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  1. Underrated comment. Sorry I missed it before. But you forgot the CEC fresh-out-of-the-box, pre-Falcon YT Freighter. Has it ever been confirmed what those look like (in the canon)? All joking aside, like many others, I have so far been disappointed by this year's offerings, but I think if the UCS sets are great, that's all AFOLs will care about or remember about this year looking backwards. I have decided that I will definitely be buying the 20th Anniversary Snowspeeder set. It's one of the laziest sets of all time, but I'm rationalizing my purchase like so: -New canopy print. A new mold is really necessary, but maybe the year's budget wouldn't allow for it, and the designer had to do the best (s)he could to make something that will hold up to kids dropping it on the floor. -Slight improvements overall: the exhaust things on the back are now more accurate in shape, as is the little vent on the right airfoil (Wow, my Snowspeeder-jargon vocabulary has real declined!) -New stickers. This should never be an incentive for anyone, but they do improve the look of the model. -Dak/generic Rebel pilot helmet finally has the little insignia(?) printed on the side. It's the simplest helmet in the series, and it took them 20 years to get it right, but here we are. Luke's is still a lazy duplicate of the version released ten years ago, however. -Lando. I have no intention of buying "Betrayal at Cloud City," and the Lando figure from that set is currently selling for approximately 60 USD, which is ridiculous. For two thirds of that price, I can get a Snowspeeder set, Lando with stand-o, and like I said some pages earlier, just pop a new head and/or hairpiece on him, and you have a Lando figure that is still more detailed than 50% of current minifigures. I'm just happy that swanky, two-sided cape covers up the anniversary print on the back! I swear to God, though, if they printed "20th Anniversary" on the back of that cape.... Regarding the other spring sets, the only other one I like is the Slave I, which is, frankly, brilliant. I honestly think it is better than the UCS that I have displayed in my room (at least taking price into account), but I have to save my money for a Rebel fleet, not bounty hunters. I don't need their scum.
  2. As someone on the spectrum, I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or complimented by your post. I never liked the Ewoks, though. And, come on, you know you have a Snowspeeder before your dinner Falcon. Everyone does. Also, where did this Falcon rumor come from? A new one would be neither a surprise (to be sure), nor particularly welcome, but it makes a lot of sense. The TFA Falcon was one of the best-selling LEGO Star Wars sets of all time, and they have to work off the assumption that once a set is retired, it is inaccessible to kids and their parents. If people will buy a new Falcon at a LEGO Store instead of on eBay, or from a reseller on Amazon, that''s a big win for The LEGO Group. The only problem I see is that I don't think any Star Wars movie will ever again be as successful or well-merchandised as The Force Awakens. Add to that (or subtract, rather) the kids who were old enough to get the last Falcon from 2015, or the adults who already bought a UCS Falcon and will never again buy any iteration of that ship for the rest of their lives, and I think sales will be disappointing. Not to mention, it's sure to cost at least as much as the version from Solo, and if the design strays too far from the OT variant, some people will be put off. pressure.
  3. 75244 has been posted on several European sites, with a slated availability date of August 2, which fits well for a May the Fourth release after a window of exclusivity through the LEGO Shop. Of interest, the box dimensions are listed as 58.2 x 10.3 x 37.8 cm, which is just slightly deeper than 75144 "Snowspeeder" and 75181 "Y-Wing Starfighter", but with nearly the same length and width. Obviously, all details are confidential, and these numbers could be dubious at best, but also of interest is the item weight, 5.79 kg. I am no pro at the metric system, but this is ludicrously heavy for the solidly rumored price and piece count. Even the largest, heaviest pieces ever would be hard pressed to make a 1768-piece set weigh nearly as much as 75159 "Death Star." But wait, there's more! Per Bricklink, 75144 weighs 2530g, and 75181 weighs 2478g. Respectively, 5.79 lbs and 5.57 lbs. If the scarce listing on the European sites, whether intentionally or accidentally, mixed up kilograms and pounds (and believe me, stranger things have happened), that would leave us with a box that has nearly the same weight and front dimensions as 75144, but slightly deeper, either to accommodate larger pieces, or just because TLG works in mysterious ways. I'm not claiming this as a hard fact, but I wasn't sure where else to post it, so make of it what you will. This sleuthing probably means almost nothing, except for one thing I noticed while crunching numbers: Brickset doesn't have a set listing for 75244, and I'm pretty sure they had one before. Does this mean someone is modifying it, or am I reading too much into this?
