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    Custom Stickers

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    Custom Stickers

    These are great - thanks so much. Out of interest, what does this emblem represent?
  3. ThousandMoon

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really struggle to envisage this theme being a success. My 6 yo is utterly obsessed with Mario these days (has a great collection of Jakks Pacific figures), and indeed he absolutely loves Lego (dinosaurs and consequently the Lego Jurassic theme were his first true love haha!). However, he thinks these sets and the characters just look "lame" - no interest in them at all. My 11 yo nephew - also a huge Lego fan thinks they look like "Crappy Meal toys". I'm a collector of minifigs primarily, so naturally I'm disappointed not to see traditional minifigs. I appreciate this theme is directed at young children and that Lego are trying something new, and I suppose time will tell as to whether they'll be popular, but I just can't help feeling this theme's deviation away from classic Lego to some Duplo Screwball Scramble acid trip is an epic fail :~/
  4. Hi, does anyone know of any custom minifigure companies (like Citizen Brick) that use pad printing, based in the UK? I know of AStarBricks, United Bricks, Minifigs.Me - but I don't believe they use pad printing. Fab-Bricks is one that I think uses pad printing, but I don't know of anyone else. Any ideas? Thank you please...
  5. ThousandMoon

    Advice on HQ Printing

    Hey thanks again for all your advise - really helpful and hugely appreciated! I've been comparing some parts and figures of mine from various sellers (including Citizen Brick), and I can see the difference between pad and UV - I've got some great figures and parts that are clearly UV printed, but the pad printing is certainly smoother and therefore more like Lego. It also appears to have a greater coverage / depth on curved surfaces like arms and heads (correct me if I'm wrong?). I'd probably want anything between 1 and up to possibly 6 different colours on some parts as well, so I think for the desired finish I'd need to look into a multi-colour automated pad printer, right? Do you know any more about the plate making process? Is steel only preferable for it's durability (if doing large/continuous volumes), or would a high-resolution, precision laser engraving machine / steel plates produce better results?
  6. ThousandMoon

    Advice on HQ Printing

    Hi, thanks so much for your response. So I've done a little research today, and am I right in thinking: Pad printing is a better finish/quality than UV printing, or at least more akin to Lego? Pad printers: generally cheaper than UV printers, but the process is more laborious?
  7. Hi, I've been collecting and customising (SW) Minifigures for around 4 years - my customisation hasn't really gone beyond 3rd party parts, some print removal, stickers and the odd bit of basic modification. However there are several designs (both within the SW theme but also several other 'non-Lego' themes) that just can't be achieved with existing parts. Therefore I've been considering the possibility of investing in a quality printer to bring my ideas to life, and perhaps starting a custom Minifigure side line business to make it financially viable. However in all honesty I don't know the first thing about the printing process or costs, technical skill involved etc, so I'm after some advise to determine whether it's a realistic pursuit or not. I would want to produce between 50-100 figures for each design, with the quality, detail and range of colours to be of the highest standard, so I suppose a finish akin to Citizen Brick and the like, or indeed Lego. What sort of printer would be best, and what sort of prices are we realistically looking at? Is it a case of a few practice print-runs before nailing the technique, or does it require a significant amount of experience and technical skill to produce 'professional' results? Apologies for the fairly loaded questions, but I felt this was perhaps the best forum to start on, and any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. ThousandMoon

    Minifigs Customization

    Have you tried United Bricks?
  9. So is the general feeling that there won't be many/any Mandalorian sets in the next wave, and as an extension to that what are people's thoughts on the likelihood of a moulded Blurrg appearing in the near future?
  10. Exactly - excellent geebling potential - would look great as a display piece, and a Nien Nunb with a new Sullustan head mould and some UCS worthy legs (red and dark brown dual-moulds and printed side holster a la Battlefront!) :))
  11. Props to Lego for this. None of the options particularly jump out for me though. Interesting that it also encourages voters to state which Minifigure they'd like included. What characters are mostly associated with each ship? Leia & Luke and R2 & 3PO at the end of ESB. TIE Bomber pilot. Clone Trooper. Anyone else more "interesting"??
  12. I'm primarily a collector of SW minifigures so my opinion is completely biased, but I really can't see any reason why Lego wouldn't release a SW CMF, if they were able to. Clearly it wouldn't make sense to just throw 16 of the 'main' characters into a cmf series, but given the recent expanse in films / tv series, as well as many legacy characters there are hundreds of great possibilities with costumes and aliens etc etc. Characters that would be hard to ever place or envisage in an actual set - many obscure characters but also some key ones. The list is even greater if you delve into the comics - and with that in mind they could also include some 'main' characters in different outfits to the films / tv series - like yellow jacket Luke (without medal), or Leia in her tan waistcoat and blue starbird rebel helmet for example. The prospect genuinely excites me and I can't imagine it would be anything other than a rousing success in sales terms, however secondary or tertiary the characters where. If the minifigures look good with interesting colour palettes and cool accessories / weapons / helmets etc - all ages will want to buy them I'm sure. My assumption was that Lego simply aren't allowed to do one, and also that they're restricted with their printing / detailing on the SW figs. If Hasbro's or anyone else's influence on this diminished, I'd certainly welcome that, so something to keep an eye on. I also assumed the Black Series was incredibly popular though!? I don't see why that should influence Lego though as they're not all that comparable are they! Here's hoping!
  13. ThousandMoon

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    That little Bantha! :)
  14. ThousandMoon

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Just finished binging The Mandalorian. Loved it, it got better and better and I can't wait for the 2nd series! Lots of great character's and locations but not an abundance of vehicle's which might make squeezing all the key character's into sets slightly difficult. Here's my two pence worth for potential future sets (in chronological order)...
  15. ThousandMoon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If you're happy with 3rd party parts - Arealight helmet, BrickArms Weapons, eclipseGRAFX hands, and I'm waiting (hoping!) on Firestar for some printed arms. Also I'd be surprised if Lego didn't release more sets in the future, so possible we'll get a version of the Mandalorian in his black and silver armour as well.