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Found 2 results

  1. A collaboration project with the original concept designer Brick-o-Tronic, my "Time Travel Ep.1 Portable Play Set" (instructions downloadable for free) is fully compatible and part of his modular Mobile City line. You can find more cool MC sets over @ => Mobile City. Hope you like it. Play features: Step by step storage: Yes, it's Back to the Future and yes, it's Micro Machines - but this time in Lego... nearly endless possibilities ;)
  2. ItamatTheGreat

    [MOC] Shrek's swamp

    First of all - the images! The images are from Imgur. Backstory of me and the model Hey! I love Lego. it is more then a toy for me - it's a form of art. an art that is very relaxing, focusing and fun. for me one of the most amazing aspects is the way it brings together so many characters and stories from difference backgrounds. Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, Friends, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Powerpuff Girls, and so much much more - in the past, present, and hopefully future. Now to the point - one of my favorite movies is Shrek. meme and all. it is kinda revolutionary and even though the animation is not among my top 10, the story, the characters, the writing - even though a lot of these come from bitterness towards Disney - definitely succeeds in making a master parody of the animation movies until that point. and in my opinion, it also began the meta phase of the animation movies. So my disappointment is pretty clear when it comes to the fact that we have gotten sets based on the Minions and Trolls, and not one related to my lovely ogre Shrek. So I have decided to make my own, and of course the model had to be based on the iconic swamp. The model was made in Studio 2.0, and from my experience it is the most comfortable program to work with. Actual description of the model: The model includes the hut that Shrek lives in, with a roof that has a trunk with vines growing out of it. the roof can be removed to expose a dinner table with all of the tastiest swamp's edibles. surrounding the table there is a fire place and a chimney, a pot hitting up, brick built couch and shelves with all sorts of swamp needs. When Shrek finished eating, he can go up a couple of steps to get to his room with his frog-light, his helmet from when he was mistaken for a prince, and his bed. To exit the house, there is a brick built door that leads to small walkway with BEWARE OGRE signs. Next to the house there is a small hill, and on top of it there is the toilet he uses every morning. the toilet is removable, if it's stinking up your model. All around the model there is plant life and different shades of green and brown to represent the vines coming out of everywhere, and the fact that Shrek lives in a literal tree trunk. There are also windows around the house, using the new Harry Potter wand, and the door and the bed are using the Harry Potter candle element in brown. Why are there no minifigs?? Well, I might be able to design, but I am not able to draw. I wish I did, because it's apparent for everyone that what missing here is the actual Shrek and Donkey minifigs! also, the "signs" I mentioned before is clearly not included as well. I tried to find someone who can help me and do the drawing, but no one's that's talented enough has the time for it now. I didn't want to just let it sit around, so I am uploading it to here, to hear your thoughts. Is there instructions or a part list? As I have said, I designed the model with Studio 2.0. In that program there is a way to make instructions and part list, but since my model is broken down to sub models in the program the instructions are messy and not really effective. So for now the answer is no. if I will see there is a demand for instructions, I will do my best to create it. What is the end goal? Of course that the end goal for me is to upload the project to Lego ideas. I don't want to do it without the minifigs though, so for now I give it to you, hoping to hear from you what to improve and what to keep, and maybe generate some traction for this project. Also - I am not a native English speaker - so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, or even if I used expressions that doesn't exists in English, please, tell me. I am very proud of this project and I am looking forward to hearing from you. thank you for taking the time to read my words and watch my project, I appreciate it.