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  1. ItamatTheGreat

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Anyone knows how I can get the HP bricktober packs in china or taiwan? Edit: or berlin?
  2. ItamatTheGreat

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Anyone knows how I can get the marvel bricktober packs in china or taiwan?
  3. Where? What should I search to find it?
  4. Yeah, it's the exact opposite of too good to be true
  5. What? Carnage uses regular hands...
  6. Oh man... I want this and the harry potter packs so badly, but I live in israel and there is no news about it.
  7. The quantom realm tunnel is unlikely IMO, since we saw that prop back in infinity war on the avengers facility, and since scott, hope and hank were on the run, they had no information on quantum tech.
  8. There is a rumour that war machine is going to get a big proton canon (based on infinity war, set photos, and the "look hard" russos' pic). That could be the lego set.
  9. From dimaks lego on ig, 5 sets for A4. I guess these include the iron man and captain america ones that leaked.
  10. It's just that we have info on so many marvel sets, and I just don't see the reason lego wpuld jump from no comics sets in 2018 to a ton of comic sets in 2019. Also, we got info on spiderman 2 sets, and none on the avengers sets. I don't think lego isn't doing any A4 sets, but probably 3 or 4.
  11. As time passes on, i'm beginning tp think that we would not get any avengers 4 sets.
  12. But is it different than the last one?
  13. Because that's most of the leaks we have gotten. Do you maybe have info about the heros figures?
  14. You can also see that trend in 20$ mcu sets getting 3 minifigs. The ant man and the wasp set, the infinity war escape pod set, the black panther set, homecoming set, guardians 2 set, and so on... Lego usually prefers giving us more under detailed figures than less better detailed ones.