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  1. Jeff Huntington

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    Thanks for posting these! I've always thought that the billboard from Grand Emporium was a clever idea and it's great to see how you've taken that idea and run with it.
  2. Jeff Huntington

    Need guidance getting into Lego Trains.

    As to where to start, there are really only two main types of LEGO trains: passenger and cargo. There is usually one of each type for sale at time, but there is occasionally overlap. Pick the type you want, and wait for it to go on sale if you're patient. The cargo trains allow you more creativity to modify the cars. The passenger trains tend to have much more specialized parts, especially the front noses of the cars, and the front car and back car tend to mirror each other.
  3. Jeff Huntington

    Shell version for 60132 and 60052

    I love it! Considering that 6378: Shell Service Station was my favorite set from my childhood, this brings back great memories.
  4. Jeff Huntington

    Modular Stadium

    That is fantastic work, OCAS. I'd love to be able to build up my stadium like that. Oh how I wish LEGO would put out sets for the World Cup again.
  5. Jeff Huntington

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    Thanks for the pics, Brickviller. The station is growing on me more every time I look at it, to the point where I'm considering more than one. The crane from 60052 has elements of 4555, which was a fantastic set. My MOCing juices are running after seeing these.
  6. Jeff Huntington

    3 meters long Octan train with 7777 oil refinery

    That is amazing work. The refinery looks great, and I am really envious of the number of tanker cars you have. Thanks for sharing!
  7. My wife surprised my son and I for Christmas with 18 of them she was able to get at a Toys R Us in mid-December. She went back last weekend to try to get more, she said, but they were all gone. No surprise since they broke street date and anyone who saw them probably snatched up while they could. Distribution was average, I guess. 3 of the policeman, 2 each of: Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare, mermaid, lady construction worker, and barista; 1 of: President Business, Panda guy, Mr. No-Pants, robot secretary, robot western girl. The barista would be my favorite if he didn't have a printed nametag. The printed cup is a great piece and has inspired me to build a coffee shop for my town. I guess all the employees will be named Larry.
  8. Jeff Huntington

    REVIEW: 60015 - Coast Guard Plane

    The sea plane looks really good, and the pontoons add a good amount of detail to what would be an otherwise plain-looking design. I agree about the lack on interior space as well - it really needs some more room. Also, in the United States, this is a Target exclusive, or you can get it at a LEGO brand store.
  9. This. I've bought all the Friends buildings because with very minor tweaking they fit right into my exisiting town and fill a need that City will never produce. The minidolls I set aside because they don't look the same and I have lots of minifigs to use. The one thing I wish the minidolls had was holes in the back of their legs so they could sit like minifigs do.
  10. Jeff Huntington

    MOC: History of the World

    I showed this to my history class today. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Jeff Huntington

    REVIEW: 60012 - 4x4 & Diving Boat

    Is it because the raft floats that this is a USD20 set? I can't justify it at that cost. Too bad, because my son really wants this set. Good review, by the way!
  12. Jeff Huntington

    Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    I bought mine a few months ago but havent built it yet since there are other things in the queue ahead of it. I wonder if they'd let me return it and then buy another one so I could get the sticker... It's a real shame if TLG doesn't give those of us who already have it some way to get the sticker. Let us send in the proof of purchase from the instruction manual or something and send it to us. I'll even include a SASE.
  13. Jeff Huntington

    Review: 60020 Cargo Truck

    The price really does this set in. I want and would gladly buy 2 or 3 of them if this was a $30 set. $40 is too much, especially when 60025-Grand Prix Truck is $30 and only has 6 fewer pieces.
  14. Jeff Huntington

    What ended Lego for you?

    After almost 20 years of LEGO fun as a kid and then single adult, I entered my dark age in 2001 after the abomination Town had become. I didn't come back until 2009 after my son was born and it was the farm sets, particularly the combine harvester, that brought me back. Fortunately I kept all my old sets in plastic bags stored in boxes in my parents basement.
  15. Jeff Huntington

    Review: 60022 Cargo Terminal (lots of images)

    LEGO is really stuck between a rock and a hard place with airplanes. On one hand you have this set and 7734 that are big and truly more in minifig scale, but overwhelm layouts with their size. Then you've got 6375-Trans Air Carrier, which scales much better with town sets but is really hard to believe as a cargo jet, especially consider paul_delahaye's comment above about how much the plane carries. I'm not sure which is better.