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  1. nikolyakov

    [MOC] Custom Streetfighter

    Thanks, I am glad you liked. Rear lights direction changed in photo session, but your suggestion valid. Free file available if you interests,
  2. nikolyakov

    [MOC] Custom Streetfighter

    Thanks, I tried several panel-liftarm colors. This one looks best for me, actually it looks better in real life. I am not good in photography
  3. Hi to all, I like motorcycles so i made another one. Functions are, flat4 motor, simple 2 speed gearbox and of course suspension. IMG_20200302_162553 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162554 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162707 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162708 by nikolyakov, on Flickr IMG_20200302_162821 by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  4. 12: 10 15: 6 20: 4 34: 3 3: 2 5: 1 I wish we have more than 6 place to give points.
  5. 37. Log Skidder - Articulated steering - Pendular fron suspension - Fake 4 cylinder engine - Boom section 1 up/down - Boom Section 2 up/down - Claw open/close - Front blade up/down Thanks and good luck to all contestants! Link to entry post Video
  6. nikolyakov

    [TC10] Log Skidder

    I think everyone here guess how its work but rules says video is mandatory so i made simple (and shakey) video. I think presentation isn't my thing.
  7. nikolyakov

    [TC10] Log Skidder

    Thanks to all for nice comments. Color scheme a tribute to old pneumatic sets 8462 and 8042 I think with 5 pneumatic pistons it could be more expensive 50-70 €
  8. nikolyakov

    [TC10] Log Skidder

    Hi to all, It was a lot of time to share something here, so TC10 contest is good opportunity. My entry is a log skidder with 4 pneumatic and 3 manual functions; - In-cabin steering via steering wheel - 4wd drive and fake 4 cylinder engine - Pendular front suspension - Front blade up/down with 1x5 piston - Boom section 1 up/down with 2 old pistons - Boom section 2 up/down with 2x11 piston -Claw open/close with 1x5 piston (also rotates with small turntable) I dont have a video yet but i will add later because i will not have time in workdays. I hope I can do next week. Comments and critics are welcome and good luck to all contestants :) 01e by nik 03e by nikolyakov, on Flickrolyakov, on Flickr 02e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 00e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 04e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 05e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 06e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 08e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 10e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 11e by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  9. nikolyakov

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Some builders tried it before (Fred Ottens, Taylor Reid) its possible to fit.
  10. nikolyakov

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    If BMW licensed set, then it had to be telelever front and paralever rear suspensions for authenticity :) Cardan shaft isnt on the left side of bike by the way.
  11. nikolyakov

    [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Is this setup posible for fast steering? Off course with small pistons.
  12. nikolyakov

    [MOC] Pneumatic Hose

    Hi to all, This is my entry for 16X16 CMF contest on my local lug (IstanLUG) I just wanna share here too. Best Regards, 05e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 02e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 03e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 04e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 06e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 07e by nikolyakov, on Flickr 08e by nikolyakov, on Flickr
  13. nikolyakov

    [MOC] BMW Cafe Racer

    Good looking motorcycle, congratulations. I think it looks like a scrambler more than cafe racer due to knobs of tires. Maybe hybrid? Good rear axle setup by the way. Off-topic: I think LEGO engine pieces look small at this scale motorcycle mocs.
  14. nikolyakov

    [MOD] Custom Moto Guzzi Based Cafe Racer

    I missed this post, i am glad you like my moc. Your modifications and color scheme realy stands out. Thanks!