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  1. Hi, a belated thanks for your advice. Just got to grips with Studio, so that's good to know! Thanks!
  2. Hi, just completed my first build in Studio - really impressed with the software. However I'm finding the Instruction Maker a bit perplexing. When I want to rotate the build in the Instructions, how do I represent this without it the build rotating for every step that's preceded it? I'm sure it something simple, but it's driving me mad. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Daniel
  3. Hi, I want to start designing my own custom minifigures, which I'll eventually want to produce as pad printed figures (onto Lego), and potentially with some custom moulded parts as well. I'm about to start learning Adobe Illustrator to create my designs, but I just wanted to see whether anyone would particularly recommend any other programs, like AutoCAD perhaps? Any advice greatly appreciated. Many Thanks!
  4. Yeah Garindan looks excellent - and it looks like a removable hood piece which would enable other Kubaz characters (from the Mandalorian!) - likewise with the Devorian. Kabe isn't the best likeness in all honesty - ears are too big - would've benefitted from a unique mould, or possibly this piece instead Any reason why the Modal Nodes (and Garindan) couldn't have dual-moulded legs??? That Bossk head in tan looks awesome - could've perhaps used medium legs for that fig tho. No additional printing on Greedo or Han by the looks of things, which is a shame, especially for Greedo imo. Absolutely psyched for this set, and can't wait to get hold of it, but as always a little bemused at the persistent stinginess / laziness when it comes details / printing / dual-moulds etc, especially on what will inevitably be a premium priced set. Hey ho, is what it is I suppose...
  5. true true, but the hope is that this colour variant might appear in a cheaper set down the line. I can only assume the hologram piece is Leia...
  6. they definitely share similar DNA ;)
  7. Ah so it's not Elis Helrot (scream guy) then! Still happy to get one of the Saurin characters - I assume they'll use the Bossk head mould in tan / dark tan - great for several other Trandoshan characters!
  8. Looks like Elis Helrot (the "Scream" guy) Just Wow - have never been as excited for a set - will be queueing outside the Lego store for this bad boy! It looks absolutely perfect - the only thing that could make it better would be "complete" legs on Han... :))
  9. The Razor Crest looks more metallic than most ships I think. Could've included an array of either/or Flat Silver / Pearl Light Grey / Pearl Dark Grey parts. Would've given the ship a really distinct look imo.
  10. That's a shame, and yeah completely nonsensical logic there. Why did they make Battlefront sets then? Maybe a smokescreen for something else (Nintendo license perhaps!?). Think I'll wait until January (as that was the timeframe for the Iden Versio BP) and if not look into MOC's / customs etc
  11. Ok thanks - will wait to see what January '21 holds I suppose - would be surprised if Lego ignored the game completely
  12. Just started playing Jedi Fallen Order (which is great!) - bit late to the game and I imagine this has been discussed several times, but anyone aware of rumours regarding future sets from the game?
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    These are great - thanks so much. Out of interest, what does this emblem represent?
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    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really struggle to envisage this theme being a success. My 6 yo is utterly obsessed with Mario these days (has a great collection of Jakks Pacific figures), and indeed he absolutely loves Lego (dinosaurs and consequently the Lego Jurassic theme were his first true love haha!). However, he thinks these sets and the characters just look "lame" - no interest in them at all. My 11 yo nephew - also a huge Lego fan thinks they look like "Crappy Meal toys". I'm a collector of minifigs primarily, so naturally I'm disappointed not to see traditional minifigs. I appreciate this theme is directed at young children and that Lego are trying something new, and I suppose time will tell as to whether they'll be popular, but I just can't help feeling this theme's deviation away from classic Lego to some Duplo Screwball Scramble acid trip is an epic fail :~/