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  1. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    As awesome as Firestar Toys' custom figure is (, I just can't justify spending £40.00 on a minifigure, simple as that. However for a few quid from them on 3 custom parts (fur collar, kama and printed arms), was able to vastly improve the official Lego version of the Armourer... I'm hoping FST will eventually sell proper custom arms for the Armourer (as they do for many other Mandalorian figures), but I also have a nagging feeling they won't to ensure interest is maintained in their in-house custom figure that features screen-accurate arms. Parts:
  2. Daddy_Stardust

    Star Wars TIE Fighter collection MOC

    Fantastic collection, I REALLY like that you've made them in the System retail style with all of the standard play features, rather than the (albeit incredibly impressive) overly realistic ones that so many others produce for display purposes. These prove how easily Lego themselves could produce these classic fighters and makes them feel far more achievable in replicating. Curious though, how come you didn't reference the 2016 Darth Vader's TIE from 75150 in your Advanced build, which I thought was a great little set in the spirit of the Solo TIE Fighter?
  3. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOC] Hoth AT-ST

    Beautifully done. If you ever needed a side by side comparison, this may help to confirm how great a job you did:
  4. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Ok well why not just use the blaster that Sabina Wren always came with (Tech will be be coming with one anyway):
  5. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If you’re not a purist then Arealight do the Commando blaster itself. It’s currently readily available from Firestar Toys:
  6. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yeah they fit fine, here's one on a mudtrooper in the prison wagon of our massively extended Conveyex:
  7. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Ignoring the questionable wording in this discussion, in answer to the query here's my modified Cara Dune and hair choice (I've shown her before): Hair piece is the black version of this from Firestar Toys, but the black version is currently out of stock: Gun and armour also from Firestar Toys, arms from Simon Baz Green Lantern mini figure and print erased.
  8. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I literally had no idea that was a thing!!!! Just ordered one, thank you so much for enlightening me, god this'll make erasing faces and precise prints so much easier, I kept getting a sore wrist from trying to rub one of my son's homework erasers into all the little grooves!
  9. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Even the ones based in the USA, there’s one there for $3.94? There's a few other American sellers there too. Well how about Lando's 2009 ROTJ general's torso, which is very similar since it's actually based on the same uniform and tunic style that both characters wore in the movie:{"color":69,"iconly":0} But forget my advice with the hiker's dual-molded legs, just remembered they're light tan not dark tan, hence why I never used them.
  10. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    May I ask why you're struggling to find the original Madine torso? It's readily available on Bricklink for very cheap prices from across the globe:{"color":69,"iconly":0} Anyway, what about this head and Krennic's hair, and I just used these legs for some added detail with a bit of artistic licence (edited to add - I recommended the hiker's legs for the boots but remembered they're light tan not dark tan, hence why I never used them so forget that advice): Whilst the colours don’t quite match, that actually works surprisingly well in capturing how awkward and fake the real Madine’s hairpiece and beard were haha. Link for the head (I erased the back-print with a pencil eraser):, Head Dual Sided, Medium Nougat Eyebrows and Beard with Yellow Highlights, Smile / Fierce Pattern - Hollow Stud&category=[Minifigure, Head]#T=C&C=90 But I just use the sand-blue janitors cap from the CMF on him anyway (I don't need to be reminded of that wig haha), so our rebel fleet officers match those in Battlefront 2:
  11. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Captain Kerrill from Star Wars Squadrons Head is Cho Chang from Harry Potter (figured it was best to go with a head designed for an Asian character, not that it really makes any difference) and hair is custom from FST. I know I could do the dual molded boots, but we've still got a fair few imperial officers in the old school Old Dark Grey uniforms for which there are no boots available, so I'd rather they all matched with solid legs and just personally pretend the shades of uniform are different divisions (as with the Rebels tan ones and the ISB white ones) than to have the vintage torsos look too outdated.
  12. Daddy_Stardust

    REVIEW: 75154 TIE Striker

    The rear by default is such a waste of space, lovely work in the rear bombardier section, I too had also done nearly exactly the same as you:
  13. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    There’s actually quite a few rebel pilot heads available especially if you’re not a purist. Searching Bricklink for both ”orange visor” and “chin strap” (make sure to use the inverted commas) yields all these options (such as the reverse visor-up version of the two different T-16 pilots that have the same chin strap design as rebel pilots), which for each double sided head results in two different pilot heads:“Orange%20visor”#T=P“Chin%20strap”#T=A Plus as stated above, if you’re not a purist, Firestar Toys do a fantastic array of 11 other pilot heads: You can have quite the array of well over 20+ unique pilot faces that can really diversify your squadron. Whether you’ll find one that truly feels like it’s Wedge will be down to your personal opinion but there’s certainly lots of options to keep your pilots varied.
  14. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Or just buy the latest magazine giveaway
  15. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I don't really understand, why don't you just buy the newer helmets to replace them then? They're cheap and readily available, rather than dangerously vandalising the old ones you have:,%20Headgear%20Helmet%20SW%20Snowtrooper%20with%20Black%20Eye%20Holes%20Pattern&category=%5BMinifigure,%20Headgear%5D#T=C&C=1