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  1. For anyone who reads the comics, maybe we could get something like The All New, All Different Avengers. We already have Ms. Marvel, Miles Morale, and Vision. All we need is a Sam Wilson Captain America, black helmet Nova, and female Thor.
  2. I can skimp on Vixen, but i don't know if I can resist the duck...
  3. Do we have a Marvel Figure yet?
  4. I just found this thread, man I wish I had the time/money/space to do this! Maybe one day.... Keep up the good work!
  5. This looks great! Are you going to physically build it?
  6. Old Ben!
  7. Done! The Winter Soldier wins!
  8. Imperial Crew
  9. Studica Grid E5 We marched through the fields and forests of Briolui. Our mission wasn't clear yet, but we were to reach a rendezvous and receive a message via walkie-talkie. We came to a small river, and we had to wade through it. It was deeper than it looked, and by the time we reached the other side we were soaked to the bone. The other side wasn't that hospitable either, as we had to cut our way through tall grass while swatting away gnats and bees. Why can't we have gone to war somewhere like the coastside? "Come on in, the water's fine!"
  10. DC: Injustice 2 Batsuit (A guy can hope!) or a Superman suit. Marvel: Black Panther (Movie) or an Infinity War Figure. (Cap or Iron Man) Lego Batman Movie: Winged Avenger.
  11. Finally caved in and bought the Doctor Strange set for 23.00 and 60144 for 7.99 at Target.
  12. Oops! Thanks mate.
  13. Anyone know a good place (preferably ebay or amazon) to buy a compatible 1966 Batman?
  14. So, I recently found I have a few bucks to spend on LEGO. I really want the Doctor Strange minifig, as I've been getting back into Marvel Comics and whatnot. At my local Target the set is on sale for 23-25 USD. (It was 29.99 USD.) I could buy the set, but I don't care for the other figs, and the build offers a little to me, but I could be without it. Does anyone that owns the set recommend it or should I get something else? (BTW I don't even know if this is the right thread.)
  15. I live near Raleigh, and the best place I've heard of was consignment shops or Goodwill. Target is also a good place to pick up near-retiring sets, as they tend to mark them down considerably.