4898 Coast Guard promo raffle WINNERS!

    By CopMike,

    Hi all!

    After a successful 17 pages raffle for three free 4898 Coast Guard promo polybags, the lucky bastards winners are :sweet: :

    bag.jpg_thumb.jpg #1-legobear bag.jpg_thumb.jpg#2-Matteo Kenobi bag.jpg_thumb.jpg#3-paul_delahaye

    Send me a pm with name & address and the goooood stuff will ship out asap!

    Thanks for everyone that signed up and better luck next time :thumbup:!


    LEGO reveals new line - Power Miners

    By sam89,

    LEGO has announced that there will be a new line in 2009 - Power Miners:

    Power Miners features a team of miners that dig into the Earth’s crust and encounter half-rock/half-crystal monsters. The range features collectible vehicles and mini-figures and monsters.

    Discuss here!

    Student Graduation Day

    By KimT,

    The first students are graduating from The Reviewers Academy.

    Both have been given bronze.gif for their efforts.

    Congratulations to ~VBBN~ and Cardinal Brick.

    ~VBBN~'s reviews:

    Set Review: 8290 Mini Forklift

    Set review: 7733 Truck and Forklift

    Set review: 8910 Kongu Mahri

    Cardinal Brick's reviews:

    Review: 7658 Y-Wing Starfighter

    Review: 5615 The Knight

    Review: 6012 Siege Cart

    Review 6876 Alienator

    Review 6887 Allied Avenger


    Go here and find out what the academy is all about!

    Trainstuff on sale real soon on S&H

    By CopMike,

    Hi all!

    Got info from Jan Beyer that in a day or two this stuff will go on sale at S&H:

    4519 Cross track

    4520 Curved rails

    4548 Speed regulator - Australia, New Zealand

    4548 Speed regulator - mainland Europe

    10078 Train wire

    10153 Train motor 9V

    10157 Train locomotive

    Keep your eyes open :wink:!


    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    By Bonaparte,


    Dear members,

    We are proud to announce the opening of "The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy"

    What's this all about?

    Some of Eurobricks finest Lego set reviewers have agreed to teach Eurobricks members the secrets of making a superior LEGO set review. Under their supervision, you will learn the tricks of effective photography, picture manipulation, and the secrets of presenting an interesting and informative review.

    What's needed to join the academy?

    • You must have at least 3 complete sets (including instructions, box is not a must). The sets can be old or new.
    • You must have a decent camera (no webcam) and know how to move pictures from the camera to your PC.
    • You must have enough time to follow the courses and work on your own reviews.
    • You must be motivated to learn how to make the best possible LEGO set reviews.

    What's to gain?

    • You will receive a free course from some of the best LEGO set reviewers on the Internet.
    • You are given access to a hidden forum on Eurobricks (The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy).
    • You have the chance to earn a special Eurobricks Reviewers tag upon graduation.
    • Some graduates may have the opportunity to become a "teacher" (and moderator!) in the academy (conditions explained in the academy).

    Please post in this thread if you would like an opportunity to participate in this exciting program! Everyone who's a member of Eurobricks can join when he/she meets the requirements listed above.

    I would like to thank everyone who helped these past weeks to make this possible by working on the courses, graphics and the concept.


    By Hinckley,


    Hey everybody!

    The Brickster, ImperialShadows, Sinner, WhiteFang, a whole group of reserve troops and I have put together a blog celebrating cool Town creations and the classic sets in our favorite theme! So check out the new site: Classic-Town.net for reviews, MOCs, a blog and much more on the way! :grin:

    Discuss here


    Last but no list

    By Jipay,

    Join the fun in speculating about 2009 product lines:


    Star Wars






    Coast Guard 4898 polybag raffle

    By CopMike,

    Hi there!

    So you missed out on the Comic Con SW exclusive? Yeah I know, that sucks :thumbdown:! But there is relief to be had!

    Just reply in this tread and you're in the raffle for not one, not two but three 4898 Coast Guards polybags!

    Three lucky winners will receive one set each! The catch? Well, yep sorry about that! The catch is that you DON'T have to do anything more than replying in the tread - no paying or nothing :grin:! So join in the fun!

    You must have been a member since yesterday, the 19th of august to play.

    Raffle closes on the 28th of august at noon central EUROPEAN time :laugh:!

    Good luck to you all!



    And the winner is...

    By Hinckley,

    And now for the conclusion of the Star Wars Comic Con LEGO Exclusive set...


    I sent each participant a ticket number and then asked CopMike to draw a number. And the number he drew is...



    The winner is Transmetro. CopMike is shipping the set to you as we speak. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated. We will be hosting another raffle soon. Thanks. :classic:

    Names of the 2009 Pirate Sets

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Folks, we have what appears to be the set names for the 2009 Pirate sets!

    Edit by Hinckley: Move along, there's nothing to see here. Move along. Carry on. Nothing to see...

    Go to the Pirate forum immediately to keep up with the discussion!

    2008 City advent calendar

    By Jipay,

    While waiting for the castle version, here is the city one in detail ! A find by Zeki


    Comic Con Star Wars LEGO Exclusive Raffle!

    By Hinckley,

    Update: All Tickets have been sold!

    Eurobricks Comic Con Exclusive SW LEGO set raffle!

    Want this set?


    Here's your chance! We are holding a raffle for this set. Raffle tickets are $5.00 USD/ticket. This raffle will be limited to 50 tickets, so sign up now!

    Make sure to follow these instructions!!

    • Only one ticket per member
    • Only Eurobricks members who signed up for the site on or before August 14, 2008 are eligible
    • All current and former staff member are ineligible
    • Important: Once you've purchased your raffle ticket, PM me immediately with your paypal e-mail address so I can match the payments with the user.

    All current and former Eurobricks staff members are ineligible...

    Set is LEGO Star Wars Comic Con Exclusive MISB compliments of our own CopMike. Questions? Comments?

    Please visit this thread...

    Eurobrick members on LAMLradio

    By Bonaparte,

    Check out these interviews of some of the finest Eurobricks builders on LAMLradio:

    August 11th - Mister oo7 (full interview)

    August 7th - SlyOwl (full interview)

    June 1th - SirNadroj (MOC of the week, Ant Attack)

    Feedback can be given here.

    Swedish AFOL´s needed for LEGO event

    By CopMike,

    To the Swedish AFOL´s industrihangare-svensk-flagga.gif who has a weekend or two to spare in October, go here and check it out :classic:!


    Skærbæk Event 2008, Denmark 26-28th September

    By CopMike,

    Hi all!

    Jan Beyer from TLG has reminded us of the LEGO event in Skærbæk Denmark the last weekend in September.

    It´s organized by some members of the Danish LEGO club Byggepladen in cooperation with him.

    Jan also writes:

    It is a very cozy event where you can meet and greet, discuss and talk and have some fun and a good time with other AFOLs from around the world and see and present some cool Mocs. For the moment we have registered participants from Denmark, Germany, England, Austria and Brazil. But we hope to get more people to come.

    I also have planned a little bit interesting stuff in Billund (with a look behind the scenes) for the participants who are still there on the Monday after the event and like to participate.


    You can find all information and also the registration form here.

    Discuss it here.


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