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  1. Is there a comprehensive overview available of all 'technic colors' including coverage of parts? Rebrickable may be?
  2. Isn't that the whole idea of Rebrickable? 1. Go to 2. Click on the Build menu 3. Click on the green button that says 'Find Sets you can build' It will show you all the sets and MOCs that you can build with your current parts. It will even show you how many parts you are missing and where to buy them. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks to Courbet I was able to expand my GBC collection with two modules this week! Tonight I arranged a small loop consisting of five modules.
  4. You could also easily compare the sets using Rebrickable: 75054 will give you about 27% of the parts...
  5. Thanks for checking! Do you have a complete partslist available already? Or am I just too impatient?
  6. Great work Courbet! I am really looking forward to build this module as well! Can you tell me if ball joint *without* pinhole can be used in this module? I just bought 40 red ones so it would be nice if they fit as well... ;-)
  7. May be you could use these ball joints as a substitute? Ball Joint&category=[Technic]#T=C I studied the video carefully and think they will fit as well. I think they are a little more common and also available in red.
  8. Really nice MOC, looks great to me! Makes me reconsider to buy the Porsche after all... Is it a one set MOC or do we need a lot of extra (orange) parts as well?
  9. This weekend I constructed a small loop on the dinner table for the modules I have built at the moment: Catch and Release Archimedes Screw - Type 1 Step Module Lift Triggered by a Stuck Ball In order to make a nice rectangle I had to increase the length of the exit ramp of 'Catch and Release' quite a bit. Luckily it is still steep enough to let the balls roll down smoothly. This setup works reasonably well! Only a few ball drops now and then and no major 'mechanical problems'. Follow the blue ball!
  10. Yesterday I finished Archimedes Screw - Type 1 and I must say that it works flawlessly! It was a real pleasure to build it and it looks really nice as well. I choose to build the screw entirely in Trans Light-Blue, a Dutch BL store had 60 of the required panels in stock for only 12 cents a piece. A short video can be found in my DropBox: 15-10-16 15 11 37.mp4 I really like this Akiyuki Project! I built 12 of the 27 modules already and am planning on a few more! Thanks again to Blakbird and all the other contributors to make this possible for us humble builders!
  11. This topic is in my 'Followed Content' for a while now.. I was wondering if there is any news already on the instructions for this model? If I can help out by testing beta-instructions I would be happy to do so!
  12. Quit drinking and smoking and you can build every model you want!
  13. Exactly the same thing here! At the moment my ZigZag Stairs lies (partially dismantled) in a plastic container waiting for a better solution
  14. Am I the only one who doesn't believe that the guys from the garage put the car back together themselves? On television nothing is what it seems... Please Paul give us the 'behind the scenes' story!
  15. I had the privilege to test the Building Instructions of this magnificent model. It was really fun to put such a big LEGO model together. In the beginning you are looking for the right parts all the time. As the build progresses finding parts becomes easier but the model becomes bigger and bigger! After hours of building you end up with one of the largest LEGO models ever built. The instructions are of great quality and contain just the correct level of difficulty. When I finished the build I took the model outside and made this picture in my garden. I recommend this model to everybody who loves to build big and take a challenge!