme to return?

    Thanks a lot. Your walk down memorylane really reminds me of the christmas i got the yellow castle. My dad was not that happy though since it was the first time i actually wanted to build a whole set for myself, and i kept him up till 6am or something. These sets are looking quite good. We should definately have some more Viking set from LEGO. Ive seen the series Vikings, but im pretty sure its to violent to hope for LEGO picking it up as a licensed theme. But they do have insanely historical correct setups in that serie. And its also very very good. :)
  8. LEGO Family

    ObliqueAngleMicroRoad System

    Lovely. Thanks for the "guide". I did wonder about a lot of the angles used and how you achieved them when i visited LEGOworld. Unfortunately i didnt have a chance to talk to you since you were busy talking to some other dude and i had my sisters twins driving me crazy as well. :D Elskede virkeligt dit micro build, du burde smide nogle flere billeder op herinde for dem du har herinde retfærdiggører slet ikke dit overordnede MOC . :)
  9. LEGO Family


    I have read War against the Cthoor which is one of my favorite science fiction series. I know this is intended to be cute and all, but having read the above to me, this is a nightmare come true. In the novell they are red. When they start eating they cant stop cause their teaths is formed to carve their pray inwards their stomach( Which in their case is about everything we have on earth ). Also in the novell, if the army is out looking for Cthoors and they spot some within 100meters of humans, they actually shoot the humans cause they will be dead anyway but in a much more painfull way. I seriously love your build, but its freaking scary seing that astronaut so close to the BLUF ( All i se is Cthoor ) !!
  10. LEGO Family

    Would you like the Vikings theme to return?

    LEGO had a viking theme ? :O Could someone please link to which sets we are talking about ? I would love to se a viking theme for sure. A guy at Copenhagen LEGOworld had made quite a diorama of Asterix in the fanzone there. I would love something similar for sure. :)
  11. LEGO Family

    LEGO Doctor Who now a possibility?!

    OMFG ....... I so need to put my T.A.R.D.I.S projct up there again. I have never posted it in here, but it can be found Here: Boxart: Tardis:
  12. LEGO Family

    REVIEW: 70804 Ice Cream Machine

    I just assembled this today in both versions. ( Cause im crazy and bought 3 of this set ). :P As it feels like the set is really an easy build and it doesnt really have any WOW techniques, it did leave me thrilled with both end results. I really like both the flying version and the ice cream truck itself. But its definately the ice cream truck that stands out. The leftovers are lovely. Personally i really love this set but i have to do some moccing on both of the versions. Now its time to assemble The trash chomper in both versions also as i bougt 3 of them as well. Thanks for a lovely review.
  13. LEGO Family

    Review: 40095 Micro Manager -- February Monthly Mini Build

    I had a few of these for free when i bought some of the LEGO movie sets a month ago from the Copenhagen LEGO store. I always wait to assembel my sets till i really feal i will enjoy it to the extreme. I just assembled one of these today and im pleased with this lillte polybag. One micro manager in itself isnt really that satisfying but being that there are so many diffrent throughout the series i feel is what makes them standout as "badguys" and a great collection. On my The LEGO movie shelf, i have good guys sets on one half and the bad guys sets on the other. Looks surprisingly good. Thanks for the great review.
  14. Ambo100 those are so lovely . Do you know ( otherwise i bet LEGO Historian) know if those were "only" sold in UK, if thats even where they originate from ? Now i feel even dumber or just thinking that the flow of time is catching up on me. When you showed that set in your previous post i thought, Hmmm i got that as a youngster. But it definately didnt have a firebrigade in it. Then havin read your post i offcourse understood that i didnt get it since it was a ( one of the few im a aware of ) flaw from TLG. Now you are saying it was released after all, im thinking that ... Hmmmm , so i did have it afterall as a TFOL ! ? My mind is not sure about it. But i do have loads of the old construction workers in my collection, so maybe i might have gotten it. Thanks for messing with my memories LEGO historian ... Hahaha ... I do love it ... Its a lovely trip down memory lane reading up on this post over and over ..
  15. LEGO Family

    Boxes - do you keep them?

    You definately should . :) I mostly think that people refers to "us" who collect the whole package are thinking of the value as in dollars later on in life. Personnaly i couldnt care less, and not in any way rich. Its more about that when i decide to put together sets from the past, i like to display them with both instructions and the set box. I usually change my displays in the cabinets i have in my bedroom every half year depending on my mood. Sometimes its all MOC´s in there, at other times its all old and new sets. As mentioned above i put smaller boxes into bigger boxes so they wont take up that much space. And as you do it, i have learned to put them into plastic bags, to keep them safe. :)