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  1. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes... and no... but mostly yes haha. Got the torso, the hair, the cape... but haven't got the face yet... even though we do own the face. Confused? Well I bought all the body parts in preparation and my boy's getting the new X Wing for Christmas, which has been hidden away until then. I've got no plans to use the huge new helmets, so their heads will be replaced with classic helmets and two of the new 4+ double sided Luke head when that's released. Once opened, Biggs' non-visor face will be put onto the mannequin-esque 99% complete figure I have so far (it has a plain white head until Christmas day). But even without Biggs' head on it, it does look *perfect* as Biggs.
  2. Daddy_Stardust

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I clicked into this thread by accident instead of the 2019 one yet after seeing your message I'm so glad I did. Thank you so much for the heads-up, went out and bought four of the Scarif troops and one of the droid. Already had R3, who lives in the rebel base with a centre leg installed, so this one can actually enjoy life on his little display stand, whilst the troops can fill up the two Conveyexes (scored them half price on Amazon in a flash sale - half the price, double the length) that my son's getting for Christmas... and of course, one of them can enjoy being on his stand next to R3. Shame that aside from maybe muddy Han, none of the others they've released since even remotely appeal to me. Even then, I'd only bother with Han in a £2.00 bin sale like this. But to have the shore trooper we didn't have (and 4, just for fun) along with one of the most beautifully designed astromech figures (just love the colour scheme on him) at such a cheap price, it was an absolute delight!
  3. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I could be wrong but I think the only option is these and you'll have to erase the print yourself:,%20Knee%20Pads%20and%20Black%20Boots%20with%20Dark%20Bluish%20Gray%20Tips%20Pattern&category=%5BMinifig,%20Legs%20Assembly%5D#T=C&C=86
  4. Daddy_Stardust

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    That’s utterly fantastic, will get two copies of that head and now will have two more rebel pilot heads to supplement all our others (got all the previous ones - two of every double sided one - and all the Firestar ones)... but still running on a few repeats at the moment!
  5. Daddy_Stardust

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Just to go back to the godawful new stormtrooper helmets, I do have to say I find it utterly baffling that they've changed the classic stormie yet again, this time for the worse after finally get it right in the last couple of years (though perhaps maybe they're only for the 4+ range? Like the Rebels ones were exclusive to that range?)... and yet we STILL don't have a new scout trooper helmet!? That's where those resources should have gone regardless!
  6. Daddy_Stardust

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The Inferno Squad pack is the one I'm most eager to get at the moment and am really glad there's not a bulbous new helmet mould for them! Damn that's good... just ordering mine now! That campaign is so tragically short that if you start right now you could be done by 7
  7. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Very nicely done, but I wonder, wouldn't Rio Durant's double-arm pieces have been even better for this guy, especially as they're in the exact colour of the torso you're using?
  8. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] 9495 Y-Wing

    I have no idea why I've never posted this up, but I did this a couple of years ago and I know it's been in the background of a few updated minifigure photos but thought it finally needs to be shared with the world. Never bothered buying the Rogue One Y-Wing that was released a few months after I completed this simply for the fact that I couldn't be bothered going through all this again haha. My main area of contention was the cockpit. I've never understood why Lego have never made it look like the original UCS one (which was accomplished with stickers). The Y-Wing cockpit is all about a huge roof and small windows, so I found replica stickers for the UCS Y-wing courtesy of Ebay and applied them to this one. With a lengthening of the rear of the cockpit and having the windows all at the same height as the cockpit section I think it's a massive improvement. If Lego were producing this sticker set for the UCS version, why couldn't they have supplied it with the System-scale version? It works perfectly for it, it looks so much sleeker and less bulbous. I don't feel the Rogue One cockpit is much better than 9495's original and was shocked to see that the new UCS Y-Wing is actually less accurate the original UCS stickers in having lost the first window pane on each side which for me really makes the cockpit. The interior got a few small cosmetic updates too. Then I got to work on the greebling. Lots and lots of greebling. Obviously at this scale, there's only so much you can squeeze on, and I used plenty of artistic licence but wanted it to look as rough and ready as the "real" thing. Lots of old printed pieces in use between the piping. The bomb-bay is still there, but now has a trap door at the top to cover it, though I removed the original missiles to replace them with piping and provide space for the landing gear. As you can see, full retractable landing gear which is both very solid and really close to being movie-accurate. And infinitely better than it landing on inverted sloped bricks. Finally, we have the nacelles, which feature both the original stickers and the Rogue One Y-Wing's just to give it variety and cover them completely. I took influence from the Rogue One Y-Wing for the end of the engines, but added criss-crossed steering plates within them. I concede that they had to be X shaped instead of + shaped, but you know, there's limitations. Now I do admit, I did cheat a tiny bit. The steering plates are comprised of a LBG lightsaber bar connected to a mechanical claw clip bar which gives you a T shape, however the for the remain length, which needs to be a 1L bar, which Lego don't make... I filed down a lightsaber bar. Is absolutely perfect... just sadly a part that doesn't exist. However it's so close to existing (Lego simply need to shorten a piece that currently exists), I don't feel too guilty. "There she is, my pride and joy... the Millen... er... the 9495 Y-Wing"
  9. Daddy_Stardust

