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  1. That is true for a system that uses friction to transfer energy, like the tires on a car. In a system that uses gears, like inside the xl motor, friction is bad. Decreasing friction will increase the amount of power available, and should lengthen battery life. My xl motors are noisier than my other motors.
  2. And that is all it is connected to. My gues is the yellow liftarm is a range limiter to keep people from over extending the suspension.
  3. The yellow piece looks more like a stop than anything. It has come out but it is on the single pin end of a 3l blue pin and is not connected to anything else. if you conpare the pictures of the rear raised and lowered you can see he real and fake shocks rotate inwards.
  4. I have had a similar effect with really low batteries and the IR system and other non Lego electric motors. I suspect a little bit of electricity is being sent to the motor, but not enough to overcome the internal friction.
  5. On the rear of 42069 between the two silver fake shocks, it looks like there is a yellow real shock. Is it a short one or a long one?
  6. Does 42070 have 6 of the curved 3x13 in black, above the wheels?
  7. Assuming the picture of the remote isn't a placeholder. If memory serves, rc vehicles that don't have skid steer have a gear on the side of the remote to act as a pseudo-steering wheel. For all we know all the functions could be rc, or there could be a new control unit. iirc, rc sets with 1 receiver only have 2 functions, 9398/41999 and the tracked racer from this year. Sets with more than one function had 2 receivers, 8043 and the Volvo loader. To me, 42070 would fall into that 2nd category and should have at least 4 rc functions.
  8. Same problem. Safari on iOS 10 on an iPhone 6. i don't really go outside he technic forum, so I couldn't say if it happens elsewhere. i do miss going to the next unread post when clicking on the topic title.
  9. If your goal is speed, I would do a very basic interior. Not that NASCAR cars have much in the way of an interior. If your goal is speed, I would cut weight everywhere you can.
  10. After some busy weeks, I was finally able to get some time to work on my project. I broke it apart into 4 modules, each panel is it's own module, as well as the pump. I kept it at a 5m thickness. This makes it challenging. The lower 2 modules are done. I'm hoping to get some more work done on it tonight. Lower left module open. I still need to mount some switches in this module. This module uses a 1x11 pneumatic cylinder to slide the cover 9 studs to the left. Lower right module open. This module uses a small pneumatic cylinder to open the panel. More pictures can be found in my brickshelf folder as soon as it is moderated.
  11. Where did TLG say the tumbler tires and the telescoping parts were exclusive to their sets? I only saw where the community made that judgement. I imagine in the next two years, we will see the round panels from the Porsche on another set.
  12. I hope the function arrow by the cabin would indicate a working ejection seat. That would be something new and interesting.
  13. I don't know if it is a feature that is turned off or a setting somewhere, but on the mobile version on the old system, when I clicked on a topic it would take me to the last first unread entry. Currently it takes me to the first post. It would be great if that could be extended to the desktop version. Good job on the upgrade, I'm sure it will look nice once it is complete. (Being a system admin myself I know how hard web software upgrades can be, and the heartbreak of losing years of content)
  14. The problem with voiced videos, is that you have to have proper audio equipment in addition to the video equipment. And then you have to process the audio, make its synced to the video, etc. Finally, if someone wanted to make a video for different languages, it is much simple to change text, than it is to dub a new audio track.
  15. After many failed attempts at making a functional mechanism for a Useless Machine, I have decided to instead make a locking puzzle box. The idea is simple, there are multiple valves, each one connected to another valve or valves, or a pneumatic cylinder. There are 3 panels that open. The two smallest ones contain more valves. The goal is to open the large panel. There are two switches accessible from the outside, with all the panels closed. One on the valves opens the lower right panel in one position and sends air down into the small panel's valves. One of the valves inside the small panel will close the small panel and connect to the one of the cylinders that open the large panel. My goal is for the valves to be operated in a certain sequence to open the large panel. Here is what I have right now: The small panel is lifted by a small cylinder. I am thinking about switching from 3x11 panels to 5x11 panels on the sides to give me 2 more studs worth of height. This would allow me to stand the valves straight up and make them easier to mount and operate.