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  1. [quote name='Jim' timestamp='1463814216' post='2565543'] I saw your picture on Facebook. How comes that you are allowed to publish pictures before the 1st of June? And how did you get it? I was looking for someone with a real GT3 RS, so I could take some pictures with it. I have not succeeded and since time is running out, I will most likely fail in my endeavour. Looking forward to your comparison. By the looks of your avatar, you seem to have something with sportscars [/quote] Haven't been told not to share pictures, so I don't see a problem with it. Reviews are allowed to go live at the time of set release, but didn't say anything about mere photos I've got LEGO employees in my friends list who have posted pics since the set was announced so shouldn't be a problem. And yes, my work revolves around high end cars so it comes in handy knowing a lot of Porsche owners for this.
  2. I built mine last night, pretty cool set. Much larger than I expected, would have thought from pics it was about 25% the size it is. Well worth its retail price imo. I'll share a review when I write one, since most sites will probably be focusing on reviewing the build, the parts, etc, I'll be reviewing it side to side with the real car to give a little bit of a twist on set reviews. :)
  3. According to Brickset, which I haven't updated my collection there in a year or so, I have 1616 sets. I'm currently 17 years old and have been collecting for my entire life, being raised in a family that also collects LEGO. Many of these sets are shared in our collection. [url=""][/url] According to Brickset I have 1889 minifigures.
  4. Mind linking to the store calendars for those who don't know how to find them?
  5. [url=""]Brickipedia[/url], [url=""]BZPower[/url], and occasionally [url=""]Brickset[/url].
  6. Brickipedia also has a page with a table of colors, however colors are a fairly neglected area of our site, so it's a bit out of date and probably not as comprehensive as Peeron's.
  7. Brickipedia has a contest this month for Halloween: