[SoNE Ep. IX] Hollow Men

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SoNE Episode IX Entry

Collaborated with

LucasLaughing and Kodan Black

​The Vergesso Asteroids... such a bastion of capitalism and the parasite that is this ongoing war. Despite this being a retail hangar, every ship is armed to the teeth. Mine is no exception. The bounty hunter who tracked me to Aquillae had done a lot to modify and enhance it's humble Separatist shuttle frame. Some admirable additions, but not a ship I can pilot through the lower dredges of society, to which I have been exiled.


There is something very wrong about this hangar. It is meant for small retail shuttles but the customers are piling out of their ships like some kind of circus novelty act. I don't like the looks of them either. Each one of them empty bags of flesh, crooked smiles on grim-faced trolls, their words echoing the vacuum of the dead rock outside.


All too obvious now. A Falleen princess? A royal court of thugs? I need another ship quickly, no time to shop around. Bay 1 looks a lot more promising; it is at least not full of Kyuzo blades.

It looks like her majesty will be ringing the bell...


A feast erupts...



Another assassin, I've seen this final meeting ground before. You FOOL! Do you not see where we are? THIS IS THE DEAD LAND! I am the only man who can put feet on the ground, who has eyes to see, in this hollow valley.


An explosion... the hollow men speak the familiar sound of vacuum... while they grope for ground I bound for my ready vessel.


The hangar gasps in a whisper, and I feel the pressure and rumble of the engines as I let them roar.


For Judges - All of the ships were posted first to AG even though they were built for this specific episode. Feel free to exclude them from you judging if it makes it easier. There are technically 2 full edit shots. The main hangar shot is actually 6 different layered shots of the same individual bay, moved and reposed with ships and minifigs (I really only have one Zeb and one firefighter guy). I also adjusted the angle on a couple of white bricks on the outer hangar door. Those bricks will sit flush as shown, but because of the complicated shot, they moved out of place a bit. The second "full edit" is the shared shot with Lucas. The only think I did was layer the shot to show Lucas's build behind the doors to the hangar and adjust the perspective to get it to line up properly. I guess I also took out some supports in the very last shot, so that could also be considered a full edit. Do your worst, I didn't mean to make things complicated for the judging, just wanted to get the right kind of shots to tell the story. Thanks.

To be continued...

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This is just....awesome and amazing! I was basically speechless when I saw it on flickr, it's just lovely! I love all the parts of the build, especially the ships, the walker, and that hanger door in the last picture! Also, great minifig posing, it has lots of motion to it, and nice touch with the moving fan in the Mandalorian encounter room. I could go on with more amazing details (there are so many!) ...but I'll pass on that.


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Very nice scenes! That massive overview shot is just awesome! Good work! :classic:

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The builds are incredible not just for their sheer size, but all the components that go into each shot. All the ships, the minifigs and their placement ... so many details that have to be considered. An incredible work as always.

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