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Found 5 results

  1. ~This topic is for in-character interaction only, and only open to those joining the faction. Questions and out-of-character discussion should be posted into the General Discussion topic.~ PROGRESS. CREATION. LIBERTY. On a late summer's night, a secret assembly took place in the Chateau de Shadeaux, located high on top of the Crescent Hill. Count Noctus Shadeaux had heard that his rival merchant, Heinrich Hinckwell, had formed an alliance earlier that day, and thus summoned those great houses that had been left on the outs into his mansion: the Ji Pei, foreign ambassadors and innovators, and the Guild of Invision, alchemists that dominated the potion business in the city. To counter their rivals, the Shadeaux, the Ji Pei and the Guild of Invision put together the Crescent Union, as it would later be called, during that night. "It is insulting zat 'Einrich does not deem us worzy ouf zoining 'is effourts tu regain 'old ouf zis city!" "But Count Shadeaux, we are as much of a threat to him and his allies as the Wolfgang. Surely you understand that. Look at us; a true menagerie of foreigners and minority races." "Hmmm, yes. We have all changed this city in our own way too, we have." "U'lalah ith right; only ve knov vhat vreedom truly meanth! It ith conthant change and adaptation! Eubric cannot remain vree in the handth ov Volvgang nor thith Thungold Allianthe!" "Exactement! Zat is why we 'ave to create an opposing force, one to be reckoned wiz! We must give zis city a ruleur who can truly change it four ze betteur." "But who would be such a leader? I would say you are a force to be reckoned with, Umbra. With your cunning and determination, nothing could stand in our way." "Do not sell yourself short, my son. You are wise beyond your years, and your military training will be desperately needed in the times to come." "I agree with your mother, Jun. You would make a fine king for us, and make Eubric a close ally with the mighty Xu." "What about our Guildmaster, hmmm? The Masked Man has been around for centuries, and with his mastermind at our helm, nothing would stand in our way." "Speculation is worthless. We need to see which one among us is the most popular - that is the only way to beat Ulric to the throne. I say we do as the others did and call the Heroicans to join us. They are not always trustworthy, but if we can convince those most loyal to our cause to spread the word, we could win over the common folk's favor." "Zo, we shall leave it tu 'Eroica tu decide who becomes our noble ruler, n'est-ce pas?" All three families agreed to this, and thus choice members of Heroica were sent letters to invite them into the Crescent Union. JOINING THE CRESCENT UNION: ~ If a player character has reputation with the Shadeaux, the Ji Pei or the Guild of Invision, they can opt to join the Crescent Union by posting a "letter" where he or she expresses their will to this topic. ~ Once the character has joined, they will lose all reputation with the Hinckwells, the Bonapartes and the Ziegfrieds, including access to the expert job classes those Houses offer. Reputation with the Wolfgang is not affected. ~ If at any point the character wants to quit the Crescent Union, they will lose all reputation among the three Houses in it as well. ~ By joining the faction, the player character has access to the faction-specific shop, as well as any future events held by the faction. ~ Some future quests will be geared towards a certain faction, while members of the opposing faction may be locked out of them. So please consider your options before joining! MEMBERS: Atramor Gibbin (CallMePie) Boris Bruhalv (Waterbrick Down) The Demon Germ (samuraiturtle) Dyric Rone (The Legonater) Ezeran Yanarr (MysticModulus) Guts Holla (Scubacarrot) Hoke Ablesword (UsernameMDM) Hybros (JimBee) Lind Whisperer (Lind Whisperer) Na'im Thamir (Enceladus) Sorrow (Endgame) Terry Yelnats (Endgame) Tesni Hightribe (Peppermint_M) Thormanil Nihai (swils) Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) Warlen Melimane (The Chosen Minifigure) CRESCENT STORE: Grating Stone (WP +1 to one weapon upon use.) Costs 250 gold. First Aid Kit (Completely restores health and removes all negative effects for the entire party once when used.) Costs 150 gold. Libra Signet (This sealing ring bears the secret emblem of the merchant’s guild. The owner can purchase items at a discount (decided by the QM) in any store during a quest. Does not apply to the