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[OL - FB] Centurion, Audacieuse and Vigilante

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Ahoy, and happy new year 617!

Contrary to me, the workers at the Royal Shipyards weren't completely useless over the holidays, but instead managed to build some ships. So without further ado:


'Centurion', 'Audacieuse' and 'Vigilante'

The recent increase in pirate activity had caused some concern among the Duke of Corban's staff. But in response only some minor details were changed, some convoy routes were adapted, and the escorts' captains received orders to intensify their gunners' drill - but no additional matters were taken. However, these concerns turned into vigorous fury after the latest coup of infamous pirate Captain Morgan, who managed to overpower a whole convoy - and even capture two Oleander warships! It became clear that a response to this blatant and unprecedented aggression needed to be formulated. The first thing to do was obvious - more ships needed to be send over to Breshaun to be attached to the New Terra Fleet.

Two of these can be seen here en route: Centurion - a brig of war carrying 20 8-pounders, and Audacieuse - a fast corvette armed with 20 12-pounders.



Centurion - 20 Gun Brig of War



78x21 studs at the waterline, 4500+ pieces


Audacieuse - 20 Gun Corvette



85x23 studs at the waterline, 4900+ pieces


Vigilante - 38 Gun Frigate



101x23 studs at the waterline, 7000+ pieces



Well... this was a lot of work. But I think it was well worth it, as all three turned out to be better looking than I expected they would when I started. In fact, the Vigilante should have gone to Oleon... but I decided to keep her for myself :grin: All ships might look similar - and yes, they are all based on the same basic principle. But each ship still had to be built up from scratch, and fiddled about with the details. The only thing I could copy to a relieving extend were the masts and sails - but sadly not the rigging :hmpf: :grin: 

So, this should cope with some of the increasing pirate activity - but to add to this: of course, if you don't tread on Oleon, you'll have nothing to fear :wink:


Thanks for watching,

C&C as always welcome :classic:


Vive le Roi!

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Ahh, I wish I could simply copy paste my masts onto my new ships, and even better the sails (you don't know how long the real sails take... :/)

But I dare to say that your upper fighting tops are too far down (or better say - the topgallant mast start too far up). Also, I'm not entirely sure if the topgallant mast on the mizzen is really necessery...
One day I'll have to order a ton of those 1x2 hinges and build a hull using them, with enough of them it should certainly be sturdy enough...

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Excellent ships as always! And that tan brick profile (but using facing the opposite side) is surely great for ship building...! 

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I agree whit you on that Captain Braunsfeld. He never stops to amaze. Once agai just gorgeous ships there KB; Especially the brig, the color scheme and the details reminds me a lot of Swan class ships from the British Royal Navy.  

Ok, back to those pictures now! :wub_drool:

Fair winds and calm seas!
Captain Charles J. Becker


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All three are great ships, KB. All of them have great colourschemes, and one can only envy the scale LDD allows you to work in! I would love to someday see one of these ships in the brick, and with an elaborate custom rigging. Any plans in that direction? I am, of course, also wondering whether your techniques are strong enough for a "real" moc to be somewhat swooshable. :pir-blush:

All in all great work - although the Admiralty is concerned with the output of Olean and Eslandian shipyards lately... :pir-cry_sad:

A few comments on the individual ships:

  • The brig
    I am loving its clean lines, and the simple colour-scheme. Typically, brigs would not have a quarterdeck, but it was not unheard of. You have managed to include it in an elegant fashion, though. The rigging is great, although I would suggest adding a course to the mainmast, in front of the gaff sail.  I like the "hammock netting" made by fences!
  • The corvette
    Probably my favourite if the three, being a very elegant ship of a type we haven't seen much off. Elegant lines on a full rigged, light ship is just beautiful. She needs another yard below her mizzen topsail, though, otherwise it can never be set right! :tongue: I am loving the stern davits and the boat hanging there.
  • The frigate
    A natural progression on the corvette, and while heavier, she is still almost as elegant as the corvette. As a modern frigate of 38 guns, she would most definitely carry a topgallant mast on the mizzen, as you have her.

All in all great vessels, with lots of great details (like the small booms for those extra sails on the side of the normal sails, which name in English currently eludes me....) and nice proportions for the rigs and hulls both. Are you working from plans, or where do you get your inspiration from?

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Waw! These ships look great! As Bregir said, the corvette is the best im my eyes, though the frigate is nice as well... The cool thing is that they're all different, while all part of the same fleet. Keep them coming!

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