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Haha you'd hate how we have it. If it looks like a Stormtrooper... it's a stormtrooper... even if they're "good" stormtroopers like Old Republic troopers and Clone troopers. Sorry guys, irrespective of thousands of years difference in time frame, I'm afraid white armour and gurning grilles means you're now part of our Imperial garrison We have it as one mixed time-frame of Sith, Sith troopers, Old Republic troopers, clones, Imperials and First Order vs Jedi, rebels and resistance. Qi'ra lives on the Falcon alongside Ezra Bridger, Rey, Finn, BB-8 and ROTJ-era Lando
  10. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    Yes, got those for the sandtroopers so they can have proper seats and keep their custom Clone Army Customs packs on, and used white space seats to hold the front plates on the side of the cockpit to block up most of those gaps. Solid as a rock! And sussed the interior seating issue now, used 1x2 jumper plates with single centre studs, I was able to move the front trooper half a stud forward so he's not longer in physical contact with the sand trooper behind him and can now even use a seat piece... only problem is, I've only got 1 seat left and need 2 haha. Plus I needed more troopers anyway, so watch this space for it to contain 8 troopers and 2 commanders. Here's a closer look at the seating, elevated the rear ones to give it some dynamic feel: The original interior still utterly baffles me, talk about wasted space eh?
  11. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    I’ll have a further tinker tonight, see what I can do. But as I said, it’s not the type-of-trooper affecting anything at all, it’s headspace due to a technic T-shaped bracket in the seating area closest to the cockpit. Wouldn’t matter if it was a stormtrooper or even a basic bald mini figure, they sadly can’t sit far enough back because of that bracket. But I might be able to generate a tiny bit more space with a pair of centre studded 1x2 plates... As for the price, was just a one day flash sale on Amazon, dropped to around £50 and because I’m not on the mainland, VAT was deducted too. I don’t ever get to enjoy cheap or next day shipping from anywhere, or good local shops, but do enjoy the VAT coming off
  12. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    The sandtrooper backpacks aren't an issue, that's why they're on the old 80s space seats, it has room for them (well I'm using custom Clone Army Customs packs on them anyway) not the smooth standard chair piece like the other troops and commanders. The issue is the technic piece that holds the fuselage together behind the head of each of the front sandtroopers; they literally can't sit any further back in the container because their head hits the wall (which isn't an issue where the regular troopers are sat). Like I said, I can technically fit two more troopers in, but the backs of their heads hit the chins of the sandtroopers, so when opening a container I'm not a huge fan of it looking cramped on one side and spacious on the other. I prefer a one stud gap between the troops and them being able to sit on actual chairs - but that's just my personal preference. Here it is so you can see how it looks with 8 troops onboard. But still, it does annoy me to no end that a "troop transport" can only hold a measly 4 figures by default from the retail set, whereas it can comfortably hold 8 in my configuration and even extended to 10 if you don't mind getting really cozy. That gangplank is such a ridiculous waste of space and such a pointless play feature that I'm left all the more convinced that this set was just an absolute shameless display of laziness on TLG's part. How it retails for £80 I have no idea. I bought it for £40 and has taken at least another £20 in parts, crew etc. to bring it up to a standard I'm proud of (and even then, I'm just winging it, I'm sure someone else with more talent and engineering skills could make it look a hundred times better). However even before all my own changes, it's so dwarfed by the utterly beautiful Shuttle Tyderium that had 300 more pieces but the same price tag that I struggle to comprehend how they can justify this in the slightest. Even more insultingly, it standardly holds less troops, has less play features, has a worse interior and a far worse fuselage design than the 2007 model that retailed for nearly half its price. Haha, sorry rant over!
  13. Daddy_Stardust

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Liking the new rebel trooper, any idea what set he's from? Absolutely HATE the new Stormtrooper though. He looks ridiculous. It took them 13 years for them to finally look like real stormtroopers facially yet only had them available with two massive expensive sets, then they flooded the market with the exaggerated Rebels ones (I didn't mind them, just silly having two types out at the same time that were painted on the exact same helmet mould), then the 2014 movie-style stormie was *nearly* available properly in the Battlefront battle pack but those guys were all covered in battle damage so it wasn't until 2017 in the imperial battle pack that we finally were able to get them affordably more than one at a time... and now that's discontinued too. It still feels like a novelty that decent stormtroopers are finally available in a number of sets. So after all these years it took them to get the stormtrooper right, they've gone and messed it up again. I even prefer the Rebels version to this. It sort of reminds me of the awful home-made helmets that spoil the look of this fan film:
  14. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    Thanks so much! I wanted to have 8 troopers inside and it’s technically possible but just too tight for my liking. The front seats where the sandtroopers are have a technic bracket right behind their head which forces them to have to sit one stud further forward than the rear troopers. This leaves the remaining space too small in front of the trooper to use seats (2 x 4 usable studs - the door piece half covers 2 floor studs in front and 2 behind and they can’t be used) and the other trooper would have to be literally squashed right in front of the other just sat on studs. So I just gave them computer terminals and space seats (so they can wear their packs) instead to keep it looking intentional and functional rather than cramped.
  15. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    New interior. Took out the gangplank and increased figure capacity. 6 troopers now on board, plus two command stations on swivel chairs.