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On 3/16/2019 at 5:20 PM, Richpepperell said:

No new torsos yet, so I thought I'd try these legs. Have previously updated all to imperial crew "pockets", but now wonder whether partially-erased spooky boy boots could be the way to go?

I'm 11 cargo pants into my 47 sticking with that...the boots look okay but I like the leg printing on the imperial pants....(noticing with some envy your row of legs in the background....)

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Cleaned up Lucy legs from the LM2 CMF figures on Luke Celebration. Big Bang Theory legs with print removed for the Rebel Hoth Soldier v standard printed legs

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15 hours ago, Robianco said:



Beautiful, the latter obviously being cadet Han from the deleted scenes in Solo I assume?

Have you got a Mon Mothma you can try the Leia skirt piece on so I can see how well it blends?

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