  4. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I agree with almost everything you said (I even forgot a potential new Mountain Troll, since I have the first one, and it looks better than 90% of the "big-figs" released today) but I think Collectible Minifigures are the last things that need hype. I think it would be wiser to release Series 2 next year to keep the theme going strong! Granted, this has surely all been decided by now, but since we've nothing more substantial to talk about... For the anniversary, hype something like a remake of the motorized Hogwarts Express with Hogsmeade Station, or a microscale Hogwarts expansion. complete with Quidditch Pitch, greenhouses, and Hogsmeade Main Street, including 30 microfigs, plus minifigure versions of young Lily, Snape, and the "Marauders"--in short, something we didn't know we needed!
  5. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Actually, what would be great would be to see Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince sets next summer, and then more Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows sets in summer of 2021, followed by a new wave of Philosopher's Stone sets in November/December 2021. That way, the whole series will be covered, and then they can start over again with even more coverage! (The Chamber of Secrets movie came out only one year later, after all). Then we could see the Philosopher's Stone challenges (Wizard's Chess, Fluffy, etc.), followed by a proper Chamber of Secrets set, along with any other omissions from the first time around. Repeat cycle until people get tired of it. These are words of wisdom. Sincerely, A long-time Star Wars fan.
  6. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The whole wide word of Advent Calendar humor, and you go for...that? Pathetic. I refuse to see Fantastic Beasts II, but I must say, I the graveyard in Goblet of Fire has limited playability. Then again, it frequently sells (or at least is listed for $100+ on eBay, so I'm sure LEGO would love for people to channel some of that money into new products! $15-20, Battle Pack-esque set could do it justice. LEGO very wisely kept Cedric safe by putting him in the Collectible Minifigure Series. The only way I could see this working would be a series of vignettes, which, while cool, would rule out the possibility of a new large dragon, whether molded or brick-built, because it wouldn't fit with the scale. I would say, regarding the rumors, allow a margin of error of 10 dollars/Euros either way due to wonky LEGO currency conversions. Generally, yes, but obviously LEGO has no control over this. The secondary market is entirely dependent on what buyers and sellers agree it to be, whether the other party likes it or not. In other words, it's all mind games. Believe me, I'm in the same boat. So excited! Whatever you do, don't order any Prisoner of Azkaban sets until we see what's in store for this year! I disagree that they had to justify a four-minifigure count. The Merpeople set had five minifigures (and about three hundred fewer pieces) for ten fewer dollars, so I think LEGO basically did whatever they felt like back then--and still do, I suppose! I really hope this is not the case. The Clock Tower in Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favorite architectural/narrative elements in the whole series. Yes, a watchtower could literally be a watchtower, but I believe that in French (and certainly in Spanish) the words for "clock" and "watch" can be interchangeable if taken out of context, thus leading to a whole lot of ambiguity here. See you all in the morning!
  7. Nice one, Mace! Although, technically, Anakin was telling the truth, he just had...loyalty issues.
  8. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I looked at the bottom-most post on this thread, and for a second I misread this as "the carnage would be fantastic." What is wrong with me? I think think the carriage could be a real possibility. Honestly, the new Hagrid mold could work for Madame Maxime, and there have been lots of Pegasus-like creatures lately, haven't there? My only concern is that both the ship and the carriage have so little screen time, not to mention we just got the Thestral carriage. I'd much rather get something like Harry and Cedric in the set coming out this June, and then a Bricktober set with Fleur, Krum, Maxime, and Karkaroff. I really don't see a problem with potential future Bricktober sets. Yes, the distribution was atrocious last year, but it doesn't have to be like that. TLG can just produce a lot this time (I know that never happens, but just bear with me here ) and then feature it as a gift with purchase, or available for purchase for 19.99, or something like that, from October through December. Obviously, that's just one sales model, but it would be a great way to make extra money from this franchise, and, of course, to keep us all happy, in a year with a necessarily limited number of minifigures. They don't even have to call it "Bricktober," if they're worried it would bring up bad memories. Anything they can release this year is one fewer minifigure they have to "figure" into a future Collectible Minifigures series. And, yes, I agree with Roebuck and others that this theme will be here for a long time, but I hope I'm not the only one impatient for new content.
