[M - E01] A Familiar Face

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Location: E01 Anomaly (Donwarr System)

Tags: Civil Building, Military Building, Spaceship (if you're feeling generous)

MANTIS General Operations Auxiliary Transport Ship Gozanti, Maian 12th 3816


Note: This is last weeks build and should not be scored.

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Are we ready doc?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Yes, sir. Datalink with the Flashbulb is nominal and we're pretty sure we have the field equations locked to give us a persistent state of superposition. To 'leave the GATE open' if you will."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Pretty sure?"

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Well, as far as we know we are the only people to ever do this on purpose!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Oh well, lets get this madness under way before I change my mind."

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Yes, sir. Initiating GATE field in 3...2...1..."


Note: Flashbulb is a previous build and should not be scored.

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Telemetry shows superposition is holding. I cant get a good reading on all feasible end states, but it clear the anomaly shares co-ordinates with more than just the adjacent systems' anomalies."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "So in which of these 'end states' is our missing ship?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Impossible to tell at present sir, but I am picking up the broadwave, they are still out there."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Well, what are you waiting for? Patch it in!"

shosa_zpsvjseeegx.jpg "Mayday Mayday Mayday. This is Kaigun-shosa Hoshi of the Haysui-Maru. Navigation and propulsion system failures. Request assistance from any nearby vessel. Salvage costs will be reimbursed by the honorable Kawashita Corporation. Datasquirt of last reliable navigation data to follow along with wakeup codes. We are going into hibernation to preserve remaining life support. Please help...."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Her......?"

District 3, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815

Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss.....


Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg "Hey, where do you think you're going?"


Salhap_zpsw4a3lkgw.jpg "Inside of course! It's not everyday the galaxy's best bagpipe dubstep DJ comes to Torresta!"

Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg "You're not going in like that!"

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Sorry looks like this may take a while..., I'm not with him by the way...."

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "I did not presume you were."


Salhap_zpsw4a3lkgw.jpg"Come on my friend! Let me in."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "So, what brings you out tonight?"

Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg"Not without a shirt! We have a strict dress code."

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "I am celebrating, I graduated from my officer's course at The Academytoday, tomorrow I return to Kawashita."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "What will you do when you return?"

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "First officer on a cargo ship most likely, hopefully something small and fast."

Steve1_zpsktsrfaad.jpg"Hey Brad!"

Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg "Go on in Steve."


Salhap_zpsw4a3lkgw.jpg "Whaat! You won't let me in, but a Forringi in dayglo combat armor can just waltz in without paying!"

Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg "Buddy, he is the galaxy's number 1 bagpipe dubstep DJ. Now beat it!"


Salhap_zpsw4a3lkgw.jpg"You just wait, one day I'll be CEO..."


Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Hey is that a neural piloting HUD?"

Hosh2_zpsfjvk7wdq.jpg "Yes it is, check it out!"

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Sweet, I wish MANTIS would spring for those."

Bounce_zpsw59rvvab.jpg "Hey, you two, do you want in or not?"

Hosh2_zpsfjvk7wdq.jpg "Apologies, come on .... what was your name again?"

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Moose, and yours?"


uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss Hosh2_zpsfjvk7wdq.jpg "........"

Some time later......


Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Come on, there is something I want you to show me."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Erm......"

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "It's something only a MANTIS employee can."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Erm......"

Some time later still......

Flight simulation lab, The Academy, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815


Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "I could get in so much trouble letting you in here...."

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Ah, but it will be so much fun."


Does this spaceship simulator count as a spaceship?

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Just load a simple dogfight package, first to five kills, loser buys larvae-dogs."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Ok, lets see ho good you are. Also, lets see how good I am after quite so many Frogma Martinis..."


Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Hmm, are you sure you're not a spy?"

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Of course not. Now less questions, more flying!"


Hosh2_zpsfjvk7wdq.jpg"Best of luck...."




Some time much later still.....

Visitors accommodation block C, The Academy, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815 (actually probably early on Julali 11th)


Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Thankyou for walking me home..."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "I don't get how people live in these, there's no privacy."

Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Don't be such a prude, also, why do you think I got a second floor room!?"


Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "Come on, there is something I want you to show me."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "Erm......"


Hosh1_zpsmp9iatbd.jpg "....."

Moose1_zpsfspteofy.jpg "....."

Maybe overdid the length of story this week, but I haven't been doing much story-wise lately. The builds are largely ideas that were never quite finished for the contest. The simulators are based on the rather comedic looking real life "link trainer".

Edited by woofmcmoose

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Excellent bunch of builds, Moose! The neon lettering and chained off walkway in the first build is superb, and I really like the use of those bubble cockpits for the visitors accommodation block :thumbup:

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The idea of a spaceship flight simulator is really cool, and you executed it brilliantly :thumbup: Big Sal's cameo in the story was quite amusing as well :laugh:

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Awesome Story and builds. Is that Pombe or Pombie in your build? I especially like the bed pods with the lighting. Did you use power function lights?

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ls that Pombe or Pombie in your build? I especially like the bed pods with the lighting. Did you use power function lights?

It was supposed to be pombie, but who really knows, has she stolen her brothers haircut or he, her clothes?

Yep there are 4 power functions leds wired into the accommodation block.

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20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg I do recall being on Torresta around that time for a family meet up...but my memory is fuzzy with the events. I think I underwent one too many debriefings. What do you think, sis? I do like to wear your clothes...

21531464366_86fdefc912_t.jpg It's hard to say, since I like to wear your hair. And yes, we had a family meet up, so I was there, too. And yes...like you, I had too many debriefings to count.

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg And we both love eating sausage. Hmm...could it be?

21531464366_86fdefc912_t.jpg You mean it could be one of our other brothers or sisters? The problem is that we all love eating sausages.

20229736269_a60d4633bb_t.jpg Yes, it could be any one of us.


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I love all the details all throughout the story. I only just noticed the puking 'fig as they leave the club :laugh:

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Earlier that night...


26962320856_6f436f7778_o.jpg This started off pretty hard, but the more I drink the better I get! I'll be ready to hit the clubs in no time! I'll just have a couple more bottles and then I'll head out...

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I love this build, and the story is wonderful! As you know, I love back story builds, and there's plenty of lovely characterization going on here! I can't wait to see how this resolves itself.

In addition to a lovely story, the builds and set pieces are inventive and welldone! The DJ's club is great! A perfect amount of colour and character. The little pilot testing ships are fun, and the pod housing is a really cool concept. Great job! :grin:

Also, your build from the previous week is super cool. :oh3:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

Edited by Dannylonglegs

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