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  1. trekman

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Having built some models only from a digital format, using an A5 sized tablet, I have found that it is much easier to miss a step, as some instructions continue unto another page, and you end up having to scroll back and forward much more. In a new set, the instruction book is part of the experience. There is the visual size of the book, and the understanding of how far you have progressed in the book. Just like the downsizing of every commodity nowadays, if they do remove the printed booklets, it will likely not be reflected in the price. I also think that Lego know that many parents purchase sets for the "Screen free time" which Lego generally brings. One positive on the digital media is that, if like me, you have loads of parts, then quite often you can build official models without having to buy a new set.
  2. Very nice work. I like the way that you were able to get the front lift controlled from the top of the cab. Very clean lines, with the yellow stripe being an important detail.
  3. i think you are to be admired for the work that you put into the roller coaster. Not everyone is as honest to confess a failure, and then to post it on this forum. Yes the help is here, and it will only take a comment that could trigger a thought which will generate the solution for a future roller coaster build.
  4. trekman

    Technic 2H2019 Video Reviews

    That looks like a nice set. It is one of those sets where you need to apply the stickers to help the appearance of the truck. Thanks Sariel for an informative review.
  5. A very nice clean looking trailer. It certainly complements your range of tractors.
  6. A very nice clean and tidy build, with the proper linkage. Well done.
  7. trekman

    Volvo L120H scale 1:17

    A nice clean looking model. I like your creativity with the operator.
  8. trekman

    [MOC] RC Telescopic excavator

    Nice build, but I pity the guy who has to climb down into the pit to open or close the bucket! Given the fact that you were already using a cord on the lift, you might have been able to create a pulley line that would have operated the bucket. Failing that, access to a micro motor would have operated the bucket. Alternatively using a red 8T gear would have allowed an axel to slide on that extending boom, transferring power to the bucket. I would challenge you to consider some of these options, which are of more practical nature than a powered operator's door. However, it is still an interesting build.
  9. Well, I do admire your ambition. But I would say that it will be very difficult driving those rear wheels unless you use some sort of final reduction in the hub. A typical axel coming from a differential will be subject to twisting from an XL motor, due to the turning diameter and momentum needed. As a push along model you will have no problem. Have you ever thought about why LEGO do not use wheels of this size? As has been pointed out, you will need to drive from a central differential due to the variation in wheel size. Also have you ever thought about having it front wheel drive only? As if you are having a loader on the tractor, then traction at the front end would not be a problem. Finally, your front linkage top link needs to be reworked, as it will just pull apart under load. Of course I would love to be proved wrong in all these issues. I suppose we are all learning. Happy New Year
  10. The whole model looks good except for the white pin connector on the landing skid. They could have used an additional black 3 long straight connector, just like at the end of the skid, and used a 2long axle to connect to the front bend, and then a shorter axle instead of the 10 long axle used. But I suppose this has to do with part count and warehouse logistics.... Nice Review, but I wont be buying the model.
  11. The first two photos of the Mack Anthem Lego model actually caught me out, as with the scenery and sunlight etc, I did not realise that this was the Lego model. Some really nice photos here. Well done.
  12. trekman

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    This is the best bit of "Lego Therapy" I have seen for a long time. The project is very well thought out.
  13. trekman

    [MOC] Grapple Truck I6

    Despite having a powered rotation, why did you put it in neutral and manually swing the arm when holding the apple?
  14. Really nice looking Scissor Lift. I have one, so I know a little about them. Many of the smaller ones can fit through a standard door frame. The smaller ones are electric/battery powered and the drive wheels are the steering wheels, which can handle an even tighter steering lock than what is available on your model. I am curious though, is it camera distortion or some major stress on components in your video at 2.28? I do realise that there are major stresses on the mechanism of the real one, especially for the first few metres of the lift. Well done anyway.
  15. trekman

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Without the beams, I think you would have a lot of kids who would never finish a model. The build would become so tedious that they would just give up.