Marketplace.) Costs 500 gold. Moebius Ring (This ring only has one side, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life. The wearer is automatically revived to full health once per battle; accessory.) Costs 1000 gold. Tritech Enhancement (A device that can be attached to any weapon inseparably. The enhanced weapon ignores defense and damages undead.) Costs 1000 gold. FIRST FACTION EVENT: KINGMAKERS ~ All members of the Crescent Union may suggest one candidate to become the ruler supported by the faction. You may only vote for one candidate, but you may change your vote as long as the voting is on. ~ The candidate can be a known NPC or a player character, but not a completely new, made-up character. It has to be a humanoid, not animal, plant or an inanimate object. ~ The influence that the player character's suggestion has is affected by the reputation he or she has among the Houses: each good reputation gives 1 influence, great reputation 2 influence, and outstanding reputation 3 influence. ~ The voting lasts until the end of the year 2015. Once the event is over, the candidate with the most influence behind them will become the faction's choice for the first king or queen of Eubric. Votes: Guts Holla: 11 (5 votes by Guts, 2 votes by Dyric, 1 by Na'im, 1 by Terry, 2 by Boris) Jun Ji Pei: 13 (5 votes by Atramor, 3 votes by Warlen, 5 votes by Hybros) Lind Whisperer: 5 (2 votes by Lind, 2 by Demon Germ, 1 by Torald) Umbra Shadeaux: 4 (4 votes by Thormanil)
  2. A ragtag group of heroes slowly make their way through the streets of Eubric Freeport to the headquarters of the Guild of Invision. The group includes: Paladin Petaldan Parfenius (Played by Palathadric) *Party Leader* 5-year-old male "wonder" Knight *Immune to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified** Level 7 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 7 Health: 18/18 Gold: 0 Equipment: Daugslyr (WP: 5; Longsword), Shield (SP: 5; Shield), Gloves of the Boy Wonder (SP:2; immunity to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified*; suitable to Petaldan only; handwear) Inventory: 5 Slimy Sword (WP:2, can be split into several weaker Slimy Swords or combined with other Slimy Swords to increase WP and split apart again at any time, longsword), Emerald, 4 Potion, Phoenix Essence, Bedroll Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus) 42 year old male human Mage Level 11 *Absorbs darkness* *Immune to wood* *Enemies that hits Ezeran becomes slowed* Power Bonus: 0 (Spellpower: +2) Defense: 3 Health: 15/15 Ether: 15/15 Gold: 0 Equipment: Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:8, doubled against Ancient enemies, Wind-elemental; staff), Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone), Sneezing Demon (SP:2; enemies that hit the wearer become slowed; immunity to wood; suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear.) Inventory: Trickster’s Baubel (WP:5, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand), Ebony Scorpion Dagger (WP:5, deals Poisoned-by-3; dagger), Shackles of War (Prevents anyone from fleeing battles; accessory.), Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), 3x Potion, Grand Tonic, Remedy X3, Bedroll, Smoke Bomb Hunkan Silvertoss (BountyBeast) 53 year old male dwarf Rogue Level 2 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 8/8 Gold: 19 Equipment: Longsword (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Venom, Phoenix Essence, Nostrum Kid Reddson (dum) 19 Male Human (1/4 Leprechaun) Ranger Level 1 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 6/6 Gold: 0 Equipment: Crossbow (WP 3) Inventory: 3 Smoke Bomb, 2 Potion, Phoenix Essence, Bed Roll Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) 20 year old male human Barbarian Level 9 Power Bonus: 2 Defense: 3 Health: 18/18 Gold: 76 Equipment: Sludge Glaive (WP:8, pierces defense and causes either fragile or weakened; halberd), Tricorne (SP:3, headwear; suitable to anyone) Inventory: Ebony Scorpion Spear (WP:5, deals Poisoned-by-3; spear), Old and Rusty Greatsword (WP: 3), Crocodile Belt (Max. Health +2; accessory.), 6 Potions, Mead X7, Phoenix essence, Tiger Balm, Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear. Spark Hammer (WP: 8 Lightning elemental Hammer. Double WP against flying and mechanical) Wolfwind (Kappy) 38-year-old Male Werewolf Mage Level 1 Power Bonus: 0 Health: 5/5 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 0 Equipment: Staff (3 WP) Inventory: 1 Potion, 1 Opal, 1 Remedy At the guildhouse the party was instructed to find Dr. Cula's laboratory on the second floor. Eventually they came to a door with the correct name on it. Inside, the group is met by the pale doctor who is busy at work with his latest concoctions. "Ah heroeth! Your timing it abtholutely perfect. I vath jutht telling my athitant how difficult it had become to find good help given the forming of the alliantheth. I am Doctor Alphothe Cula, at your thervithe and thith ith my laboratory. Ith thith all of you? I'm not thure how many of you Julian athepted." