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[OL - FB] 'Persévérante' and 'Comtesse de Praenia'

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Ahoy, fellow Brickseasians!

What's better than a ship? Correct, two ships. So here goes:

'Persévérante' and 'Comtesse de Praenia'

These two new ships are the latest creations of the Royal Shipyards in Breshaun. Based on an innovative hull concept they were designed for speed and agility – both qualities which are prioritized by Oleander merchants as well as regarded crucial by Royal Navy officials in their efforts to secure Oleon's interests in the vastness of New Terra.

To prove the versatility of their design, Breshaun's royal shipwrights decided to lay down two keels, a smaller one meant to become a topsail-schooner rigged merchantman, and a larger one designated to be launched as a light escort frigate.

Work on both ships went smooth, even ahead of schedule, as the timber supply situation on Le Bellan has normalized by now compared to the time after hurricanes Helga and Stepho.

After a series of early sea trials in September, Persévérante and Comtesse de Praenia now have to prove if they can live up to the expected performance.










Comtesse de Praenia







Well, the hull concept started out as an experiment based on one part newly introduced to LDD by a recent update. Buildable? Yes. Stable? Well... depending on the number of added flex tubes anywhere on a scale from 'not-at-all' to 'not-childproof'. What else... I started with Persévérante, but as I had originally intended to build a merchantman yet ended up with a warship, I decided to build a second version – smaller and narrower – rigged as a topsail-schooner. And as it somehow didn't look like enough effort - despite being a new build (plus, there's no scale-function in LDD) - I added a full hull, which proved to be as annoying as the one on Santa Clara :wacko:

Unfortunately, I cannot show both ships in one shot, as both files are too large to be combined. So just some numbers:

Persévérante: waterline 96 studs, overall length 142, beam 26, part count 6500+

Comtesse de Praenia: waterline 87 studs, overall length 135, beam 23, part count 6700+

Well, I hope you enjoy the two of them :classic:

C&C welcome!


Vive le Roi!

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:wub:  A couple more beautiful ships from you, KB, brilliant rigging, color-scheme, and flags on the Perseverante, and I love the amount of minfigure action and activity you always include in your builds!  Excellent hull-shaping and stern are great as well, and the cannons look superb too! 

Excellent job on the second ship as well, while for some reason I generally prefer ships without the full hull, I can only imagine how much time and work goes into them! :pir-grin:  Great work, keep it up! :pir-sweet:

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Stop tempting me to build another ship; I can see that technique working well if applied using some lightly bent plates... 

Of the two I prefer the Persévérante, I think the lines of it flow a bit better than the other one. I especially like that stern - nice shaping there. The overall curve is fantastic as well, but I would rather call her a corvette than a small frigate - I've never seen a frigate with a completely open gundeck... The Comtesse de Praenia looks a bit odd to me, it might just be that I'm mostly used to waterline models; I dare to say that she would look better without the lower part. One thing that I could see improved is the tile-look on the sides, maybe have some of the planks overlap if possible; the sides look a bit odd with all the vertical lines separating entire sections. And again, this really tempts me to start yet another ship...

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Two fantastic ships, beautiful work on the curves, rigging, and sails as usual.  I really like the looks of the Comtesse, though as Legostone says it's unusual because a full model, and it might look a little more in context if you had done a stand under it.  Still, that technique is great and so is the shape of it! :thumbup:

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Man, this is awesome! In the first one, I especially like the sails, while the second one's hull is just mind-blowing! :thumbup: respect, sir

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Two excellent designs here.  I would love to see the concept attempted in real brick, even on a smaller scale.  I especially appreciate the waterline concept and rigging on  Persévérante .  You've given me a few ideas :pir-classic:

:jollyroger: Dread Pirate Wesley

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