  9. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Forgive my ignorance, but I read this post four times, and I only now understand. But I don't fully understand the nature of Toy Fairs. Are these representatives for retail giants like Target, Walmart, or John Lewis and Smyths, like you apparently have in the UK? Or can anyone get in if they pay enough? I mean, stores would have to be incredibly stupid not to order new Harry Potter LEGO sets, given the extraordinary success of this last wave (unless they have a moral objection to HP's "witchcraft," which is, IMO, even more incredibly stupid in its own way). I know that LEGO fan sites such as Brickset get to go, but they also receive free sets from LEGO to review, so I don't understand the full purpose of not reviewing the sets early. Is it just to build suspense, drop by drop? Because that is working, I will admit! But display is better than nothing, because at this point we have little to no proof as to what the sets actually contain, and descriptions this week would help tide me over until June. A Triwizard dragon task would look vastly different than a Triwizard lake task, for instance? Will Privet Drive be included with a Knight Bus? Will Buckbeak appear in two (if any) sets this wave? Those questions mean a lot to me, because I'm always looking at the older Potter sets on eBay, but I'm reluctant to buy anything that will soon be outmoded. So far, I've been successful, but we'll see. Some older designs are better than the new ones, IMO: Hagrid, Basilisk, Fawkes, Snape, Draco, Dobby (if his eyes didn't rub off at the slightest touch), Madam Hooch with her double-sided, striped cape... I've noticed that prices for the 2010 Hagrid's Hut, and especially both Knight Buses, have dropped noticeably. I don't look at LEGO as an investment, but I would like to save money by not buying something twice, unless the new one is better. I'm glad this wave will supposedly be mostly Prisoner of Azkaban based. Not only is it my favorite film in the series, and my second favorite book (after Deathly Hallows), it makes sense with the logical progression of this theme. I do miss a Chamber of Secrets set, if only for Lockhart, Ginny, Moaning Myrtle, Tom Riddle, and a new Basilisk (okay, so pretty much everything about that set would be great ) but it's possible we will see it in a future wave, or even as a Shop at Home/retailer exclusive in this wave! On Instagram, there's a factory leak image of a minifigure head that looks a whole lot like Ginny Weasley. Sure, it could be a totally different character from a different theme, but I'm just saying, there's no logical place for Ginny to appear in the current rumored lineup, unless the Hogwarts Clock Tower incorporates multiple movies. Sorry for the really long post. I'm pretty excited, to say the least. Excited enough to get away from the Star Wars forum, where the discussion is stale, and the set selection is over-saturated with generally well-designed but overpriced sets with minifigures that cut so many corners it's embarrassing. Wrong skin tone, scarce arm or leg printing, a grand total of one dual molding, and constant re-releases that are good, but not great. My only complaint about this new Wizarding World theme is that it started too late! Apparently LEGO and/or WB were hoping for synergy with the Fantastic Beasts movies, but I really don't think that has anything to do with the success of the new Potter sets. And even then, why wait until the second installment in this...quintet? I suppose the world will still exist by the time this theme has run its course, but given that LEGO is a coping mechanism as well as a hobby for me, I'm impatiently awaiting news of the new POA sets, which will hopefully add a little Lumos to my day. Mostly, I don't want this theme to be cancelled prematurely, or to have any re-releases. I'm not opposed to bringing back old favorites from the "vault," but that should not be at the expense of new sets. Quite frankly, I don't see any reason not to leave...say...the current Hogwarts Express on shelves for five years, if it's still selling strong.
  10. The ship in ROTS is slightly different (beyond the color, I mean), and in the canon, it's called the Tantive III. That being said, both ships are from the house of Alderaan, and I tend to think of the Tantive IV as being Leia and Bail's ship. If we ever get a remake (I, for one, believe the May the Fourth rumor, if only because I want to!! ), I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to include him.