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QM Note: Welcome to Quest 149 folks! Glad you could all join us. For those of you for whom this is your first time on a Quest I'll pop in with "QM Note's" every once in while to give you advice or guidance, otherwise the world is pretty free range. Most things included in the pictures are there for a purpose so don't feel afraid to interact with what you see. If you ever want to do something specifically make sure to bold it. Likewise important facts or questions will also be bolded throughout the quest. This quest was designed to be fairly straight forward and relatively short (maybe a month or so depending on activity level). The general rule of thumb is that I will update at a minimum of every 24 hours if not sooner, I expect the same from my players. If you need to take a leave of absence please state so in the quest or send me a private message. Important, if you have not posted in 72 hours and have not given any notice of your absence you will be dropped from the quest, there are of course exceptions, but generally such behavior is considered inconsiderate of both my time and the fellow players. If you have any out of character questions (OoC), please use the appropriate abbreviation or shade your comments. Please refrain from just posting OoC comments only posts unless absolutely necessary. Feel free to at any time send me a private message if you have any questions or post non-quest concerning talk in the discussion thread of this sub-forum. With that please confirm that your stats are correct and have fun and thanks for coming along on the adventure!
  3. It was a brisk autumn day when four rookie heroes of Heroica made their way up the Sungold Hill and into the park known as the Hanging Gardens. Their employer, a young mage, was already waiting for them. "There you are! Is this everybody? I'm Waldorf, the arbormancer gardener of this park. Did you happen to see a man-sized moving plant monster with razor-sharp teeth on your way here? It attacked me yesterday right around here. If it hadn't tripped on my Wandrake, I would've been a goner for sure!" The arbormancer glanced around nervously. Party: Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus) 42 year old male human mage Level 5 *Absorbs darkness* Power: 12 (5+7) Defense: 1 Health: 9/9 (5+4) Ether: 9/9 (5+4) Gold: 25 Equipment: Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:7, doubled against Ancient enemies, Wind-elemental; staff), Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone) Inventory: Staff infested with demonic slime (WP 3), 2x Potion, 2x Grand Tonic, 2x Remedy. Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Ebony Scorpion Dagger (WP:5, deals Poisoned-by-3; dagger), Bedroll. Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) 20 year old male Human Barbarian Level 4 Power: 9 (4+5) Defense: 3 Health: 11/11 (8+3) Gold: 70 Equipment: Ebony Scorpion Spear (WP:5, deals Poisoned-by-3; spear), Tricorne (SP:3, headwear; suitable to anyone) Inventory: Gaia Blade (WP:5, Wood-elemental, ignores defenses of foes weak to Wood, gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; greatsword), Ignis Blade (WP:5, Fire-elemental, ignores SP of foes weak to Fire, gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; greatsword), Old and Rusty Greatsword (WP: 3), Potion, Mead, Tiger Balm, Fire Bomb, Aeolus Bomb (Deals 100 wind-elemental damage to all opponents when used.), Phoenix essence, Crocodile belt (Max. Health +2; accessory.) Paladin Petaldan Parfenius (Palathadric) 5-year-old male "wonder" Knight Level: 1 Power: 4 (1+3) Defense: 2 Health: 10/10 Gold: 5 Equipment: Daugslyr (WP:3; Greatsword), Racamia (SP: 2; Shield) Inventory: Potion, Bedroll Dr. Windus (Windusky) 29 yrs old human Cleric Level 1 Power: 4 (1+3) Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 0 Equipment: Diamond Staff (WP: 3) Inventory: 1 Potion, 1 Remedy, Shovel QM Note: Here we go! Sorry about the delay.
