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  1. Agreed, personally I think Garven Dries and his red astromech would be more fitting of a UCS set...
  2. That would be great - some unique printing on that helmet! A Norra Wexley figure would be awesome to!
  3. Ah yes of course :\ So Biggs and Luke then. Would a UCS Y-Wing include more than one figure?
  4. So the figures with the X-Wing are Biggs and Vander then...?
  5. Updating Your Minifigs

    I realise now it's cos it's a Rebels set - frustrating as on the back of it being the latest a-wing pilot, I ordered a few of the brighter green figures. Kicking myself a bit now though as the darker green does seem to be a better representation. Oh well... :/ Thanks for your input!
  6. Updating Your Minifigs

  7. Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm loving these - great idea with the captain, skirt and (highwayman?) legs. Has inspired me to put together a Naboo collection!
  8. Future Star Wars Sets

    Are TLG definitely finished with Rebels sets, does anyone know? Not a huge fan of the show but S3-4 have included some great characters - there's so many cool minifigure opportunities, and as series 4 continues to blend with overall saga I feel the show and the characters have gained some significance in my eyes - would be a shame if TLG didn't release at least one more wave....
  9. Updating Your Minifigs

    Hey, thanks for your comments and suggestions. Personally I'm not sure Saw's beard is bushy or long enough to warrant a separate beard piece, but I do agree this beard's too trim. I think I'm gonna order the B.A. Baracus figure - see how that head looks - quite pricey but I also want the afro mohawk hairpiece for a CW Saw - I suppose Mr T is quite fitting actually, as upon the destruction of Jedha.. Saw weren't gettin' on no plane!! =D
  10. Updating Your Minifigs

    I like the ninja samurai helmet back-to-front...
  11. Updating Your Minifigs

    Thanks! TWP has kindly given a breakdown above, but to confirm anyway - plus I've changed / added a couple of pieces as well: Hair: Patty Tolan Face and Torso: Karl Mordo Armour: Nexo Knights (plus a BrickForge Pauldron - so no longer purist) Hips: Rogue (CMF S16) Right Leg: Frightening Knight (CMF S15) Left Leg: Dark Green Wizard (the dual molded dark green and brown leg from earlier post is also from the Rogue minifigure) Accessories: Short Dark Red Cape and Scuba Mask clip onto the back of the armour / Black hilt and Black bar with white ends (from Magician (CMF S1)) In the absence of a decent teal colour from TLG, it's a toss up between blue and green - I opted for green, but there's a trans dark blue armour available which might be worth trying out - I love the fact it lets some detailing through the armour.
  12. Little Deaths: EB server issues

    Hi, I see this thread hasn't been added to for years but for a few weeks now now I've been consistently having connection issues - possibly 90% of the time I try to load/reload a page on Eurobricks I get an error message that the server has unexpectedly dropped connection - it only happens with this website and is immensely frustrating. Anyone able to offer any advice on this? Thanks!
  13. Updating Your Minifigs

    A purist RO Saw with that Patty Tolan hairpiece... I quite like it!
  14. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Yeah Red 4 - I will buy this set for this alone - all we need now is the helmet for Red Leader, for a complete Red Squadron I believe! The other helmet is Dosmit Raeh's (the helmet that Rey put's on in TFA) - it's plausible this set might be from a Rey flashback in TLJ???
  15. Updating Your Minifigs

    It's certainly a challenging figure to make! The blue one on this thread is an excellent purist one, but I feel I'll have to do the odd mod to get mine right. Until the Patty Tolan piece arrives I've got the dark blueish grey 'swept back with widows peak' (J. Jonah Jameson), slightly off-centre - which actually looks ok against the medium dark flesh I'm using for Saw. I've just started to build a whole bunch of extremists to go alongside - so many exciting options from the film! If you want to use reddish brown head for Saw, the Karl Mordo one works very well! That said the whole figure could be a useful base for Saw, if you substitute the left leg and arms for plain dark green.