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Found 6 results

  1. (name still in progress of choice). Well, this is my first ever severely approached motorcycle MOC. Well, I tried to build some in during the last two years, but none of them was successful. Hope this one will be different. Nothing is final, everything can chance, pictures shown below are just R&D test mules (eg the front fork on blue framed bike is just quick mockup). Goals (optional, not mandatory): - fake wannabe trellis tube frame, main design feature - wild angles - load bearing engine/transmission block - engine with integrated rear swingarm mount? - as stiff design as possible - torsional, transverse, longitudal - try to make realistic steering geometry for the type of the bike I build - realistic proportions in area of saddle (ducati was too wide for my taste) - 2 cylinder ICE or EV drive (maybe hybrid or easily interchangeable*?) - belt or chain drive? (chain tensioner?) - No structural or modal FEM analysis needed! Yay!* - and one hardcore: COG in approximate correct position. ____________________________ * just to clarify it, my final project and thesis concerned motorcycle frame design that would use maximum common parts for both drivetrains variants; not real success, I would not recommend it to anybody to design or build similar frame, but I learned something about bike design, and would like to try to build bike like this at least from bricks. :D Wish me luck (or not in case you do not like E-bikes)
  2. Hi there, it’s quite a while since I’ve been active here, but I was so incredibly busy that I almost missed this contest! I needed some iterations to find out what I want to build and this is what I came up with: The build will have full suspension, something like a Deltabox frame, a simple gearbox shifted by a lever in the area of the foot peg and a Hand of God engine. The fork is only to find the general proportions and still WIP, same with the swing arm. I wante to have the chain inside the swing, that’s why the arm became so wide with the new wider Ducati tire. Another pic and a closer look at the engine: This is the engine I use. With a four cylinder in a row the motor builds quite wide ... The engine will be rotated by the black gear. This is to improve the playability. Means you can grab the model and rotate the engine to see how the pistons run without pushing the model around. The knob on the left side is the gear shifter. The gearbox has only one gear to connect or disconnect the rear wheel to the engine. Again this will become a very tough race again, so stay tuned for more updates. However, being part of a EB contest is always an honor to me!
  3. For TC19 I really wanted to do a motorcycle with an extended swing arm, I really like the aesthetic: Here's what progress I made in LDD. I want the motorcycle to be as narrow and slim as possible, hence the V6 is positioned longitudinally. And in real life. Because the elagonated swing arm produces higher forces, it's held in place by two small turntables, which eliminates friction on the secondary driveshaft. Notice something odd about the transmission? Originally i wanted to use a 4 speed gearbox, but since so many people did it already, I decided to use something different. I came up with a fully working CVT gearbox which uses two 2x2 cones and a rubber band to seamlessly change gear ratios between 1:2 and 2:1. The following GIF shows how the shifting lever moves the rubber band sideways using a simple linkage with the drivline powered
  4. Hi to all, My last contest on Eurobricks was TC10 pneumatic contest so its been a lot of time! I saw the topic an I think participating is a good idea because I like motorcycle mocs. My main idea was a making a decent looking 2 wheel drive motorcycle moc. It's some sort of scrambler and dirtbike hybrid. Functions are obvious but; - Front suspension - Rear suspension - Flat4 fake engine - 2 speed gearbox with road (fast) and off-road(slow) modes. On road mode rear drive, on off-road mode 2 wheel drive. Gear ratios 1.14/1 and 1.90/1 I hope you like it. There aremany good mocs and it will be hard for me. Really goodbuilders in competition! Good luck to all Hybrid (2WD).io IMG_20210123_161902 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161738 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161803 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161452 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_162408 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_161833 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20210123_162539 by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  5. It's been ages since I've joined a contest here on EB. Luckily, seems the time and other circumstances are just right and I've never built a motorbike MOC before, so this contest realy tickled me. I am not much of WIP topics guy, but it seems that people here mostly like WIP topics, so here is what I've managed so far... who knows where and what this will end up to be... we'll see I guess. Not sure if I'll be able to cram something soficticated in its belly... not to much space I'm affraid. Best regards and Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. It is not model of something real. Yes, there are something similar, but this is not model os something real. Some week ago idea came to build something 2wd. Wen't trough lot of ideas with differrent wheels for front driven axle. Seems, that finally found something satifying, whit which I could continue. Everything else should be easyer (maybe). Maybe those specific beams are not necessary anymore, but with them it looks soomehow more proportional, also wheel connection is more stable. I used those beams with bigger tyre before, also on this rim, and on even bigger.