  4. Hallow's Eve Inn of the Wayward Angel "I'm not sure which was scarier, the junk or the people carrying it." Candlelights flicker across the deathly still room as Val Helsinger voices her opinion of the night's previous tale. Next to her, the white-garbed Isaac Faare nods airily. "That was rather lovely. I do have a fondness for such knick-knacks." The storyteller in question, Lucas E. Alan, inclines his head thoughtfully towards the quiet woman in violet. "What are your thoughts, Mallora? I must confess, I was really looking forward to your opinion of my tale." A Sharkling swathed in opera clothes lays her hand upon Lucas' shoulder. "Patience, my dear Lucas. The latest member of our Society has always been a woman of few words." "Few, but not none." He looks to Mallora with concern. "All through my tale, I have heard nary a word from you. Was it truly not to your liking?" The indigo-clad woman shakes her head. "It is not your tale that weighs upon me. It is mine." Val and Isaac exchange glances. "Dramatic as an actor. Didn't expect any less. What's this weighty factor? What has you under duress?" "If it weighs so heavily on your shoulders, our cryptic new recruit, the only solution is to 'spit it out', if you excuse my crude wording. But, please, do tell." Carlotta sits back in her chair. "Come come now dear, the night is eventually going to come to an end." Lucas, too, takes his seat, gesturing to Mallora to rise as he puffs on his cigar. "The Midnight Society welcomes our latest member to tell the last tale of the night. Tell on, Mallora." Mallora nods, rising from her seat--and then without warning, snuffs out the candle. The sounds of night rush in to fill the void--hinges creaking in doorless chambers, strange and frightening sounds echoing through the halls. Darkness falls across the band--the midnight hour is close at hand. "Tonight, all of you--even you, Isaac--have told us a tale of Heroes. It could be argued that it suits your natures, or perhaps it makes for a better tale. Perhaps. But there are other things in this world--shadows in the night, shadows lurking within us all. You bring me tales of Heroes--but I...I bring you a tale of monsters." "Presented for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story...The Tale of the Stolen Spirits." *** "One autumn eve, four Heroes gathered at the Guild of Invision Headquarters. Those Heroes were:" The Party: Ellaria Arbour (Sandy) 23 years old female human Druid Level 30 *Immune to Sealing, Poisoned and Bleeding* *Ignis Fatuus: permanently poisoned by 15* *Party Leader* Power: 42 (30+12) Defense: 7 (3+4) Health: 46/46 (9+29+7+1) Ether: 42/42 (5+29+5+1+2) Gold: 193 Equipment: Ignis Fatuus (WP:12, permanently poisoned by 15, fire- and lighting-elemental staff), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3, Max Ether +5, protects from sealing; bodywear), Sterile Gloves (immunity to poisoned and bleeding, handwear), Spider Helmet (SP:4, passes poisoned and bleeding effects to the enemy when the wearer is hit; headwear) Inventory: Weapons Sylvania's Crossbow (WP:10, wood-elemental crossbow), Pan Flute (WP: 7, instrument), Wizard's Staff (WP:1, fire-, wind-, water- and earth-elemental staff), Artefacts: Ranger's Quiver (WP: +1 to bows and crossbows. Suitable for rangers, beast warriors, infiltrators, and winged warriors), Spirit Robe (Renders wearer invisible to the enemy for the first three rounds of battle so they do not take free hits; backwear), Black Bandana (Power +3, pirate lingo; headwear), Paper Doll (Protects from hexed; accessory) Spell Items: Scroll of Inspiration (Inspired for rest of battle, 10 ether, 50/50 chance) Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Serenade of Water (Causes Water damage equal to the minstrel's level to all enemies per round for as long as the song is sung. Costs 10 ether per round. Battle Song), Ruby (Fire) Consumables: 3 Potions, 2 Grand Potions, 4 Health Cores, 4 Tonics, 5 Grand Tonics, Ether Core, Elixir, 2 Remedies, 2 Neutralizers, Tiger Balm, 2 Phoenix Essences, 2 Meads, 2 Smelling Salts, 2 Nostrum, 2 Soma, Ambrosia, Deadly Venom, 2 Smoke Bombs, Flash Bomb, 3 Fire Bombs, Ice Bomb, 2 Lightning Bombs, 2 Water Bombs, 2 Holy Bombs, Pumpkin Bomb (Causes stunned-, poisoned-, asleep-, blinded-, sealed- and confused-effects to all opponents when used.) Tools: Bedroll, Pickaxe, Telescope, Magic Compass, Magnifying Glass Hybros (played by JimButcher) 53-year-old male imp Chi Monk *Hastened* *Immune to Cursed, Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, Weakened* *Immune to all elements except wood* *Intimidation* *Natural Respite* Level: 32.75 Power Bonus: 1 (6 in front row) * Defense: 0 Health: 53/53 (7+31+12+3*) Ether: 34/34 (31+3) Gold: 724 Equipment: Golden Armor (user is permanently hastened and cursed, fire-, water-, earth-, wind-, ice-, lightning-, darkness-, light-elemental, grants immunity to Sleep, Blindness, Confusion, Frailty, and Weakening; bodywear), The Black Hat (Suitable for anyone, grantsIntimidation, immune to darkness and cursed, headwear), Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators and winged warriors), Inventory: • Sword of Ancestral Hatred (WP: 45.25 gains 1/4 WP every kill made with it; longsword), Zoot's Reaper (WP:15; scythe, suitable to Hybros), Clock Cog (WP:14, retrievable), Banana Bladerang (WP:9, damage all, retrievable), Justice (WP:8, causes blinded-effect, dagger), Twin Kunai (WP:6, dual strike, daggers), Hollow Dagger (WP:6, hollow blade [nothing]; dagger), Spinning Bolas (WP: 5, deals the Slowed effect, but the effect is removed when retrieved; retrievable), Wrench (WP:3, decreases the target’s level by 1, retrievable), • Sticky Gloves (gains 50% more gold, suitable for Rogues, handwear), Baron's Epaulets (Suitable for short heroes, grants Command over short NPCs), Cloak of the Blue Assassin (SP:1, suitable to Rogues; backwear), Cloak of the Red Assassin (Chance of Assassination is 1/3, suitable for Assassins; backwear), Sterile Gloves (grants immunity to poisoned- and bleeding-effects, handwear), • Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, Scroll of Luck (grants Lucky-effect for one battle, costs 10 ether) • 13 Potions, 12 Grand Potions, 16 Health Cores, 11 Remedies, 2 Neutralizers, 3 Elixirs, 3 Grand Tonics, Soma, 2 Phoenix Essences, 4 Phoenix Incenses, 2 Deadly Venoms, 3 Smoke Bombs, 3 Holy Bombs, 5 Nostrums, 5 Meads, 2 Mulled Wines, Minimizing Dust, 3 Pumpkin Bombs (causes stunned-, poisoned-, asleep-, blinded-, sealed- and confused-effects to all opponents when used), 2 Gold Rings (Worth 15 gold; can be given to someone to make them enamored with the giver), Skeleton Decoy, Bone • Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, 4 Mythril Shards, Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects permanently), Grating Stone Bartholomew Docken, Dragonslayer (Brickdoctor) 34-year-old human male, Warden Level 46.4 *Gains Triple XP* *Takes Halved Damage from Free Hits* *Scary* *Immune to Defense Reduction, Removal of Positive Effects, Confused, Blinded, Poison, Fragile, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Sudden Death* *Counterstriking* Power: 56 (Level 46 + WP: 10) (Power Bonus: 0) Defense: 23 (SP: 20 + SP: 3) Health: 78/78 (base HP: 6 + Level bonus: 45 + Class bonus: 8 + permanent boost: 19*) Gold: 511 (1 Gold loaned to Lord Lawrence Boomingham [Zepher]) GP: 27 Equipment: Darksteel Crossbow (WP: 10; inflicts the Blinded-effect; Crossbow), Mythril Shield (SP: 20; Shield), Dread Hat (permanent Scary effect; immune to Defense Reduction, Removal of Positive Effects, Confusion, Blindness, Poison, Fragile, Fire, Earth, and Wind; suitable for anyone; Headwear), Mail of the Renegade Commander (SP: 3; Damage of all Free