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  1. Hi! Today I'd like to show you what I consider my best work up to date and also my first take on a fighter aircraft. I chose F-4 Phantom because of its legendary status and cold war era origins, which is also the theme of most of my other models. Phantom with crew by [Maks], on Flickr F-4J Phantom II (5) by [Maks], on Flickr This particular Phantom is in VF-84 'Jolly Rogers' squadron, one of the most famous US Navy units. It's distinguishing feature is the big scull logo on the tail fin. Phantom was one of the biggest and heaviest fighters of its era, especially when compared to 'tiny' MiGs 19 and 21. F-4J Phantom II (17) by [Maks], on Flickr F-4J Phantom II (13) by [Maks], on Flickr It's 1:40 scaled and approx. 48 cm long. F-4J Phantom II (16) by [Maks], on Flickr Flickr Gallery Cheers guys!
  2. I would like to present you my latest model. It's HH-3E combat search and rescue helicopter, known as 'Jolly Green Giant'. It's a derivative of the Sea King helicopter, with longer and more spacious fuselage with rear loading ramp. It served in US military from early 60s to operatrion Desert Storm days. My model, 1:40 of scale, was initially uploaded to my Flickr acount during Christmas 2016. But then, it has black notions, not as fancy as dark green-olive green-tan camo I proudly present now. Some minor updates also have been applied. You can see more shots on my instagram: I'm new on insta, so it would be a huge thing to me to receive some follows, likes and shares. Thank you and enjoy!
  3. I would like to present you my latest helicopter - Sikorsky UH-34D Seahorse from late 60s. It's also known as S-58, HSS-1 Seabat, H-34 Choctaw etc. It took my 3 months to design it and collect all needed orange pieces. Enjoy!
  4. Hi, I would like to present my latest creation. HH-1N Twin Huey US Navy (1) by [Maks], on Flickr HH-1N Twin Huey US Navy (2) by [Maks], on Flickr It's Bell HH-1N Twin Huey, the twin engine evolution of famous early UH-1Ds and UH-1Hs. Colors resemble a rescue helicopter used by US Navy in Naval Air Stations in early 90s. HH-1N Twin Huey US Navy (3) by [Maks], on Flickr' Brickshelf gallery is here! Cheers, Max
  5. UH-46D Sea Knight US Navy (2) by [Maks], on Flickr Good morning. After 3,5 year hiatus I would like to present my newest creation. It's good ol' Boeing Vetrol helicopter, "the smaller Chinook", CH-46 Sea Knight. Here in UH (utility version) as used by US Navy in 60s and 70s. Here you can see the exact color scheme I tried to mimic: This model was almost entirely bulit during spring of 2017. But then DA came and I was unable to find time and motivation to buy some needed parts and finish it. But here it is, the big moment for this heli! UH-46D Sea Knight US Navy (1) by [Maks], on Flickr Flickr album Brickshelf gallery Cheers! I wish you all good health.
  6. Maks

    MOC Liebherr LTM 1050-3.1

    Liebherr LTM 1050-3.1(1) by Maks, on Flickr Hello, this is my new MOC. It's Liebherr LTM 1050-3.1 telescopic crane. It was inspired by larger models made by M_longer and Mad Physicist. Photos will tell you everything. Enjoy! Liebherr LTM 1050-3.1(2) by Maks, on Flickr Quite lot pictures, but it's worth see it! Greetings, Maks
  7. Maks

    MOC: M113 A3 APC

    Hi, My tan army has grown up. I'd like to show you my newest model- desert version of M113 A3 APC used in Afghanistan. [click to get photo page] And I also built small scene with taleb terrorist: More photos you can find in gallery You can also visit my Flickr to see my other creations. I hope you'll like it and comment it :) Maks
  8. Maks

    MOC: Marines in Afghanistan

    Sorry for necroposting... Well, I've done Humvee instructions. Also I make better photos of my MOCs. Here there are: HMMWV LVSR Instructions Of course, If you want to make your own Humvee, tell me here or by PM, and also give a credit ;) It's welcome to visit my Photostream. And now it's time to finish desert M113 APC... Cheers, Maks
  9. Hi, I'm glad I could present you my 2 new models. HMMWV Famous vechicle, widely known as Humvee or Hummer. My model is one of the few in 7 studs wide :) Oshkosh LVSR Succesor of family of popular vechicles- LVS. It is recently starting its service in afghanistan. HMMWVGallery LVSR Gallery Flickr I think you'll like it! :) Cheers
  10. Maks

    MOC: M151 MUTT

    Much better than the previous model. It looks very sweet :) And you use lots of interestic techniques in it.
  11. Maks

    MOC: Willys M38

    I'm glad to present you today my new MOC- Willys M38 "Jeep". It was used during the Korean and Vietnam War. My model is in 1:38 scale. I built it about a week. Miniatures: Cheers, Maks
  12. Maks

    VW Transporter T5

    Yes, but in fact Wolfsburg has WOB on the boards. But on the sticker wasn't enough space:) Thanks for commments!
  13. Maks

    VW Transporter T5

    Hi! My new model: I built it just for fun. Miniatures: Greetings!
  14. Maks

    ZIS E134

    Hi! I am pleased to present my latest model: truck ZIS E134. It was built in the Soviet Union in 1955 .. Unfortunately, the engine was too weak and did not enter into production. But I think that is a beautiful truck and tried to do as best model as I could. Photo of real ZIS: And model: (click for higher resolution) Miniatures: Flickr Brickshelf (after censorship) best regards!
  15. Maks

    Ford E-350 Camper

    I'm not an expert of campers, but after seeing in google, I see that most models are the right side door. But there are exceptions: Thank you for comments! It's very nice.