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  1. Agreed... tho I did see a simple yet charming custom L3-37 on Flickr (Olli), which could be used in the meantime...
  2. Seemingly no proper Mudtrooper in this wave either, which is a shame as was looking forward to them. As with Galen Erso and Saw Gerrera, I suppose it’s inevitable that some key characters will be held back for future sets - maybe the Mudtrooper will appear in a battle pack!?!
  3. I imagine the ‘Dryden Henchman’ will resemble the Funko Pop! ‘Dryden Gangster’ - looks pretty cool. Really loving all the Solo sets and minifigures - hope the film does them justice...
  4. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    This would be an amazing development if it were ever to happen - I’m not sure they’re contractually able to but if they were it’d be awesome. So many sets (understandably) focus on key characters that the more obscure ones (of which there are hundreds) rarely get a look in - even more so now with the abundance of new characters appearing every year. Packs that complemented existing sets would certainly encourage more buying imo. Also a good way to release some more of those new rebel helmets - may go some way to appeasing disgruntled collectors like myself! ;)
  5. Updating Your Minifigs

    Deary me those helmets are big - shape wise they’re probably more accurate but did they have to be so bloody big - they basically look like completely different helmets which is really annoying. I’ve had a look and I think there are 30 unique rebel helmets - 26 with unique printing, covering 19 different characters - this is different to a Vader or Boba update. There’s been a flurry of really decent printed helmets released within the last 3 years as well (12 I think), which has encouraged me to collect almost every helmet (if my wife found out how much I’d spent on these little bits of plastic I think she’d divorce me!), so to update in such a drastic manner is pretty thoughtless of Lego imo. Currently I’m just not convinced they look very good. I’ll collect them either way and perhaps they’ll grow on me over time, but I’ll definately look to try and customise a Red Leader and Gold Five, and stick with the old moulds for the foreseeable.
  6. I think it may be a new arm mould actually - with two arms in one so to speak
  7. The minifigure on that white ship looks like the four-armed character Rio Durant - it’s hard to tell from the picture but it looks like it may be a classic torso with four arms. That would just be incredible, and would create the possibility of a Nabrun Leids figure in the future - possibly my most desired figure :))
  8. Wow - loving the landing craft - although another wasted opportunity to include a couple of Mos Eisley’s wonderful denizens - GARINDAN anyone!!! Loving the Hoth set - finally get my hands on a 2-1B! Chuffed to see Merrick’s helmet in the original mould tbh - I’ll reserve complete judgement on the new helmets until I see first hand but one thing that really bugs me is that neither Biggs or Luke have a chin strap so the figure feels incomplete to me - perhaps the helmets will grow on me but still devestated we’re unlikely to ever get a Red Leader or Gold Five - with the X and Y-Wing releases this year - surely the perfect opportunity to complete the collection. Change is inevitable but the timing sucks and the thought process baffles... Intrigued as to why that Solo polybag has no helmet when Lego already have the mould!?!?... again will reserve judgement till I see the film. Hope we get a proper mudtrooper soon as well - the Solo costume design is bl00dy excellent! :))
  9. So my fears have been realised and Biggs (and Luke is the second figure with the x-wing) have a completely new rebel helmet mould - looks a bit odd to me - maybe just cos it’s new but it’s not as round as the actual rebel helmets - looks like they’ve sacrificed the accuracy of the helmet to accommodate the visor. Double-sided, individual character heads with and without visor, boot and arm printing would’ve been a preferable developments for me. So we’ll never get a Garven Dries and Davish Krail to display alongside the other rebels :::sigh:::
  10. Wow figs getting leaked left right n centre... Biggs - excited to see the new rebel helmet with visor (welcome and overdue), although I do pray that the actual helmet mould remains the same - after painstakingly (£££) collecting every other rebel helmet it’d be a shame to change the mould when there’s only a couple more to complete the collection so to speak. R2-Q2 - quality! Praetorian Guard - another highly anticipated figure that’s a bit meh! The helmet looks great and pleased to have the red skirt piece, but the shoulder armour doesn’t really capture one of the defining features of the character imo - a single shoulder piece with a breastplate and arm printing would work better I think - how arm printing has escaped these figures is beyond me! Anakin - decent CW update.
  11. I like the Becket figure a lot - think they capture the face quite well and the torso printing is great. I’ll probably add one of the third party coats to finish him off, as I do for lots of figures as they really improve the look imo - often much better than the standard cloak piece, and they can be attached without moving the arms - you just slide the arms through the holes as one would a normal coat - would be even easier to do with the stretchy fabric Lego already use for some cloaks. I can’t see any reason for Lego not to introduce them at some point tbh... going slightly off topic here, sorry :|
  12. I’ve thought in the past that it might make some business sense for Lego to drip-feed details and overall quality onto SW minifigures, as it’s been a theme with genuine longevity with a limited number of characters, so ‘if we produce the perfect figure now, how do we improve on future releases’ etc etc. However, post Disney and the array of new characters each year, not to mention the hundreds of legacy characters yet to be released or updated, I can’t see any justification for minifigures to not be relatively perfect (relative to other licensed themes or customs) - the lack of dual-moulded legs on Imperial officers a prime example. Maybe something to do with their actual license with Disney? Maybe they recognise the secondary market that exists with updating SW minifigures? Maybe I’m just being a whiney manbaby!?!... That said the Enfys Nest figure can probably be updated adequately with a suitable head and a different / custom cloak/s, the Warwick Davis figure looks great, and the overall quality of the Solo sets and minifigs is great imo. In summary the Solo sets are generally excellent and I hope (as was the case with the fantastic RO line) they’re reflective of a great film. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  13. For such an incredible looking character - it’s a pretty underwhelming minifigure tbh - I do wonder about Lego sometimes :/
  14. Updating Your Minifigs

    I must say the Greedo arms look great but seeing them on does make me long for legs with side printing to match!
  15. Updating Your Minifigs

    Seriously impressed with these latest additions on Firestar - wonder how the blue squadron arms will work on the u-wing pilots (with dark tan printing) though. Wonder if we’ll see some snowspeeder arms in the future? Dont have a picture to hand but I got some of the Greedo arms which look great and don’t require a multi purchase that’ll break the bank! Props to Firestar tho - hope the trend continues!