Hits is halved; suitable for anyone; Bodywear), Cobweb Cowl (immune to Sudden Death; suitable for anyone; Backwear), Medal of Glory (Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles; suitable for anyone; Accessory), Counterstrike Gloves (After the wearer is struck by a Free Hit, he counters with strength equal to his Level; suitable for anyone; Handwear) Inventory: • Iris Shield (SP: 15; reflects physical Damage back to the attacker regardless of Row or Defense, if the user survives the attack.), Pan (WP: 1; +1 Max HP; suitable for all classes), Fishstick (WP: 7; deals double Damage on ships; club), Unlucky Horseshoe (WP: 13; inflicts the Jinxed-effect; Throwing Weapon [borrowed from Arthur Justus Regulus VII (Flipz)]) • Large Water Canteen (Carries 6 portions of water; Accessory), Aqua Gear (Adds Water-element to physical attacks, immune to Water, Accessory) • Potions (4), Grand Potions (11), Health Cores (3), Remedies (10), Phoenix Essences (3), Phoenix Incense, Meads (2), Smelling Salts, Mulled Wine, Smoke Bombs (5), Water Bombs (5), Lightning Bombs (5), Bones (11), Venom (5), Deadly Venom, Skeleton Decoy, Teleportapple, Grating Stone, Adamantite Shards (3/4 Adamantite) • Bedroll, Shovel, Magnifying Glass • Silver Ore (60 Gold) Thormanil Nihai, Dragonslayer, Orc-kin (Played by swils) and Arx the Youngling (Ice) Level 41.8 Dragoon *Immune to Darkness, Light, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Lightning, and Asleep, Blinded, Bound, Confused, Fragile,Slowed, and Weakened* *Gains Triple Experience* Power Bonus: +1 Defense: 8 Health: 60 Gold: 1626 Equipment: Shishkebab (WP: 16, dual-strike, darkness-elemental, lance), Wooden Shield (SP:5, Null Wood), Bright Armor (SP: 3, Null Darkness), Winged Sandals (Wearer is immune to Light, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lightning, and the Asleep,Blinded, Bound, Confused, Fragile, Slowed, and Weakened-effects), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory) Inventory: • Dragonsbane Lance (WP: 20, triple damage to enemies with 'Dragon' in their name, lance), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, Spear, causes bleeding-by-5 effect), Tongue on a Stick (WP:1, Miss -> "Aim"), Frozen Saber (WP: 9, longsword, Stuns enemies), Repeater Crossbow (WP: 7, crossbow. Hastened for first round of combat while equipped.), Schoolyard Sword (WP: 8 great sword), • Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Weredog (Accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Elf (Accessory), Fighting Boots (Footwear, Power +5 on the front row, suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, and winged warriors), Sticky Gloves (Handwear, Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up)), Aqua Gear (Wearer deals and is immune to water-elemental damage) • Pickaxe, Shovel, Magnifying Glass • 2x Amethyst (Darkness), Emerald (Wood), Opal (Ice), • Potion, 2x Remedy, Phoenix Essence, Neutralizer, Milk • Mead, 2x Nostrum, Smelling Salts, 2x Mulled Wine, Jinxy Juice • 2x Fire Bomb, Lightning Bomb, 2x Smoke Bomb, Ice Bomb, 5x Water Bomb • 3x Venom, 2x Deadly Venom, • 2x Grating Stone, Bright Polish, Teleportapple "A clean, almost dreary interior awaited them--perhaps a sign of their employer's taste in decor? More prominent, however, was the sobbing, dark-haired woman covering her face in the corner, her clothes torn and dingy from what was clearly days of relentless running. The room's other occupant--a neat-haired woman behind a particularly plain desk--cleared her throat politely." "Good day, Heroes, Miss Arbour. Thank you for coming. Are you all prepared to hear Miss Persephone's statement?" QM Note: Welcome to the Quest, everyone! As always, check over your stats and let me know if there's been any mistakes or recent purchases--if you'd like to make some last-minute preparations before you post, now is the time.
