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  1. Sorry to those of you expecting a Tie Fighter X/Y/A/B Wing ugly. You can have this instead. The Tie-Wing is an experimental Tie Fighter prototype exclusively reserved for Death Trooper use. I assume that Death Troopers can pilot Tie Fighters. The gyroscopic 'pod' is encased by a single radiator panel that rotates around it. I'm not really sure what advantage this gives it other than being 'Cool' I don't know, just go ask the designers of the B-wing why their ship rotates, and I'll just rip off their explanation. Anywho, onto the Moc. : Top view : Cockpit ; Wing rotation : Engines? It's totally two engines, honest! :Side :Final Pic So? Tell me what you guys think!
  2. I just realized that the villains with the domes are jellyfish themed.
  3. If this wave does involve time-travel could the two rouges be the same character from two different points in his life?
  4. Meh, I can live with it.
  5. The 2nd Death-star had the exhaust port removed.Plus the information was for where the Death-star was and that the emperor was on it, not how to destroy it.
  6. thanks m8. needed that. =)
  7. thank you! i had some time to hone my craft on mocpages!
  8." 20160721_142538 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_142558 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_142623 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143321 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143338 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143326 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143317 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_142708 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_142641 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143001 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143352 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr 20160721_143537 by Traykar the Swift, on Flickr The Bounty Hunter is a powerful combat android built from the most state of the art technology. expecting 110% out of himself and any others who work with him, he takes any injury as a failure, oftentimes replacing lost limbs with less capable ones as a form of self punishment. none escape his cycloptic gaze. first Post on Eurobricks!
  9. fair enough
  10. I think the joker car has some sort of hydraulic feature where you turn the spare tire on the back and the wheels raise and lower. just my thoughts
  11. The Batmobile has ratchet joints connected to the front wheels. could they swivel forward to make some sort of bat trike?
  12. Thank you both!
  13. Just read Escape From The Underworld. do not click if you do not want spoilers. I mean it. fa realz n stuff
  14. heck ya man! sounds awsome!
  15. Thanks!