  11. This comment seems inappropriate to me. I don't know what happened, but that seems like a culturally and socially insensitive joke. In other news, my Finch Dallow minifigure arrived from LEGO Customer Service. I couldn't believe it arrived in less than two weeks with all the correct pieces!
  12. That is indeed ridiculous. I'm sorry that happened. I'm sure the return will work, though. Did you try calling Customer Service directly? The parts showed out of stock on the United States Bricks and Pieces website, as well. That being said, I haven't received my minifigure in the mail yet, and I never got an email confirmation, so we'll see what happens. I should know soon. Re: the new minifigures list: -I'm actually really surprised that they gave Padme the new midi-legs. I thought it would be ages before they'd show up in Star Wars. Should be a great minifigure, though! -Honestly, I think Zuckuss is really ugly, and I wouldn't want him if not for completion's sake! I have the UCS Slave I, so I don't even know if it's worth it for me personally to BrickLink a Zuckuss minifigure. That being said, at least TLG listens to AFOLs' demands...sometimes. -Glad to see Dak in the Snowspeeder. It seems like the minifigure selections are deliberately echoing the old sets, which is fun. However, if Dak doesn't have the new helmet mold, I will...probably eventually buy the set anyway, because it's a Snowspeeder. -With the possible exception of Starkiller Duel, all the others are a pass for me, until I see what the May the Fourth UCS set will be.
  13. PLEASE READ I called LEGO Customer Service and explained the situation of the Finch Dallow minifigure. I explained how I had purchased the Resistance Bomber in November 2017, and how I found out via a LEGO fan forum and social media about the inexplicable switch of figures. The very kind customer service representative said that she had never heard of the issue, but she quickly verified it online. She then offered to send me the Finch Dallow minifigure pieces for free (supposedly they will arrive in a week or so). I should say that I live in the United States, and I have no idea how many other calls LEGO Customer Service has received in any given territory since then, but it seems like they really took my concern seriously. I told them that I was disappointed with the inexplicable change, and that I wasn't going to pay for a $110 set twice, when the LEGO Shop website itself doesn't make clear which variant is included. I can't guarantee how many times they will do this,'s worth a shot! Personally, I am incredibly thankful to the people of LEGO Customer Service, and they went above and beyond what I could have hoped for! Really, maybe this is how the situation should have been handled from the start: a "mail-in" offer for those with the proof of purchase of 75188. And if/when I receive the new figure, I will not be selling it; Finch Dallow will be sitting at the controls of the Cobalt Hammer, where he belongs.
  14. I believe in the original screenplay of the film, the dead Wookiees in the catamaran were supposed to be Tarfful and Chewbacca "playing dead," with Yoda pretending to be a mad little swamp creature (kind of like in Empire) to distract the clones. That would have made it slightly less morbid... I could be mis-remembering this, though. Anyway, I think the Wookiee looks terrible. IMO, the Chewbacca and Wookiee Warriors from 2005 look better than the ones today. Maybe it's the dark brown that I don't like, maybe it's the fangs, maybe it's the swirly flame printing to add detail, I don't know. Maybe they just need longer legs instead of bizarrely tall torso covers. I do like the two new OT Imperial troopers though. And if we're seeing leaks from the anniversary sets now, hopefully we'll soon see what kind of pilots to expect in the new Snowspeeder!
  15. I noticed that the "new" Rebel pilot helmets, from last summer's X-wing, do not fit with their minifigures in the current Snowspeeder design. I'm very curious to whether we finally get a new, more accurate canopy build, or whether they'll simply make the floor of the cabin deeper. Or, heck, maybe we'll never seen those helmets again, but that seems unlikely. With any luck, the set will at least give us a generic "Dak" helmet with side printing. I will say this, though: I have never missed a Snowspeeder yet (except the original UCS) and if the rumor of the classic Lando bonus minifigure is true, that would be a nice alternative to buying "Betrayal at Cloud City." With any luck, his cape would cover the commemorative anniversary print on his back. Then just add an updated head and hair, and you have a pretty good Lando. Seems like this deal is getting worse and worse (for my wallet) all the time.