  5. The three heroes leave Heroica Hall, and wonder where Dr. Trice's assistant, Eugene, is. They wander around for a couple minutes and then hear a voice calling them, in a quiet corner somewhat close to where they started from in the first place... They walk over and wonder how he got there in the first place. "Well hello there. I was wondering how long it would take for you to notice that I was just here waiting for you. Oh well. Anyways, I'm ready to go, and we probably should get leaving soon, Dr. Trice can get quite impatient sometimes! So yes... before we set off, anything you want to do or ask? Or are you all just ready to get going to Dr. Trice's place? Dr. Trice can explain things much better than I can." The Party! Eric, Level 20 2/3 Raider *party leader* Power: 33 Health: 36/36 Gold: 348 Inventory: Godricsleif (WP: 13; Ice-elemental; Darkness-elemental), Sticky Gloves (+50% income from Mugging), Boots of Evasion (Wearer takes half damage in front row), Drengazuli Grom'az (WP:6; Twin Axe Attacks two enemies in one turn, Lightning-elemental); 2x Diseased Silverfish Wings (WP:8 + Cursed throwing dagger); 6x Silverfish Wings (WP:8 throwing dagger); Fire bomb; Lightning bomb; Venom; Mead (11x); Grand Potion (13x); Smelling Salts (5x); Garnet; Scroll of Sleep Monk Pretzel, Level 11 Cleric Power: 16 Defense: 5 Health: 19/19 Ether: 19/19 Gold: 72 Inventory: Cross (Nimbus Broomstick; Ranged; WP: 5), Tricorn (Artifact; SP:3), Ethereal Cloak (Artifact; SP:2, Max Ether +4), Grand Potion (2), Potion (2), Tonic, Grand Tonic (2), Remedy (3), Phoenix Essence, Smoke Bomb, Holy Bomb, Commerz Cannonball, Scroll of Sealing, Shovel, Bedroll, Magnifying Glass Erdathcath Madilinas, Level 16.5 Druid Power: 26 Health: 31/31 Ether: 17/17 Gold: 253 Inventory: Tritech Handcannon (WP:10), Longbow (WP:7), Quick bow (WP: 6, Suitable to rangers, provides hastened effect for one round each battle), Helmet (+1 max. health), Snake Eye Charm (protects from petrify), 6 Potions, 2 Grand Potions, 3 Mead, 2 Smelling Salts, 1 Nostrums, 12 Venoms, Deadly Venom, 2 Floral Bombs, 2 Ice Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 2 Fire Bombs, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Water Bombs, 2 Holy Bomb, Bone, skeleton decoy, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Telescope, Saber teeth, Scroll of Weakening, Rusted Knife (WP: 10, Badly Poisoned effect, 1/1 uses left), Ruby. --- This is my first time as to host a quest, so please be patient with me if I mess something up. I think all of your stats are right, if not, please correct me! Just for reference, items in inventory that are in italics are equipped items. The_Customizer, please let me know which of your items you want to equip.