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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Today I'd like to show you what I consider my best work up to date and also my first take on a fighter aircraft. I chose F-4 Phantom because of its legendary status and cold war era origins, which is also the theme of most of my other models. Phantom with crew by [Maks], on Flickr F-4J Phantom II (5) by [Maks], on Flickr This particular Phantom is in VF-84 'Jolly Rogers' squadron, one of the most famous US Navy units. It's distinguishing feature is the big scull logo on the tail fin. Phantom was one of the biggest and heaviest fighters of its era, especially when compared to 'tiny' MiGs 19 and 21. F-4J Phantom II (17) by [Maks], on Flickr F-4J Phantom II (13) by [Maks], on Flickr It's 1:40 scaled and approx. 48 cm long. F-4J Phantom II (16) by [Maks], on Flickr Flickr Gallery Cheers guys!
  2. UH-46D Sea Knight US Navy (2) by [Maks], on Flickr Good morning. After 3,5 year hiatus I would like to present my newest creation. It's good ol' Boeing Vetrol helicopter, "the smaller Chinook", CH-46 Sea Knight. Here in UH (utility version) as used by US Navy in 60s and 70s. Here you can see the exact color scheme I tried to mimic: This model was almost entirely bulit during spring of 2017. But then DA came and I was unable to find time and motivation to buy some needed parts and finish it. But here it is, the big moment for this heli! UH-46D Sea Knight US Navy (1) by [Maks], on Flickr Flickr album Brickshelf gallery Cheers! I wish you all good health.
  3. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    U.S.S Lexington ICVN 16

    Hey all, here's my first Sci-Fi post on EB, the USS Lexington ICVN 16, which also happens to be my SHIPtember entry from this year's contest. USS Lexington ICVN 16 by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington ICVN 16 SHIPtember shot by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington stern view by Joshua, on Flickr USIN Fleet register: The USS Lexington is the 4th ship in the Legacy Class of Super Battlecarriers, and the 16th interstellar carrier built for the United States Interstellar Navy. Constructed at the Death Valley Heavy Starship Yards by JBIronWorks Inc., the Lexington and her sister ships Enterprise (ICVN 13), Yorktown (ICVN 14), and Saratoga (ICVN 15), are the largest warships ever built by mankind. A solid THREE times the length of the Gerald R. Ford class, the Legacies, as they are commonly called, have the hanger capacity for up to 200 starcraft of various types, up to and including orbital bombers the size of B-2s. Unlike previous classes of carriers, the Legacies do not rely on their starcraft as their sole weapon, making them unique among their peers. Each Legacy is armed with 2 massive forward-firing 30-inch railguns, 4 turret-mounted 24-inch plasma guns, 9 turret-mounted 20-inch plasma guns, 6 tactical nuke missile ports, and multiple smaller plasma guns and CIWS’ scattered around the hull. All Legacies are thus able to hold their own, and be able to stand in a line-of-battle as well, making the Legacies the first successful Battlecarriers ever. Fitted with all the aforementioned weapon systems, as well as the latest and most advanced radar and comms systems in existence, the Legacies are considered the ultimate symbol of American military power, and the pinnacle of starship engineering. Two more Legacies are in the works, Wasp (ICVN 17), and Hornet (ICVN 18), with the possibility of more being discussed by Congress. —————————————————————————————————— Final length: 146 studs long Width: about 50 studs You can't see it here unfortunately, but the main engines, the bridge, and the interior hanger deck all light up. 100% Lego with the exception of those flags, which are standing in for engraved panels that I don't have yet. There is a special reason these ships are called the Legacy class, and why I chose to name this one the Lexington. As is obvious from the description, they are all named after famous American carriers. There is another meaning for why the names Legacy and Lexington are used in this build however. My great-grandfather on my mom's side served on both Lexingtons during WW2, and was the Chief of the Flight Deck on CV-16. Thus, the class of ships being named the Legacy class, as well as this MOC being named the Lexington, is a double tribute to him and the original Lexingtons. The backgrounds are not mine, they're free online wallpapers. Hope you all like it! Cheers, Joshua