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dikkie klijn

[MOC] Mack LMSW - GVB 1:16

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After using too much time to build models that are way to big. I decided to build something more parts and wallet friendly. My heart fell for the LMSW 6x4 Wrecker which was put in use in WWII by the Canadian and British forces. After the war the vehicles were exported all over the world. One of them was put to use by the public transport company GVB in Amsterdam, Holland.


This Lego recreation is build in scale 1:16 and is remote controlled with Sbrick. Using one XL motor for drive and a servo motor for steering. 



The cranes are build for looks rather then functionality. They can swivel and the hook can be lowered. The angle of the arms however is fixed.



Building for looks the model has a complete detailed interieur with suspended seating, steering wheel, dashboard with gauges and all the levers a trucker can wish for.



The interesting crane system used in the rear intrigued me to do the build. A really simple system for the stabilizers using chains and pins combined with two swiveling arms controlled by steel wires.



The model is complete with tool and hardware boxes on the rear deck.



A jack was transported with the truck in case Amsterdam bikers were trapped under the trams :wink:.


PS, yes the rims are painted black.

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Great work! Looks like it has pretty good steering lock considering the relatively small wheel arch. Do you know by any chance what the thing in light bluish grey on top of the cab is supposed to be? My best guess is that it props up the catenary wires while the tram is being moved.

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Thank you all :classic:.

@Beck that light bluish thing is a pantograph. Since this truck was used to repair or tow away damaged trams in the center of Amsterdam it was fitted with a spare pantograph on the rooftop. You can see it on the image below of the original


When the going gets tough... By Henk Graalman on Flickr

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