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[MOC] Krampe Big Body 550 - tractor trailer

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Only one model today :D

For a long time I wanted to build a classic agricultural trailer. It was supposed to be a standard double axle version. However, when I built the New Holland and Fendt tractors, I changed my mind and decided to build a tandem trailer.


I made such a decision for a simple reason. The only output that can be controlled in tractors is the PTO shaft. This version of the trailer does not have to have a pneumatic system or engine to raise the kiper. In addition, the model had to be in a popular color because I wanted to create an instruction for it. The choice fell on Krampe Big Body 550.


Trailer frame

The frame is a fairly simple liftarm structure. The first version had a pendular suspension, but I had to remove it because the loaded trailer was unstable. Thanks to this, I could additionally strengthen the frame and move the cylinder towards the hitch in order to increase the load capacity. At the moment, it is about 1 kilogram

I wanted to build a realistic model. Because of that I had to give up technic panels. If I used them, the tipper would weigh 1/3 of its current weight. Bricks are heavy, so the payload has dropped. The model looks very good like model–team one. I am glad that I managed to reproduce the curvature of the sides.

The tailgate lifts automatically when the tipper is lifting. The trailer has a system of pull rods that lift it up. If the tractor has a pneumatic system, it can be replace by lego pnaumatic cylinders as a separate function

Thanks for reading!

Build instructions can be found here:


 1.jpg_thumb.jpg 10.jpg_thumb.jpg 2.jpg_thumb.jpg 3.jpg_thumb.jpg 4.jpg_thumb.jpg 5.jpg_thumb.jpg 6.jpg_thumb.jpg 7.jpg_thumb.jpg 8.jpg_thumb.jpg 9.jpg_thumb.jpg  




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Wow, that looks great!  Excellent reproduction of the original, and properly functional, too.  I'm a little surprised you didn't use 1x1 bricks for the bumper/crash bar to capture the shape given how perfect the rest of it is, but opting for more stability with the Technic parts makes sense.  :wink:

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Good enough. 

Just kidding, it is absolutely stunning, great extension to Your farming theme! :thumbup::drool:

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A very nice clean looking trailer.  It certainly complements your range of tractors.

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