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  1. Very sweet! For those tan plates, maybe take those without a groove?
  2. Very sweet!!!
  3. I keep them mine of course if U give them. Still a learner myself (only changed the VW Beetle so it has pedals, where the official one has not) I don't know if u also have the amount of bricks required to make this? Or an instruction sheet? Thanks!
  4. A shame, cause they look really good, but never gonna own them now!
  5. Very sweet! Just looks like a real one!
  6. I still have an old version with launch tower and one on a plane! But this one is definately more real!
  7. I don't find it just yet on Lego Ideas
  8. Supported this one aswell!
  9. I found the green seperators, brand new, gonna order 10 of them
  10. So no number of the green seperator? Cheers,
  11. Already gonna change the transparant bricks under the front window to red ones, so I can add the extra light, also seen on the front right
  12. Where did u get those green one from?
  13. Already voted for this one!
  14. Just ordered mine on the LEGO SHOP, with a free piggy bank